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Possible War Crime: Syrian Maternity Hospital Bombed


Possible War Crime: Syrian Maternity Hospital Bombed

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

This story may be updated.

A maternity hospital in Syria's northwestern, rebel-held province of Idlib was bombed on Friday, the U.K.-based charity Save the Children said. The number of casualties is unclear at this point.

According to human rights organization Amnesty International, it "appears to be part of a despicable pattern of unlawful attacks deliberately targeting medical facilities."


This reminds of the US military's deliberate bombing of Kunduz hospital in Afghanistan not admitting and the denials that have followed since. I don't know why any human would consider bombing a hospital even if their injured "enemy" was being treated there. It is truly a despicable act of cowardly war crime.


When I look back over the history of warfare, there is a definite pattern. "Winners" are never charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity.


Hey you idiot banshee -- how would you feel if it was YOUR granddaughter that was bombed out of existence while she was being born???
Hey Mrs. Obadrone -- how would you feel if Sasha and Maliah had been the children that your worthless, RETARD husband had consigned to die even b4 they had a chance to LIVE?
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We wake up every morning and go to sleep every night in a country THAT IS ALREADY DEAD!


How is this any different from the goddamned 'BLUE SHIRTS' killing BLACKS every chance they get?

I'm not taking umbrage at your comment, I'm simply pointing out the FRIGHTENING similarities between the two!


I hope Reuters reports this:




""in an area under the control of armed groups where Syrian and Russian armed forces had been launching airstrikes"

Not gonna get much traction on this story. If it was "US supported coalition" it would be all over the headlines and milked for weeks to come. Whatever came out of that Russian strike on Aleppo hospital a couple of moths ago?


Go ahead and elect Clinton and get this multiplied a hundredfold.


About time for evil to lose then it seems. Both the lesser and the greater(which ever those are).


Why yes. Yes it is. In fact if done for political reasons it is even a more serious crime.


In other words this was a blatant US/NATO strike against a Russian field hospital? Sounds like the norm these days.


Given all the negative PR, why would the Russians or Syrians deliberately target hospitals? What gain is there? Terrorizing civilians in Al Queda and ISIS areas will just cause that much more support for the terrorists?


Good point, I wouldn't put it past Russia to claim a military hospital is a maternity ward.


So thankful that HRC is a mother.


Field hospital does not mean military hospital. Most of the Doctors Without Borders hospitals around the world are in fact field hospitals. And even if far right wing war of aggression committing terrorist lunatics want to pretend that Doctors Without Borders are a military target they are NOT. It also might interest those same far right wing America hating Clinton/Trump voting ignorant trash that military hospitals are also protected sites and bombing one(or many as you far right wing war criminal scum like to do) is still a war crime under US and international laws.

Under American law the filthy corrupt DC politicians responsible for these terrorist attacks on hospitals are eligible for the death penalty. And the way they have been going at it as of late they are going to get what they deserve sooner rather then later.


The only country I am aware of that has been deliberately bombing any hospitals is the United States of America. So it seems unlikely it was a Russian or Syrian attack.


A favorite tactic of NATO and the US: Bomb hospitals, schools nursing homes, water treatment plants,
power plants, dams, markets, pharmaceutical factories, all factories that are necessary for a modern
city/state to function and then flatly deny it.


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The supreme international crime would not be on our dime if we could avoid paying tax no?

There is no just war.


There is no "possible" about this. The law is extremely clear on this. Bombing a hospital is a War Crime. That is an actual War Crime, no exceptions or "possible" War Crime about it.