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Popular Thanksgiving Turkey Brand Comes with a Side of Antibiotics?


Popular Thanksgiving Turkey Brand Comes with a Side of Antibiotics?

Katherine Paul

According to testing conducted under the USDA protocols, samples of Diestel Turkey products tested positive for numerous drug and antibiotic residues


I have an even better place to visit, before you buy your Thanksgiving turkey or ham. Give this a view:
What Cody Saw


A corporate greenwashing sharade?

I’m shocked to find corruption going on in this establishment!


Thank you, Katherine Paul. Thanks also to the Organic Consumers Organization. Without the work of people such as these, we would be pretty much in the dark as it concerns our food. We are constantly lied to and manipulated and poisoned by greedy Capitalism.


Brilliant. Thank you.


Funny the Organic Consumers Association didn’t include Tofurky. I love Tofurky. I see they make a vegan ham now too:



Boycott Diestell-Turkey-Products.

Tell everyone you know this, and pretty soon, perhaps we can get Turkeys without harmful additives.

Hit them in their pocketbooks.


I let my hound munch on dandelions on a plot where I know no pesticides are applied. Perhaps this Thursday I’ll join her.


Taking us for Whole Fools


Feeling a bit smug about myself. When I learned in 2013 that Whole Foods CEO John Mackey opposed single-payer healthcare and is a full-throttled libertarian, I never stepped foot in that establishment again. To promote eating natural food to stay healthy while dismissing the millions of Americans who can neither afford Whole Foods or health insurance was clearly a marketing ploy.


Why do people feel they have to “celebrate” this despicable holiday with a poor tortured bird in the middle of the table?


Now that Bezos is applying for pharma licenses in several states we should expect more drugs in Whole Foods products.


Thank you dissent for shining a light on this - more people who just consume without thinking should see that they are complicit to the violent criminal abuse, neglect, and torture of animals - like “Babe”, by the contemptible “food industry”.

If anyone who watches dissent’s linked video doesn’t feel pain they need a refresher course in humanity and morality.

“May all sentient (and other) beings be happy and free of suffering” – Gautama Buddha


Like you, I never spend a dime there.

I’m fortunate to have a farmers’ market with local poultry within a short walk from home.

It’s even open all through the frigid Michigan winter. Although lately, climate change has warmed our winters up.


Wasn’t this research done before Amazon bought Whole Foods? I do not care to imagine how much worse things will get for both the turkeys and ourselves.