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Portuguese Youth File 'Unprecedented' Climate Lawsuit Against 33 European Countries

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/03/portuguese-youth-file-unprecedented-climate-lawsuit-against-33-european-countries


Cheers for the young folks. We have to keep pushing everywhere we can, with everything we’ve got!


We need to watch out-

Corporate special interests will try to use all schemes purported to help reduce climate change as they do all others everything to cash in, particularly to displace renters in large scale redevelopment.


**They are doing it by selling off natural gas causing the price of the gas thats here to double, triple or more. causing the price of heating apartments to rise, a lot.

Now that its begun, trade deals like WTO and TTIP lock it in, and make it extremely expensive to buy back the right to control.

This price rise will lead to an attack on rent stabilization laws as well. You can bet on it.**

Its urgent that people be aware of the likelihood of that in the US and prevent it by focusing on improved insulation and doing what it takes to keep renters in their apartments, being aware of this stealth attack’s imminence.

Or not letting them just selloff fossil fuels as is their plan. They are determined to basiclly sell off everything they can -looting the country and planet before people wise up to how “trade deals” are a pretext to loot the planet and steal money from taxpayers simply for regulating anything again.

They should leave it in the ground for emergencies. Also, we need to reverse recent Supreme Court legal decisions like Kelo vs. City of New London that allow perfectly functional affordable housing to be expropriated and given to real estate developers under the pretext that its become “obsolete” because of sudden jumps in the price of energy. Otherwise, millions of people, all the working class and poor populations of many large US cities, perhaps, will lose the rented homes that allow them to live there- lose theior homes by the millions in the coming years and even though its been planned for decades, it will be blamed on anything they possibly can except their own greed.

There is no such thing as new public housing in the US, due to a trade agreement we joined in 1995. It all has to be for profit, to a degree that ends up excluding the poor and middle class, except a truly tiny amount which is “below market rate” which is still way too expensive for most of the people I know or have known in my life.

Please dont let measures against climate change, become a theft of money that has no positive outcome, instead causing literally millions to lose their rented price stabilized homes.

Selling off LNG is a stealth push to trigger massive redevelopment and a potential death blow to the core Democratic Party membership.

Existing schemes that purport to reduce climate change in fact more often than not simply pay polluters precious tax money that could go to feed the hungry or educate children so they could have a decent life, Think deeply before we pay polluters when before they would not have been paid.

One very serious problem that was mentioned yesterday is the methane clathrate (meaning ice, frozen methane which turns into gas as the temperature warms causing exponential increases in temperatures, which can become a huge rapid influence on the earths albedo.)

Methane in the continental shelf is a very powerful GHG. We should do everything we can to reduce energy consumption and literally leave it in the ground. The US uses many times as much energy per capita than most other countries.

We should become a walkable, bikeable country, like the cities that resisted the National City Lines theft of the trollies still are now.