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Populism2015: Construction Crew for Democracy


Populism2015: Construction Crew for Democracy

Michael Winship

To the blare of sounding brass and booming drums, some 800 activists and community organizers from around the country recently converged on Washington, DC. We are living, breathing proof, they announced, that if we can’t get change from our representatives in the capital, we’ll bring it to them, and work to make them hear what must be done.


I hope I am not the only reader who noticed a giant red flag in Borosage’s quote that “Its a standard that all candidates, Democratic and Republican, can be measured by”.

Both parties are no different than any other business with billion dollar revenues. Take away the revenue and the business folds. Since nearly all of both parties’ revenue comes from large corporations that will never tolerate populism (irrespective of how it is packaged), you will never see either party allowing populist candidates to be more than tokens that are taken out of the game before they get to first base.