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Pope Francis's Associates Condemn American Religious Right


Pope Francis's Associates Condemn American Religious Right

Julia Conley, staff writer

An article written by two associates of Pope Francis in the Catholic journal La Civiltà Cattolica illustrates vast disagreements between the Pope and conservative American Catholics—a rift which has been growing since Pope Francis was elected in 2013.


Their real intention is a power grab. using religion as a smokescreen.

Energy depletion will cause a breakdown in social cohesion and civil disorder
this will necessitate military intervention, introduction of martial law and suspension of the constitution (temporarily of course)

The next step is a military dictatorship, or more accurately a theocratic dictatorship
this explains the future in more detail:



It’s a pleasure to see this feature on CD!

Some may see this as not belonging here, but the political ramifications of the US Catholic vote are significant. According to Pew Research, Catholics in 2016 voted for Trump over Clinton, 52%-48%. Catholics shamefully delivered the win to Trump.

As I agree with the authors in this Catholic journal, Rev. Spadaro, Figueroa, I see the US Church in need of soul-searching. Hate, particularly of Mexicans and Muslims, is too popular in the US Church.


Most church goers in America have a double life one is American cultist and the other a warped religion that reads the bible while casually ignoring it’s most critical teachings. Americans use religion to control others and to teach obedience besides the fact that it provides a pretty comfy lifestyle for it’s mostly white Anglo Saxon preachers. Pretty nice looking and obedient wives, kids and hardly any work.


Except for the Catholic Workers, what is defined as “catholic” in the US–note not only Bannon but that arch mean spirited Paul Ryan–is nothing more than a monstrous hybrid incorporating the worst elements of Calvinism and capitalism.


Methinks this is the pot calling the kettle black! These Catholics, their martyr stories and obsession with persecution are the root of the apocalyptic vision of the world. When Christ is the only way and Satan is trying to lead you astray, it is hard to have a conversation.


It’s long past time the Church addressed the false god of power worshiped by the ultra right Catholics like Paul Ryan.

Not a single element of his cruelty embraces the teaching of Christ

The Pope brought Saul’s insight to Mr Boehner.

Can we pray for Mr Ryan’s conversion, he truly needs to determine which master he serves.
His soul and our fate are tied to his renunciation of ruthless Avarice

Tell us Mr Ryan, do you remember the Baptismal

Do you reject Satan?
I do
And all his works?
I do
And all his empty promises?
I do


Part of being Catholic is accepting whoever is the Pope at any given time as the Direct Channel.

This is the dealt they have made.

When they bucked Frankie, they bailed.


Actually, properly understood, the martyr stories often inspire faithful Catholics to take on tremendous challenges. Consider those inspired by the assasinated Archbishop of El Salvador, Oscar Romero! He’s inspired at least one if not two generations to take on the heavy-lifting of social justice.


Properly understood they were fantasy stories designed as political attacks on heresy. I suggest you read some history.


Well it’s good to see your fantasy is in working order


American conservatives have every reason to be angst ridden towards the current Pope as he threatens to disrupt one of the more productive alliances in American Conservatism; that of Evangelicals & Catholics. The Anti-Abortion movement did not pick up real steam until the aforementioned two put aside their religious doctrinal battles and made their Faustian bargain with each other to suppress Choice. The Pope threatens this.


Slow down there Cowboy.

Civil disorder, military intervention, martial law, military dictatorship, boy do you have an imagination.

Do you really think We the People are going to allow it to come to that?

Have a little faith in your fellow Americans before you go there.

Just remember, we kicked the freaking British out when they tried to rule us.


Though dropped Catholicism and organized religion years ago, this is what I call “hope a pope.” This Francis is trying to change direction of a giant ship sailing against the wind, but you go papa.


If your tin-foil hat conspiracy theory of a “power grab” involved Jews instead of Catholics, what would the the term for such a thing?


It seems that USAn Catholics - which is to say Irish, Italian, Polish, Southern German, Bohemian, Hungarian, and Slavic (Orthodoxy was regarded with even more disdain) immigrants to the industrial cities of the east coast and Midwest, have already forgotten the discrimination they faced as poor working-class immigrants?

There are even some suburban WASP communities around my city (like Mt. Lebanon, PA) that, even as recently as the 1960s - would not sell or rent a home to a Catholic.


This “Christ is the only way and Satan is trying to lead you astray” stuff is much more associated with Protestants…


That’s all any of us get

We can debate philosophy ad nauseum

In the end all we get is what does personal integrity demand.

Forget the stories, forget the theological ontology

We all have an internal compass,

Like a plant finds light, so do we instinctually.
Everyone knows when they are being screwed
So too do you know what is right in your heart

It just whether you do it

What did we do Today

I tried the keep the ship tacking towards the Light


I think it is all a rite of passage in the U.S. with each ethnic group facing discrimination and then passing that on to the next. It is a part of the immigrant experience that usually levels off with time. In hearings in Los Angles where new immigrants were complaining about families being broken up and other negative aspects of the process, seasoned former immigrants recited their history essentially that is the way it is, Actually, there are some improvements.


I agree with you regarding the Catholic establishment in general, however Pope Francis has been changing a few things.