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Portending a Hot Year Ahead, January Eviscerates Global Temperature Record


Portending a Hot Year Ahead, January Eviscerates Global Temperature Record

Jon Queally, staff writer

Last month was the hottest January the planet has experience since record-keeping began nearly 140 years, new data released by NASA on Tuesday confirmed — and not by just a little.

January's global average surface temperature during was 1.13º Celsius (or 2.3º Fahrenheit) above historical averages, according to the data.


Nonlinearity is a bitch. The planet is in an inflection. The feedback loops are so complicated that the implications will likely be worse than those forecast by models. Engineered structures based upon the naive return period ideology (that weather events were known to a degree to which to predict the future) will be overwhelmed. And yet, the population will increase. There will be a lot of suffering that could have been minimized had it not been for the greed of Big Energy and their co-conspirators.


The graphic on this website which is called "2015 Running Away" is ominous. The previous hottest years have graph lines that intersect somewhere along their length. However, the line for 2015 is significantly higher than the others and doesn't drop down anywhere during the year to intersect the temperature of the next hottest year. It looks to me as if little will really be done as we continue to belch billions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere along with increasing amounts of methane. The COP21 climate conference was supposed to be the last chance to get some real governmental cooperation between nations to reduce emissions but the wording of the agreement is still based mainly on volunteerism. Climate scientist Dr. James Hansen called COP21 a "fraud" and it is looking like the inaction of the politicians and the continued sway that the energy cartels hold over them is going to continue to everyone's detriment.


"Co-conspirators" like Senator James Inhofe (Energy Whore-OK). I wonder if Jimmy Boy will have the nerve to once again bring a a snowball into the Senate during winter to show what a "hoax" (his word) global warming is? What a despicable right-wing shill.


The more and more data that keeps coming in, the clearer the picture gets. Scientists, while an understandably cautious breed that makes every effort to avoid hyperbole, have grossly underestimated the timetable that we will experience the most radical effects of global warming. I don't blame them, they are just the messenger. And if they would have started calling press conferences on the 1980's and screaming that the sky was falling they would have been dismissed as quickly as anyone carrying a sandwich board screaming "the end is near!"
Well folks, I've got the sandwich board out. It's says that the end is indeed near. And it is. I feel we have passed the point of no return. It looks like our best bet now is a few bubble cities and mandatory euthanization at 30.
"Logan's Run" has officially been moved to the non-fiction section.


From the article:

'...This January was the warmest January on record by a large margin while also claiming the title of most anomalously warm month in 135 years of record keeping. The month was 1.13°C — or just a smidge more than 2°F — above normal. That tops December’s record of being 1.11°C — or just a smidge below 2°F — above average....'

Smidge? Writer Queally really should be careful about dropping those ultimate n's. Also, he can save a few characters by using "K" for temperature interval rather than the synonymous "°C" which is deprecated.
But the agai, I shouldn't bemoa such a minor transgressio.


1.13 C above historical averages!
More than halfway to the politically magical 2 C above historical averages!
And rising exponentially!
We'll be there in no time at all!


Here in Saskatchewan its pretty hard to get people upset that it's warmer in the winter.
There are some that say "Its just not right", but this is oil country and a hold out for the Conservative Party.
We're getting left behind the rest of this country.


I don't doubt that some scale of geoengineering is taking place, however greenhouse gas emissions IS the cause of ACD. Don't buy into those who are claiming that greenhouse gasses have nothing to do with it.


47° F here in Montana today...in February...no bueno.


Can you believe there are six Republicans running for president no less who seem clueless about this.


Need anyone say anything more about chemtrails? The dumbing down of America... live and in color!

Check those feathers for poultry mites please...



One can dump on "Big Energy" all one wants, BUT who buys their fuel? Who burns fuel in their cars? Who is antagonistic to using public transport? Look at every city throughout the world and everyone wants cars and airconditioning, or over-heated rooms in winter because they use inadequate insulation and live in houses of bad design. For years Bangkok has been a nightmare of traffic jams because every Thai wants to drive to work, to the shops, to school, to wherever and they sit in the bloody cars for hours, with their porta-potties and breakfasts, instead of catching a bus. And then they whinge about the traffic, when THEY are the problem.

I once travelled from Cambodia to outer Bangkok in 4 hours in a bus. It took another 4 hours to do 15km into Bangkok. And I recall other similar incidents in that horrible car-raddled city where the air gives one a headache from CO poisoning from car exhausts.

And China; and India: and Vietnam: and Indonesia.; and the Philippines. That is half the world's population dedicated to status and "face" through buying a car rather than using public transport, small motorcycles or (defend us from this Almighty God!) using bicycles.

"Big Energy" is simply a mirror of and the measure of the personal stupidity of each and every one of us. There is no excuse.


You mean euthsanasia (youthsanasia) for all those under 30 years old????????


The site mentioned is worthless. The yammering about "chemtrails" is by far the dumbest conspiracy nonsense around because it's so patently rubbish. It depresses me how people can fall for that - and at the same time wonder why people fall for Cruz or Trump. Lack of critical thinking.


I totally agree with you. That said, so many positive feedback loops are already underway. So it will only get hotter and faster. I wept about our predicament as a sophomore in university back in the spring of 1988. I knew then that we were on a bath to extinction... though at the time I was looking some 200 years out. Now, I fear, it will be within the next twenty to forty years. But YES! We should attempt to do all possible to minimize damage to the planetary ecosystems and other life forms. In any event... I'm sorry though.... I think our goose is cooked. :frowning:


...on a "path" to extinction. Sorry for the typo. Ha! :slightly_smiling:


Lrx.... yep, I can believe it. Not to worry, says Senator Ted Cruz. No warming in 18 years, according to Mr. Oleaginous Orator.


Pilot, no need to be sorry for "bath"... it's really quite fitting with sea level rise.


Stop the secret conspiracy of the Big Bad Government to use airliners to spray us! Look up in the sky! The chemicals are everywhere!!!