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Pope, World Leaders Turn U.N. into Veritable War Zone


Pope, World Leaders Turn U.N. into Veritable War Zone

Thalif Deen, IPS News

UNITED NATIONS (IPS) - The visit to the United Nations by Pope Francis during a General Assembly session, described as a historic first in the ageing 70-year-old organisation, has created a security nightmare both for the world body and New York city police.


It has always been a war zone for the western nations perpetrating war.


Pope Francis is certainly shaking up the neocons and the MIC. They want more war, more Cold War especially. He's a man of peace. Something will have to be done. Maybe it will be another event in New York City, an outrageous event, a new Pearl Harbor...


oh to be a fly on the walls inside, they have many eyes, you see


You get the sense that many if not most of these world leaders would never hear the message of peace and social justice or the deep concern about climate change any other way except that they can't avoid it this one time.


oh but where to go? is there any sanity left anywhere? funny, I guess that's why we're here at "commondreams", reality sucks, I'm going to nap and dream...


I think the Moon-Man should resign. He's been ineffective in keeping the world from destruction. The UN was started by the Rockefellers and has always been a lopsided affair with certain countries with ridiculous veto power and unwilling to pay their dues to the peacekeeping charter of the organization.

The Rockefellers own most of the stock of the Seven Big Oil Companies which all came from their Monopoly Standard Oil before it was broken up. The number one customer of the Oil Companies is the US Military followed by other world military. A clear conflict of interest biased against peace.


Axis of evil includes U.S., Israel. and the puppets U.K., Australia and the micro islands.


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It totally escapes me why are all these "leaders" in one place at one time, seems really stupid. The security must be outlandish and the costs for all this, guess who pays and pays and pays. Ya know, the term sociopaths is being used more and more today, all over the web. In all honesty thats just what they are, a bunch of control freaks. They cannot control their own lives but yours? and mine? nobody can move or speak or communicate without them wanting to know every-little-thing/word/key-stroke or photograph and by-gawd they get it all. The one thing that scares the hell outta me is "everybody's" got a gun, I don't, so I guess I'll go down first. I am totally against violence of any kind but it seems that now I am in a minority. A minority of one. I certainly don't want www3 in my back yard either. blah blah blah...sorry for the rant. Peace (?)


I believe there will be lots of flies on the wall: NSA, 5-eyes, CIA and the list goes on.


So a man who has a make believe friend in the sky, who hates gays, women and believes in a book that supports rape, murder, genocide, incest and slavery is going to talk about peace. This man who believes that men are superior, that heterosexuals are superior, that his fiction is superior is going to talk to us about truth.

This guy who tells people to keep having more kids and bigger families because his make believe sky god talks to him personally and that is what you must do to find happiness and grace.

This guy who lives in a castle and invests in corrupt corporations all around the world, and then uses the money to buy more expensive stuff. This guy who continually ignores that his priests molest kids.

And everyone wants to be there to hear his words of wisdom.

Cra Cra


I hope I'm just a paranoid old fart, but what popped into my mind is what a great opportunity for the CIA to pull off another black op like 911 and lock the whole country down, maybe the whole world, meanwhile ridding most of the world of its "peaceniks" at one fell swoop.


Talking about peace always helps to sell more wars. In order to have peace "we have to kill, bomb and fight" has been going on for far too long.

If people would realize that peace cannot be achieved with guns blazing, there might be a chance. But the empire does not really want peace. That would be detrimental to the MIC and the entire nation.

The headline really says it all. So the Pope a man for peace will be talking about peace with world leaders who want war. All this takes place in NY. which will be turned into a war zone.


Hi CC,

"We had to destroy the village to save it."


mmmmmmmm ya but them ain't my eye's...you make a valid point though


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