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Portugal Rejoices as Liberal Parties Oust Right and Unite Against Austerity



Portugal shocked the world back in 1973 with its Carnations Revolution, and now it is on again with this Voters' Revolution.

It is nonetheless scandalous how the oligarchy is trying to trample on democracy by using the figurehead president, with the silent acquiescence of the EU, to deny the will of the people, as he like a vulgar autocrat has banned (!) the left coalition to form its government, and has appointed instead the minority right-wing candidate as PM. It is obvious that a minority government cannot rule the country, but the foul play is to win time and force new elections in ... 8 months, allowing time to all sort of tricks, threats, and blackmail to the right, the Troika, and NATO. Meanwhile the country will descent into an economic and social crisis of misery and strife, and if the troika only needed a week to humiliate Greece, now they enjoy 8 months to ruin Portugal...

The West is but a shadow of the democracy it claimed to be, and its elites are shameless into using all sort of dramatic coups to annihilate whatever remains of democracy, while it claims to export it to third countries by means of war and terror mongering. Bleak future.


I find your commentary harsh and not very instructive.

So long as the modern world runs as much on capital as it does energy fuels, those who control capital can impose major restraints on everyone else.

Instead of recognizing the degree to which the European banking cartle had Syrizia by the balls, you fault him. And then you use his example to mock what's going on in Portugal.

One could instead recognize that a trend is taking hold from Spain, to Iceland, to Greece, to U.K., to Canada, and to the U.S. (in Sanders and Jill Stein).

People ARE fed up. The means to altering society are blocked like a heart patient who's now facing a lifetime of eating meat and fatty foods. With the arteries impaired, people have no MAP in what is required to move from current conditions to all those changes that are fair and just.

As things continue to fall apart--as they are--there will be gaps in everything from food delivery to government services. Hopefully, local solutions will fill those gaps and gradually, people will move away from all the forms of central authority that now turn them into slaves of systems that are anathema to life, itself.


What looks bleak is the fire that burns... until the Phoenix rises from it.


"Adhering to EU rules"

Like Greece?


Portugal, hold fast against the Troika monster.


Hi Siouxrose,

One more historical reason for optimism. In 1932 the Nazis won 37% of the parliamentary vote. The left and left center could have combined to form a government, but the Communists and Social Democrats would never work together, not least because Stalin forbade it. Hence Nazi rule and World War 2.

At least in Portugal the 3 left parties have united against the right. And I think it will be very difficult for the right wing president to stand against them for very long. We shall see. Unity is the key.

If the left could have united in Germany more recently; if the Social Democrats could have accepted Der Linke (the Left Party) we would not have had Angela Merkel and continental austerity. Perhaps Portugal will provide a useful example.


If we could only learn that lesson. If the American left, Communist and Socialist factions and parties could unite as a movement we would see much greater success. Like the Germans before us, we nit-pick and argue and defend our cliques. It is hard to find agreement beyond criticism and condemnations even here when if reality, we mostly agree on basics. Meanwhile the National Security state expands, FOX has the highest ratings and our country slinks toward fascism.


Portugal should secede from the Eurozone & EU. It wouldn't have to worry about EU rules. The Europeans did not swim together. They sank together.