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Populism Even Republicans Can Get Behind


Populism Even Republicans Can Get Behind

Jim Hightower

What if organizers and volunteers joined forces to run a nationwide campaign to replace today’s corporate-owned congress — all at once?

Yes, one sweeping campaign against all incumbents of either party who owe their jobs to Big Money.

A new campaign called Brand New Congress is trying to do just that, aiming to oust those congress critters with hundreds of coordinated campaigns running simultaneously in every state. They’ll back local candidates publicly pledged to fight for an agenda of economic, social, environmental, and political justice.


Absolutely get the "top versus bottom" message out. That's what the elites fear most. Divide and conquer be damned!


Even my most rabidly republican neighbors would get on board for that. I will be looking for more information to get out and learning how I can help support this effort. Thanks, Mr. Hightower.


Just Googled 'Brand New Congress', and their site is quite impressive.

Check it out.



Lets make sure we keep Guantanamo open to house the worst congresscritter offenders.


Thanks for this initiative. I googled them and found my city (and then proceeded to RSVP).


I forgot to mention: one thing I like about this idea is that it is NOT based on the old tired fiction of "Democrats are good, Republicans are bad", which has only produced worse and worse presidential candidates on the Democratic ticket, culminating with the most unimaginably monstrous candidate of all, Hillary Clinton. I hope this gets traction; I'll be there.


The only good war is a class war. ( The ability to tax is the ability to raise a standing army. The ability to have a standing army is the ability to declare war(s) without the consent of the citizenry. That allows small groups of fanatics, usually wealthy, to use the assets of the governed ( taxpapers ) to raise all sorts of hell. ) End this downward spiral of disaster, writ large.Mother Earth is saying, " Enough is enough ". In fact it's too damn much.


Recently, with the Baltimore District Attorney's office biased and negligent decision to drop charges against the remaining law enforcement officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray, a clear indication is made of a deeper disturbing social trend. This is a continuation of an unwritten and festering condition whereas those in power are not held accountable for their negative, and in the case of Mr Gray, deadly actions or negligence. This permeation of guiltless activity has 'trickled down' from the highest offices and positions in the the United States since 1980. Executive, Judicial, Corporate, Theological bodies all have recent and not so distant past incidents of 'above the law' illegal, culpable, and detrimental activities. Corporatist 'profit only' actions. These bad actors and their activities once brought to light, are shielded from justified prosecution and accountability, outcomes sheltered within a controlled media bias, are consistently allowed to go free without fear of wrongdoing. This is a larger, deeper, underlying social malady which must be confronted and those involved held responsible, in any walk of life, in any position of power, both within private institutions, and those holding public sector authority. A further erosion of public trust and societal cohesion will continue to develop, past a final safe return point in which there will be no returning to a fair and Democratic socioeconomic position of accountability and freedom for us all. The 216 obstructionist members of Congress should be censored, fined, striped of salaries, and under investigation in stalling the SCOTUS selection process they are sworn to participate in. Period.


Would be nice if Page and Gilens stats were Reversed and the 99.9% were Represented and Served at last.


There are so few progressive incumbents running this year that when in doubt it is almost always the safest bet to vote against incumbents even if write-in is the only palatable alternative.