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Post-Comey Hearing, Trump's Disapproval Ratings in the Gutter


Post-Comey Hearing, Trump's Disapproval Ratings in the Gutter

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Donald Trump's bizarre cabinet meeting Monday in which members heaped praise upon him comes on a day the president's ego may need a bit of stroking.

Gallup's latest daily tracking poll shows that as of Sunday, Trump's disapproval rating has reached at 59 percent. His approval rating sits at just 36 percent.


I kind of think his approval rating is like 17%. 36% sounds too high.


Congress’ approval rating has been running 11 to 17% for quite a while.

If a slime ball like Trump keeps his approval rating in the 36% range he will easily win a second term.


They’re keeping it a secret because it is going to be a single payer health care system. If you want health insurance, buy your own, or don’t get sick.


Empowering the individual,under Trumpdon’tCare we will each be our own single payer. The more drug stocks you buy the better your single payer plan will be.


I am serving 1 year probation, 50 hours of community service and 1000s in legal fees,court costs, and supervisions fees for buying and possessing drug stocks.


What is tragic is that 41% approve of his tyranny…do they live in caves and read Breitbart news on their cell phones (no privy, no plumbing, no electricity)? Or is ignorance their permanent mental state?
The other possibility for ongoing support of the orange oaf is that they will benefit financially from his edicts (not policies because the demonic demagogue does not have one salient, comprehensible policy for any social, international, or domestic concern).


I think many of the 41% approve because he continues to take on what they regard as the elites. They probably agree with Trump that the press is the enemy of the people. They think all the criticism is unfair. They also like the fact that he is taking on experts like climate scientists. And, for his supporters overall the number on issue is immigration and he is trying to deport all undocumented immigrants and keep Muslims from coming to the US. He also has kept silent about hate crimes by white supremacists which probably has helped his approval ratings. Even since he entered the primaries he has played strictly to his base. He has never attempted to widen his appeal. Somehow he won so I guess he doesn’t see any reason to change or he can’t change from what he is.


34 % too much.


I wouldn’t trust poll numbers put out by anyone related to the Duopoly Establishment.

Liars the lot of them.


What does it really matter. With Twitter, Fox, Hannity, Brietbart, Jones and repubicon liars
What percentage of his followers are the ones that were buying guns and bullets when Obama was elected and setting up camps out in wilderness for training? NRA, gun industry, bullet industry makes a fortunate everytime NRA and republicon tell people dems are trying to take your guns. They are probably hoping for dems to come back in power.

But what will these people do when Trump fails and blames everybody else.

Why is it that republicans always shake things up when they are in power and President holds so much power but when dems in power nothing really happens except what republicon lie about.

This is what we get when for 40 years power has not been held accountable i.e. Nixon, Reagan, Bush/Cheney, banksters, politicians and OBAMA for continuing the war crimes and not holding anyone in charge accountable and prosecuted and jailed.


I was part of the 3 million more voters Hillary got but I had a hard time doing it and I held my nose. Probably many of Trump voters were like me but just could not vote for her.


In the last election many took him at his word. He probably won’t be able to count on flim-flam to give him so many of his narrow margins. Of course the Democrats could run Hillary again, third time’s a charm don’cha know?


No one has ever accused the American public of being well informed or overly smart


Trump’s Approval Rating Joins Him In The Gutter:
Which Trump then explains away, " I looked in the mirror. I hardly know the guy. Why would I lie to you about him? Does this make any sense at all? "


this so called “cabinet meeting” was just more of trumps sycophant followers kissing his ass munching on trump turds and then telling us it is an Oh Henry bar, how much lower can this gang of swamp dwellers sink to, that “cabinet” meeting was like a skit from Monty Pythons flying circus and this is America becoming great again?


Trump will win a second term if the Democrats run another Wall Street owned neoliberal.


The mere election of the ‘twit-in-chief’ to the highest office in your land says more about the dumbed-down electorate than it does about the ‘cock-of-the-walk’ megalomaniac in whom you’ve placed your trust to rule the roost.


Hello Andrea Germanos and Everyone, Let’s hear it for “IDIOCRACY”!11 'Murica’s new position via MAGA!!! After Herr Drupmf’s second turd, er sorry term what will replace him/it? I don’t seen any improvement and most likely another sharp descent into the abyss if we are lucky!!!


good assessment