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'Portrait of Disaster': Initial Unemployment Claims in US Jump from 211,000 to 6.6 million in Just 3 Weeks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/02/portrait-disaster-initial-unemployment-claims-us-jump-211000-66-million-just-3

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It’s only a disaster if you believe that having everyone driving around to soul sucking BS jobs and not even getting paid enough to live is a good thing.

We need another way to allow people to live other than to participate in destroying the planet to make, distribute, sell, buy, throw away, all the cheap crap we don’t need anyway.


But Amazon Prime provides free shipping !

Sick joke, I know.

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You evidently never had to do something ( a task ) because it took you out of your comfort zone. I assisted in digging graves as a teenager; yes, I buried people I knew and liked. It’s weird but…must be done, and I signed on to do the jobs my employer’s contracts required of him. We also cleaned backed up sewer lines in basements ( that’s not soul sucking that’s gag induced upchucking ), repaired and built septic tank systems, etc… How do you think a city or town doesn’t turn into an infested rat trap? You get the point?
Soul sucking, BS jobs? I’ve done more than my share and will probably do a couple more. Again, how do unpleasant, but essential things, get done? It ain’t pretty, it ain’t glamorous; but it is vital and necessary or things fall apart, in very uneven and unpredictable ways.
Just sayin’.
BTW- It’s just starting; the light at the end of the tunnel reveals another tunnel, unfortunately. Sunlight and fresh air are down the road a ways, imo.

I think the point you miss is those who promise jobs are setting people up to expropriate the fruits of their labor.

Of course people need to be rewarded for doing jobs no one wants to do yet are necessary. I just delivered compost to a family with an organic garden, for example. Their last year’s compost was aging underneath a shredded plastic tarp decomposing in sunlight. I know this family does not use plastic bags at the grocery store. That very nice family is missing the point of boycotting plastic and chemical sprays in a way similar to missing what wage slavery is all about.


6.6 million new unemployed. That’s also 6.6 million now not paying payroll taxes that keep Social Security going.
It won’t be long before we on S.S. will get a notice that there is no longer enough to keep the S.S. checks in the mail.
This is something the republicans have been dreaming about.


Absoluetly, spot on. The folks in their cushy offices with their grandous Uni degrees, consider such menial work above them. However let the shit back up until it buries them, then stand back and watch the outcome. .

As a teenager it was good experience. Money being the gateway for tickets to " the high mass of the next rock’n roll show ". Steven Stills
Hard work never killed anyone unless you fell off, shingling the barn, etc. Just kidding, accidents are horrid, actually. Been there and done that, as well. No one is promised anything, really.
Wage slavery? That shouldn’t be confused with apprenticeships, right? A wise old guy told me, " Employees, hell I’m just teaching ( training ) the next bunch of my competition. But, that’s ok. "

Look, at will be offset by reduced social security recipients numbers, I know dark…

But you are right , GOP will use it to squash unions, SS and other programs.

Apprenticeship is a wonder of human life. A wise now old well driller once told me it’s good to learn new trades. You are totally correct.

Wage slavery is when oligarchs run the government and make regular people insecure without a home or healthcare. Worse off is the small scale latin american corn farmer is run out of business by US corporate farms with NAFTA. Such a farmer is labeled illegal and imprisoned if caught. Once a person is reduced to wage slave it is difficult to figure out how to become free again.