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Pope to Declare Slain Salvadoran Archbishop Óscar Romero a Saint


Pope to Declare Slain Salvadoran Archbishop Óscar Romero a Saint

Brett Wilkins

On Sunday, the Catholic Church will have half a dozen new saints as Pope Francis I canonizes five people including Óscar Romero, the former archbishop of El Salvador who was assassinated by a US-backed death squad in 1980 after years of peacefully fighting for the rights of his poor and oppressed compatriots.


Truly an inspiring post for Romero’s sainthood. A heartfelt thank you; and
I guess some 40 years, compared with an eternity, isn’t too long to wait.
But the “beast” of Revelations may be close to devouring this America, as the infamous CIA run School of Americas (changing its sullied name of course),
now has “Bloody Gina” to design its demonic curriculum.


I am dumbfounded to see this. He didn’t aspire to be a saint but he surely acted as one. He stood up to an arsenal of weaponry and power for the poor and oppressed. Gunned down by the USA. Unilaterally. Because we are indispensable while everyone else is fodder.


Recognizing that Archbishop Oscar Romero is a saint comes at a very good time, and this article provides an excellent reminder of how U.S. foreign policy has created the conditions in Latin America that people are trying to flee.


What a beautiful, fact based, chilling article. Reminder of how low the current public conversation is.