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Porter Ranch Gas Leak a Catastrophe Not Seen Since the BP Oil Spill


Porter Ranch Gas Leak a Catastrophe Not Seen Since the BP Oil Spill

Erin Brockovich

Since October, residents of Porter Ranch California have been exposed to dangerous contaminants from a massive natural gas leak that continues to seep into the air, causing a catastrophe the scale of which has not been seen since the 2010 BP oil spill.

After only a week of visiting families in Porter Ranch, I am already experiencing the headaches, nausea and congestion that have plagued this community living at the center of one of the most significant environmental disasters in recent history.


"And no one really knows the potential long-term side effects of benzene and radon, the carcinogens that are commonly found in natural gas"
Oh come on Erin, these two Gasses have long been known as cancer causing carcinogens-

(A carcinogen is any substance, radionuclide, or radiation that is an agent directly involved in causing cancer. This may be due to the ability to damage the genome or to the disruption of cellular metabolic processes.)

Gee, I wonder what our wonderful Government Agencies have planned to Mitigate this Man Made Disaster? Your tax dollar, once again, working hard for the citizens of this Nation!!!!


The temerity of these people to live over SoCal's gas. /s


A song for our times from 21 years ago:

Sex Kills
Joni Mitchell

I pulled up behind a Cadillac
We were waiting for the light
And I took a look at his license plate
It said, "Just Ice"
Is justice just ice?
Governed by greed and lust?
Just the strong doing what they can
And the weak suffering what they must?

Oh, and the gas leaks
And the oil spills
And sex sells everything
Sex kills

Doctors' pills give you brand new ills
And the bills bury you like an avalanche
And lawyers haven't been this popular
Since Robespierre slaughtered half of France!
And Indian chiefs with their old beliefs know
The balance is undone, crazy ions
You can feel it out in traffic
Everyone hates everyone

And the gas leaks
And the oil spills
And sex sells everything
Sex kills

All these jack-offs at the office
The rapist in the pool
Oh, and the tragedies in the nurseries
Little kids packin' guns to school
The ulcerated ozone
These tumors of the skin
This hostile sun beating down on
Massive mess we're in

And the gas leaks
And the oil spills
And sex sells everything
And sex kills
Sex kills
Sex kills
Oh, sex kills
Sex kills


How is it possible that a company can withhold information that directly affects the health of people? When did the pursuit of profits which is what capitalism is, replace the moral directive that injuring human beings is wrong?

Refusing to release the air monitoring test data from the leak is a terrible precedent that we will all regret in the future. Corporations cannot be allowed to decide whether something is hazardous enough to people to warrant incurring legal responsibility for causing that harm.

The corporate state will not be a paradise it is plain to see. It will be filled with incidences where corporations are excused from acting like members of the community.

So what price is the health of a newborn living in the area? Or of frail grandmother who has trouble breathing even on a good day?

What is wrong with our moral sense if we allow others to be harmed as a business decision?

Do you feel safe about anything anymore when big corporations are involved and their profits are at risk?

Risk... now there is a word!


Why are you blaming the government for private, capitalist corporate malfeasance?


Because they are supposed to REGULATE business when they step way out of line-
Do you really think this is none of our Governments business or are you one of those that just picks up A check every week or so?
Tell me Yunzer, what is the purpose of the EPA? I see absolutely NOTHING from the Government here- Just like Katrina, Just like Deep Water Horizon, just like Prudhoe Bay-
Oh, that's right, the Government is around only to spend our TAX dollar on War- Is that it?


I will reiterate stubones accurate answer to your obtuse BS question - because the Federal Gov represents (supposedly) the people through so-called "regulatory" agencies to protect their health, safety and welfare! These agencies have been corrupted through the overt influence and money via the 'revolving-door" of industry agents/shills/lobbyists to such agencies and back to their true bosses, to dilute, subvert, or eliminate such protective regulation to favor exploitation and profits over people and the environment. All of this you well know, so what is your real point or intent?




That's what I really meant to say there Emphrio! Thanks for the "Hard Facts" about this "Captured" entity called Government....And thanks also for the links...


Once again a permanent forum fixture using yet another screen name insists that this is OUR moral failing rather than the power and clout of Big Energy which includes the fracking companies.

How is the term "our" split in half (a conundrum like that befalling the Biblical King Solomon when confronted by two women both claiming to be the mother of the same infant) to accommodate both those who oppose fracking and are trying to fight for the public good, and those (a far lesser number) who are part of this for-profit--at Mother Nature's expense--energy consortium?

OUR hardly covers the dichotomy. The public's interests are hardly the same as those of the corporations that do harm. Therefore to PRETEND that one is the same as the other is clear disinformation. And that's the main frame you traffic in.


Have always been A fan of Joni, I must admit that I have never heard this song until now- Thanks Poet!




This goes to very core of what corporate personhood ultimately means. Odious in theory, fatal in practice.


I am sorry that your significant mental decline has produced an emotional aggressiveness and encourages you to accuse people of things you yourself do Ms. Siouxrose ala Siouxrose 11 ala Siouxrose 1 et al. I have no need nor inclination to be anyone other than myself nor need to pretend to be another.

However if you need to have it explained to you yet again, my use of the rhetorical or editorial 'we' is not intended to be literal. In this case it is used to describe our national experience - our collective culture not the literal experience of any individual or group. I hope you finally come to understand that it is being used to clarify rather than conflate.

For example,

That sentence could be reworded as >>> Our interests are hardly the same as that of our corporations. Only a child or perhaps someone with a psychological condition such as Autism, like in the movie Rainman, would fail to recognize that the sentence is not intended to be literal. Our (the public's) interests and Our corporations (America's) are self explanatory.

Furthermore you ignore the import of my comment and take a single sentence at the very end out of context. That is an absurd dishonesty on your part. Please seek help and stop attacking other people on this forum for no reason.

And pick one name and stick to it... I do! I am stubborn that way...lol.


Can this be determined as "obsessive compulsive" behavior? I think so, but if I were of Sioux's persuasion, in the business of quick draw accusations and pre-justice character assassination as is the norm with her, I would actually contemplate that her intentions are to confuse, obfuscate, and interrupt this thread to maybe draw attention to herself or possibly A more sinister and devious intent as of A "paid shill" (times are tough as far as rent goes in Florida in her own words)- That is only of course, the unlikely possibility of my having her particular propensity for the dramatic accusatory effect, which the very thought of makes my skin crawl.....


The uncaring apathy about the Health of this Planet and this neighborhood of people can only mean one thing, and that is that this company is guilty of negligent homicide and so are the irresponsible Government Agencies that are funded by our tax dollar to protect us from these homicidal criminals- True Justice would call for mandatory long term prison sentencing or quite possibly Capital punishment- Where is the "justice Department" on this one? What use is A Government that is NOT there for the People? THE PEOPLE that these PUBLIC SERVANTS are alleged to and sworn to be working for-


I think she just is suffering from certain psychological problems. To keep changing her names back and forth shows that she is using several and yet she accuses others of doing what she does.

Being such a gabby and opinionated old coot such as I am ... I think I am pretty easy to discern by what I write. In any case it is a matter of pride (too many years of wanting to have an activist's point of view heard in a conservative controlled society) that I stay recognizable as my online identity in this forum.

I don't get the point of changing one's name anyway. Lol. I am me and who gives a Frack if someone doesn't like what I say anyway.

She wishes to dominate this forum and be acknowledged as Queen matriarch. Judge and jury too. Editorial control and according to her preferences.

She also may be a bit nuts.

I don't know whether she is a con artist preying on the credibility of the gullible or less educated with her astrology and numerology and mishmash of semi mystical semi matriarchy semi whoopdedoo as the whim catches her but she keeps attacking people for no reason and like some right-winger she accuses people without proof and slurs and insults them without regard for hurting an innocent person.

Periodically I respond to her accusations hoping that it will help her remember that other people also have other opinions and that they may not agree with hers and yet still be valuable progressive opinions.

As to what you contemplate? Who knows. I'll tell you this though. I have never encountered someone who professes to be a numerologist that wasn't conning somebody out of money. Maybe Siouxrose/Siouxrose11/Siouxrose1 actually believes in the validity of numerology but people who take money from others using numerology...

that just doesn't add up... as far as being a progressive IMO.


Your welcome! As good as her voice and lyrics are, it has always been the sounds she coaxes from a guitar that never cease to amaze me.

Three good and diverse examples are:

Marcie/Nathan LaFrenier medley (1969)

I Think I Understand (1969)

Cactus Tree (1970)


Good stuff all-
I really liked the way she wrote, played and sang "Woodstock"....An event which she captured quite well for not being there according to Graham Nash-


Beauty song. Have not heard that in a while. Great perfomance by the lady as well.