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'Positively Evil': Immigrant Checkpoints to Remain Open as Harvey Forces Evacuations


'Positively Evil': Immigrant Checkpoints to Remain Open as Harvey Forces Evacuations

Julia Conley, staff writer

As residents of Southeast Texas evacuate under strict orders in preparation for the rapidly-approaching Hurricane Harvey, members of the area's immigrant community are being left with an impossible choice on Friday: face the potentially life-threatening storm or follow evacuation orders and risk being detained and even deported.


From a biological perspective, I can understand the feeling that in a growth oriented, overpopulated world, countries can withstand only so much immigration before their cup runneth over.

Few dare to address the ticklish problems of endless growth and global overpopulation so we can expect nature to step in as she always does and balance things out for us.

Nature will use wars over diminishing resources, despotic rulers, pandemics, economic disparity, racial and religious strife and crusades, environmental pollution, loss of species diversity, antibiotic resistance, ocean acidification, desertification, global warming and so on.

Trump, the GOPers and other reactionary conservatives are simply trying to fix the problems they caused the only way they know how, through violent and repressive means.


We often have a sanitized science fiction perspective concerning climate change. We talk about temperatures and acidification and the ills that will follow. We speak of drought and famine etc in those almost mathematical ‘equations’.

Yet the truth will be that as bad as catastrophic climate change will get that people will make the suffering of others worse at every opportunity. This article makes that point most clearly. As people flee from a devastating hurricane, some folks will be prevented from leaving by the duplicity of others. The checkpoints are irrelevant to evacuation. These immigration officials are choosing to impose this rationale of law enforcement and thereby diminish the sense that in an emergency that evacuations are the only priority. These officials prioritize immigration violations! They also dehumanize the people they endanger.

This is despicable amoral behavior. Only hate can rationalize the endangering of human lives based on a technicality of law. All Americans should feel ashamed at this being done in their name. What about the danger from forest fires? Will people need to stay in that lethal danger rather than risk deportation?

Think of firemen telling some people that they should stay in a burning building or be arrested when they try to leave it!


BRAVO…excellent, superbly stated comment! Your compassion for others is admirable!!! The firemen analogy is priceless.


What a choice for these people: potentially facing injury and possibly death by staying in their homes or leaving with the knowledge that they will be rounded up, detained and eventually deported…one choice is expeditious and the other is prolonged agony. These are the LIVES of men, women, children, and their animals that weigh in the balance.

OMG, can our country get much lower, pernicious and inhumane? Like lambs to slaughter.


Next step is a good old fashioned barn burning. Smoke 'em out. (Hope the sarcasm isn’t too bitter.)


I’ve actually wondered about some of those forest fires.Living in our national parks is free, practically unchecked. I was traveling through Northern California a few years bsck and took a ride from a local. Forest fires? She said. Smokey the Bear starts em.


Border patrol has no business with any sort of checkpoints inside the states

Only at the Borders

All internal checkpoints are unconstitutional.
States are not being treated equally

As to this crime. (I.e. UnEqual treatment under the Law)

Consider the source.
Border Patrol is not an example of our Best and Brightest


An utter evacuation of empathy


Sort of like what happened in Ukraine:



The first step in directing bigotry is fear, the second is dehumanization. Trump is appallingly using both. What a disgusting thing for the headman of the land of the free and the brave to do. sad.


I wouldn’t give that a whole lot of credence.


Despicable enough for the targeted population (and will “Sheriff Joe” rush out to be part of this?) but this means stopping everyone coming through those checkpoints. So, two points 1) how do they decide who to check out? (actually we know) and 2) regardless of who they decide to look harder at, they’ve stopped and restricted and slowed and jammed up ALL the people trying to get to safety. ALL, just to go after a few “targets.” ICE and the Border Patrol are criminal organizations wearing legal uniforms.


I’m reminded of stories from the Titanic where the gates between steerage class and life boats were locked and remained so.

I grew up in NOLA. In my 70 + years I’ve never seen such despicable acts on the part of the US Government during an emergency and yes I’m very aware of what was done by FEMA. (My family was there through that stupidity). ICE seems to have recovered both the locks & keys from the Titanic and is using them in S. Texas.


So Gulf Coast residents fleeing for their lives will be subject to delays caused by S.S. checkpoints, who will no doubt “disappear” anyone who cannot prove legal resident status. Heil Trump!


This is not only WRONG morally, it is STUPID in the extreme! It can’t help but slow down evacuation to a crawl, as the “Gestapo” at the check points checks the papers of each person in each vehicle.

But, ideology trumps common sense and decency in this country now. It’s more important to detain “illegals” than to save lives, apparently. No wonder monster hurricanes are targeting this country!

God forgive us. God help us.


Arpaio’s legal load has been lifted so he is giddy with hubris and a trek to Texas to victimize even more hapless, helpless Hispanic people would be an added celebratory bonus. Perhaps he can advise the emperor on what steps to take to stem the tide of all “dem illegals” fleeing from their shanties in the flood zones…DJT will supposedly fly in on Tuesday to bloviate…perhaps Aripaio will also be on board. Now that would be capital-Hubris!