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Post-Convention Bump Sends Trump Surging in Polls


Post-Convention Bump Sends Trump Surging in Polls

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Donald Trump has surged in election polls, bolstered by post-convention support, to overtake Hillary Clinton in the latest CNN/ORC survey (pdf) that finds the Republican nominee at 44 percent to Clinton's 39.

The latest poll measures Trump against Clinton, the Green Party's Jill Stein (three percent) and Libertarian Gary Johnson (nine percent). In a hypothetical two-way matchup, Trump beats Clinton at a slightly closer 48 to 45 percent.


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And them Russians. Don't forget them Russians! :slight_smile:


Not boggieman, bigotman. He's been calling black kids super-predators and...I mean, he's been calling Mexicans rapists and wants to stop Muslims from coming here.


Trump completely exposed: time to abandon the anti-establishment game


I had many people tell me that if Bernie did not support Clinton, he would be responsible for handing the election over to Trump. My position has always been that Sanders had no reason to support Clinton, not just because of her character, or lack of it [check the appropriate box], but because the DNC, specifically Debbie Wasserman Schultz did everything within her power to undermine his campaign. Of course the diehard Hillary fans disagreed with me and said there was no proof that there was any such effort by the aforementioned to do just that.

Well, Bernie endorsed Clinton, Wikileaks leaked, and Schultz resigned and got a high profile position with Clinton's campaign. I call that payback.

I have a large bucket of sand that I intend to use to rub it into the faces of the people who thought they had all the answers, but didn't, because they didn't understand the question.

We are now faced with the two worst choices for president that I can recall in the 40 years that I have kept myself informed about politics, and I'm sure even that goes beyond those 40 years; but, please feel free to enlighten me if you think I'm wrong.

Trump is currently leading in the polls, and that is depressing enough; but, it would be equally as depressing if Clinton were leading in the polls.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the ringmaster of this circus, and no matter who wins, all we'll end up with is a clown, but only 1% of the audience will be laughing.


Unless there is someone - anyone - in the Dem Party with some common sense, this election will not go the way they seem to expect it will - if in fact Dems want to win and "stop Trump" they better get their priorities straight and give substantial power to the progressive base toot sweet! The smarmy arrogance of shifting to "the center" and utter refusal to give to the progressive/independent base on issues is courting defeat and its consequences .......in this case with potentially dire consequences.
A word to the wise....is anyone listening?

I will again quote Matt Taibbi's comment on this "The maddening thing about the Democrats is that they refuse to see how easy they could have it. If the party threw its weight behind a truly populist platform, if it stood behind unions and prosecuted Wall Street criminals and stopped taking giant gobs of cash from every crooked transnational bank and job-exporting manufacturer in the world, they would win every election season in a landslide."


Trump's bump or Hillary's dump.


If you think his numbers are surging now just wait for his post-Democratic convention bump if they nominate the Nazi Clinton.


(And the "blame game" will continue after the election)


When does the "Dump Hillary" campaign start?


And, all that ".....giant gobs of cash from etc, etc,...." is precisely what keeps the corruption lubricated.
(For both parties)
A "populist" volcano is rumbling! And, the Earth under the US's feet will tremble!


Oh, it's not a game, it's reality, which is based upon facts. And what we do with those facts before, during, and after the election will determine the future course of our political system, and if we condone cheating, collusion, and the outright manipulation of individual voting rights, or if we choose to rise up against it. That is not my definition of a game.


" And, all the King's horses and all th King's men; won't be able to put The Clintonista Clan, back in power, again. "


You misunderstand the "blame" game I'm referring to.
I agree with almost all of your original post.
My cynicism refers to if DT wins then the Democrat party (and it's members) will begin the "game" again of blaming those who ended up voting third party for the loss of HC. It's already being "played"......It's not the voters (in 2000) who "lost" their election to GWB; it was a cowardly Gore and the lazy Democrats that didn't vote. Our percentages of primary/main elections is a disgrace amongst "democrat" nations.
Some "games" are much more serious than others....this one is very serious.
And, I'm probably, but maybe not older (86) and have more memories of how past elections have been "diverted" to use a lessor term; I remember the Chicago Democrats who had such huge power; corruption, greed, etc....Neither major party resemble anything that they represented in the past. It's just that today with social media prevailing both parties are scrambling to "fit" into a system that they are loosing control of. And, good on the system to make them loose that control. I we as the people don't force change on these major parties' strangle on our "democratic" processes than we are lost and the change will inevitably sought in the streets.
So much more to talk about but I'll end it here.
(Caveat: I've been an IND/NP voter for more than 20 years and still have to "win" an election; my conscience is clear)


When Ruth Bader Ginsburg called Trumpster/Dumpster " a faker ", she was being very diplomatic. He is a turkey vulture wearing a cloak of eagle feathers, his talons grasping an upside down American flag and a white hood. The man is a NYC bamboozler and a first class hoodwinker. Stay Clear, Stay Clean, Vote Green. ( Trump is a climate change denier, against a living wage, affiliated with mob families. ...you get the picture. )


Here's my take, and possibly Taibbi's - the Dem "Party" is a thing - a term for a group of voters/activists and agenda, and the party entrenched hierarchy/establishment. The capacity for people to take and alter its direction/agenda to represent the common person, the 99%, just as the DLC/Clinton/Obama did to represent big-money corporate/banker/war machine interests exists.
There have been countless examples of radical change in entities, party's and governments - American Revolution, Russian, Chinese, and the Democratic Party can be altered and radically reformed IF the requisite number of people demand it and work for it! That said the PTB will never relinquish power without a serious struggle.......and that means not allowing the formation of ANY party that challenges their power! Might as well take a party already formed......same fight regardless.


What do you mean that WE deserve it? Expound please.


Thanks for being specific about what you meant. I have grown somewhat accustomed to those who are dismissive and uninformed about the political issues we face that have begun the process of eroding a democracy that was built upon courage, conviction and sacrifice.

I agree that if HRC loses, the democrats will blame the independents instead of forming the traditional [circular] firing squad. I agree that Gore was a failed candidate who insulated his campaign within the ranks of his family, and was tone deaf when it came to following the advice of the professionals he should have been listening to. However, GWB and company also won by cheating the system; they had the supreme court in their corner, and it was William Rehnquist who took it upon himself to stop the Florida recount; and, for all intents and purposes, declare Bush the victor.

You have about 24 years on me, so I appreciate your insight into your description of the Chicago Democrats. The establishment CPM corporate/political/media have successfully put a stranglehold on our political system by targeting its enemy, democracy, which we have come to know as the 99%, the ones that were publicly eulogized by the poster child of corporate corruption, Mitt Romney as being needy and dependent. He may have also used the word lazy, so I'll throw it in, since it was already implied with needy and dependent.

Therefore we actually do have like minds on this subject; whereas if the people choose to be apathetic, the CPM will win its goal of transforming our society into a subservient 3rd world oligarchy where, as you described, the fight could end up on the streets, and we already have enough insight to know how the police would respond, followed by the national guard.

This is the time for more courage, conviction, and sacrifice in the face of yet another tyrant, the CPM. As I said in my previous blog about the DNC and the RNC, it is "we" that must eulogize them by forming a 3rd national party, instead of facilitating their vision of a 3rd world society. It is us against them. We had them on the run this time, so now is the time to continue the chase, instead of allowing ourselves to be pursued.


watching on the Clinton News Network - no mention from the commentators about the 'no-tpp' comments or signs, lol.