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Portland, Ore. to Sue Monsanto for 'Favoring Profits Over Ecological and Human Health'

Portland, Ore. to Sue Monsanto for 'Favoring Profits Over Ecological and Human Health'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Portland, Oregon's city council on Wednesay voted unanimously to authorize City Attorney Tracy Reeve to sue Monsanto for contaminating water bodies within the city with PCBs.


“The seven cities will use the same two law firms for their separate suits.”

Ka-ching, ka-ching. I guess all those campaign donations are paying off.

Bring that monstrosity down!

This should all end with Monsanto executives and shareholders crawling on their knees, plucking individual molecules of PCBs and particulates of GMOs and glyphosate from the environment until their dying days.

If you work for Monsanto: RESIGN! RESIGN! RESIGN!


I hope the west will set an example for the rest by bringing down this immoral ghastly behemoth to it’s knees.

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So, this is whats going to happen: Monsanto will lose, probably millions, the people will rejoice…and Monsanto will give the fraction of a fraction of their profits to pay for the lawsuit and continue what they are doing. See how simple this is. We only have decades of evidence supporting this behavior.

Never happen.

Wont happen. America is a utopian society for our politicians and corporations. No one is going to change this. There is decades of evidence of major corruption…all someone has to do is apologize publicly and thats it. As for corps, they get everything they want through ALEC, the American and Legislation Exchange Commission. This is a place that corps can LITERALLY buy their own laws to siute themselves. If people want real change, get rid of ALEC, stop the wholesale aspect of our nation. I bet no one asks Sanders to close this, nor will it ever come up in any debate.

Monsantos first defence will be a motion to dismiss because of the statute of limitations, and will have it tossed.