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Populism is Not About Mobs, Anti-Government Rants or Opinion Polls


Populism is Not About Mobs, Anti-Government Rants or Opinion Polls

Jim Hightower

If a political pollster asked whether I consider myself a conservative or a liberal, I'd answer, "No."

Not to be cute — I have a bit of both in me — but because, like most Americans, my beliefs can't be squeezed into either of the tidy little boxes that the establishment provides.


Absolutely, Jim!

Populism is, indeed, a very powerful force, as shown by the whirlwind that was kicked up by Bernie's even limited introduction into the National consciousness.

"You wouldn't know it from the Corporate Media, but in just about any town or city in our land you can find...groups or coalitions that...have come together to find their way Around, Over or Through the blockage Big Money has put in (their) way..."


hehehe... Hightower is right. Know how I know? "Populism" has been scornfully run up the flagpole recently in an inverted form connecting it to the plethora of false promises slathered over the vox populi by the current president.
Newsweek tried to look at Trump as "populist" in 2015.
New Republic - also in 2015 - Donald Trump Is Not a Populist. He's the Voice of Aggrieved Privilege.
(...) Far from being a defender of the little people against the elites, Trump plays to the anxiety of those who fear that their status is being challenged by people they regard as their social inferiors. That’s why the word “loser” is such a big part of his vocabulary.

Trump is not the first authoritarian bigot to be mislabeled a populist. In truth, the term almost always gets misused to describe movements that are all about persevering (and enhancing) hierarchy, not about creating a more egalitarian society. Populism has been misused to describe Joseph McCarthy’s anti-Communist crusade, the John Birch Society, and David Duke’s white nationalism, among others.(...)"

Bernie... Bernie is another story. If nothing else he has very effectively challenged the fear mongering that has been used for decades if not centuries to prevent solidarity among the healthy variations of the vox populi.

Think global, act local makes more sense to me every day.


This nation has a very long way to go before we can build cooperative democratic structures so that ordinary people — not moneyed interests — define and control our country's economic and political possibilities.

Look what the Democratic Party establishment did in the 2016 presidential primary. They even admit to what they did but claim that's just the way things are.