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Post-Comey Firing,Trump Impeachment Is 'What the Country and the World Need'


Post-Comey Firing,Trump Impeachment Is 'What the Country and the World Need'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

In the wake of his "Nixonian" firing of FBI director James Comey, calls for Congress to begin an impeachment investigation of President Donald Trump have grown.


Get real folks. Successfully impeaching and getting rid of Trump will only put PENCE INTO POWER!

Stop and think about that! The Koch Brothers support Pence to the hilt.

Trump isn't the foremost problem: the Deep State is. Now, that's a harder target to hit.


Mike Pence wouldn't beat Lying Ted or Li'l Marco in a primary.
That's why they have to slip him in through the back door.


How bizarre. This assertion that the Deep State is opposed to a Trump Presidency.


First things first. Well get rid of Trump, then we get rid of Pence. There is no "deep state" only the capitalist system If you have noticed from the stock market, the capitalist system adores Trump.


The only solution is for the alien race that brought them here to return and pick up BOTH Trump and Pence and then return to planet Mongo, from whence they came; never we pray to come back...


Impeachment is a two step process. He must be impeached by the House, then tried and convicted by the Senate to be removed. Neither will be done until the Republican :Party sees that it is going down the drain.


" I am NOT a crook!! "


Hey personally, I'm lovin it. I would love to see Trump slowly go Mad. Wait-he's already mad. Ok, madder. But yes, I say without remorse that I'd love to see the entire Trump administration fall completely by the wayside, which is only hastening the already crumbling facade of our so-called "Empire" anyway. I want to see that insecure, ugly-smirking,bad-hair-job-wearing sewer prince of New Yawk fall apart as his ego realizes he CAN'T have everything he wants. And every damn Trump-loving dumb son of a bitch along with him. The only big problem with that scenario? The bastard would take us down with him, like the ego-maniacal coward he is.


You're absolutely right on every point, lcotler.

It's obvious that you didn't assert that the Deep State is opposed to the Trump Presidency.

The Deep State OK'd Trump for the job and will use him until they don't need him anymore.

Then they'll probably get rid of him, at a time of their choosing, blame the Left, and declare Martial Law, or worse.


I totally agree vaquero. He's going to drag us into the soon-to-be nuclear irradiated dustbin of History very soon.



Get real is a great point

That alone demands we act

Pence is a pusillanimous pu__y

And the Koch's are .....well...

Don't stop until they are all gone


Right On lcotler. Trump will either be gotten rid of or quit within a year because he's bored by the effort. Which doesn't matter one bit. He's been eminently successful for the oligarchs and plutocrats who run the show because he has the so-called US Left and Dems tripping over themselves to go after his many obvious stupidities, faults, racial and gender horrors.

So they are distracted from detailing with building movements and developing organizations that deal with the real power relationships that dominate nearly all of us. Or actually they're not distracted. They're afraid of the work, risk and courage that power-building and the exercise of power takes.




We need justice in this nation...which is fast imploding under the Trump administration

That's why I created a petition to The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate, which says:

"Attorney General Jeff Sessions has
NOT recused himself from FBI investigation into Trump Russiagate.
He is part of FBI Comey's dismissal...
He must be called to resign or face impeachment!"

Will you sign this petition? Click here:



I was part of the Deep State (albeit at a low level as a Foreign Service Reserve Officer, stationed in Hue ’66-‘67) during part of the Vietnam War. Being on the inside gave me peepholes into many other parts. It’s elusive, fugitive, and quite formidable.

I’m anti-Capitalist, too. But you don’t have to have a capitalist system to have a “deep state”; Russia and China, not capitalist in the early years, had a “deep state,” too. And they still do.

You can study and rant against Capitalism (I do!). Much more difficult (and dangerous) to study and rant against the Deep State. Please don’t be naive about this.


Dream on, cowboy…dream on.


Spot on, you, too!

No doubt in my mind that the DS took out JFK.


There is one point to remember when it comes to impeachment. If you read the Constitution, there is one condition that makes it necessary.
* Impeachment is fairly mild. It has been likened to a Grand Jury. It is to look into the evidence and if it feels that there is enough for an impeachment, then that is forwarded and an impeachment trial date can be set.
* A successful impeachment bans the person from ever serving in a position of public trust and removes him from office. What most people don't seem to know is that one can never be pardoned after a successful impeachment. After an impeachment, the person involved can be tried for his crimes and, hopefully, serve time. He cannot be pardoned by his successor or anyone else.
* As a case in point, Nixon was on the edge of being impeached. Had that been successful, all of his dirty laundry, and the dirty laundry of his administration would have been tried, in front of the public. So, he resigned, unimpeached, and was promptly pardoned by Ford, so the laundry basket never saw the light of day.
* The current administration needs virtually a mass impeachment, followed by a criminal trial. That might actually restore this nation to a Constitutional Republic, as it was for over two centuries.
* The main problem with this is that impeachment of a President must be done before the Senate, presided over by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, the Jury (the Senate) is filled with billionaire crooks who have made their booty selling influence and protecting the mil/bil/trillionaires from any punishment for robbing from the people and turning the nation into a Banana Republic for their own short term profit.
* So, no matter what the overwhelming preponderance of evidence, the "Jury" will no doubt find Herr Twitler not guilty and all charges dismissed. Of course a deal may be made for him to resign. In due time, he will be pardoned by the future President. If they find him guilty, they may find their own asses in a wringer as the people awaken.


Thanks for bringing your fresh voice to the conversation.


Thanks for your opinion of what the world needs Andrea. I see things differently. Hillary started this because she could not accept the fact that she lost because of who she is and what she stands for so she pointed her bony finger of blame at Putin and Russia. The DNC is in disarray. In order to impeach you have to have support in government in numbers.

Show us the numbers reporter. With GOP in control of all three branches of government how do you expect to impeach? Oh that's right your snowflakes. Its going to happen because all the unicorns are coming back.