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Popularity of #SayNoToWar hashtag in India and Pakistan Indicates No Appetite For War

Popularity of #SayNoToWar hashtag in India and Pakistan Indicates No Appetite For War

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

As India and Pakistan inch closer to war, the people of the two countries are making clear on social media that they're not on board, with the hashtag #SayNoToWar trending in both countries.

Indians and Pakistanis are urging caution from their leaders as the situation inches closer to war, turning to Twitter to get the message out.

I hope the people of the nations of Pakistan and India are heard, and heard now…PEACE is what people should be hearing. Would someone in the US military with a SOUL please find all that awful footage of what America did to Hiroshima and Nagasaki-----and play that footage for the world. The bad leaders go to war, the good ones work for peace, and the world doesn’t need any more killer nuclear strife-----unless you want to melt all the ice in the Arctic and in Antartica at once!

Declining to dance to the drums of war

Its been terrible. India has thrown a lot of stuff at Pakistan in the hope that something sticks. Its an election year and PM Modi in India is mired in the Rafale jet scandal, economic problems due to demonetization and unemployment (driven partly by H1B visa caps by the US). FYI, India’s PM was once on a US terror watch list and was banned from travelling to the US.

Anyway, with all the problems before election time, right on time, an Indian Kashmiri guy, Adil Dar, drove his car packed with explosives into an Indian paramilitary forces convoy (79 vehicles).

With a full blown insurgency going on in Kashmir, the Indian military has military road checks every few kilometers. This guy drove his vehicle along with the convoy for a bit before he did his deed. His parents claim that he was roughed up by Indian police/ paramilitary forces and then forced to rub his nose on the ground in a circle, around the Indian military jeep. That changed him, according to his parents. I would also ask you to google, “pellet gun injuries in Kashmir”. After reading Indian newspapers, click on images and see how the Indian paramilitary forces have been blinding protesters with pellet guns - firing shot into the heads/ faces of protesters.

Anyway, grainy video where audio and mouth movement dont quite add up has surfaced where the Indian Kashmiri guy claims to be targeting Indian forces. The logo of the banned terrorist outfit is also different from what it used to be - but of course, nobody will question the small mistakes here and there. India accuses Pakistan of the terrorist attack knowing full well that Pakistan does not support the insurgents anymore as it is just not possible. Google Pakistan India border from ISS. You will know that the entire India/ Pakistan border is mined, fenced and lit up and a whole lot of technology, including motion sensors are used there. Google India/ Pakistan border and click on images and you will know what I mean.

India, without any conclusive evidence, glossed over their treatment of Kashmiris (which radicalizes them) and blamed Pakistan and threatened to attack. They flew warplanes into Pakistani airspace and bombed a mountaintop. No civil/ military infrastructure, personnel or even mullahs were targeted! Why? Since no damage was done, it would be easy to pacify the Pakistani government of Imran Khan, a peacenik who has reached out to India multiple times with an olive branch. See link below.

Now Pakistan could not accept an act of aggression especially since it knew that there were no militants being trained there and because it knew that India was lying all along. the Pakistani airforce went into Indian territory and carried out a similar dumb drop near the Indian military facilities, taking care to ensure that there was no loss of life or damage to property. The primary purpose of that incursion was to tell India that its no ok to do something like that and that Pakistan can also play ball if it chooses.

More Indian planes entered Pakistani airspace and this time Pakistan was prepared and shot them down. A Su30Mk1 landed in Indian administered Kashmir while a Mig-21 landed in Pakistani administered Kashmir. The Indian pilot used his chute to land safely in some populated rural area but pulled out his pistol when locals ran to him. He was roughed up until Pakistani forces got there and saved him. Google that too so you can see what happened.

Since then India has been shelling Pakistani Kashmir, killing civilians as well as soldiers while Pakistan is a bit reserved in their response since it is muslim Kashmiri civilians on the other side.

India claims that they shot down a Pakistani F-16 but have offered no proof. They keep sharing a pic of an older Pakistani F-16 that was acquired from Jordan, which crashed in Pakistan due to a technical problem. They claim that they shot it down. Their media/ military keep peddling fake news about the F-16 engine, like the following:

Another instance of the Indian lies:

I don’t know what India is trying to achieve. I hope that after elections are over, peace will prevail.