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Post-Lewd Tape Poll Shows Clinton With Double-Digit Lead Over Trump


Post-Lewd Tape Poll Shows Clinton With Double-Digit Lead Over Trump

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A new poll conducted before the second presidential debate of 2016—but after the release of a tape in which Donald Trump bragged that his celebrity status allowed him to grope women without their consent—shows Hillary Clinton with a double-digit lead over her Republican rival.


News we don't know because the corporate media won't tell us.

  1. Trump loses to Hillary in not so close election.
  2. 18 killed (10 Turkish soldiers) by Kurdish militants at a Turkish checkpoint in southeast Turkey. Rebels used American made weapons.
  3. 2 Israelis killed and 5 wounded by a Palestinian gunman in Jerusalem.
  4. US and Afghan forces kill head of a Pakistani militant group, Qari Ajmal, in Pakistan.
    That all happened (except for #1) over the weekend.


Even Paul Ryan says he will no longer defend Trump. I doubt if a major political party has ever abandoned its candidate for president before but the GOP leaders seemed to be running for cover in large numbers. It has been obvious that Trump is a toxic candidate for more than a year. But he still was able to get the endorsement of most top Republicans. The NBC/WSJ poll is only one poll and it could turn out to be an outlier. I think a few more polls are needed before assessing the effect of the videotape. And with the debate having occurred only two days after the video was released it will not be possible to accurately assess how the video affected the voters but the NBC/WSJ polls suggests it had a profound affect. The main thing now is to wait until some key swing state poll numbers come in to really show where things stand.


Trump's sincerity aside, apparently you have no idea what Trump has said that is polar opposite of what you are fantasizing that he said.

Aside from his comments on Putin, Trump has called for more military action in the ME, taking their oil, massive military buildup, confronting China militarily on issues of trade, siding with neocons in regard to Israel against Palestinians, and in regard to Iran.

Essentially you don't have any clue what you are talking about in regard to projecting that "if sincere" Trump would be a force for peace.

So jerk, have you found any racist comments yet to back up your calling me a racist?

Search, search, search!


Clear my name with you?

Just who the cluck do you think I am, or who the cluck you think you are.

Keep this up, and I will clean your rhetorical clock.

Oh yes, fool, I'll schedule an appointment.

Good clucking grief.


More than words.
Wait until his sex tape is leaked.


Don--here's how hard it's going to be to kill the beast in the US. I just heard Thomb Hartmann yelling over a woman named Wendy from Seattle on his radio show. She had just laid out with multiple examples, how pervasive and unpunished were T-rump's savage attitudes towards women, as she challenged his (incredibly stupid) assertion that he'd never heard men talk like this. He justified his defense of men by saying he was just following up on what Chuck Toad had said on MSNBC. God what a wanker! And he was supposed to be a Bernie supporter!


Hillary laughs about a child rapist, and Donald speaks lewdly. Bill Clinton rapes women, and Hillary is so corrupt I don't even know where to begin. Donald is an entertaining clown. I can only vote for Jill Stein and keep my sanity.


We need a "none of the above" on the ballot


Having Jill Stein on the ballot is not good enough for you?


Nader said we need a non of the above on the ballot. The point is to force a do over.


Apparently you are unaware that the Kurdish militants are libertarian socialist/anarcho sindicalists and like the Sanidinistas and the FMLN back in the 1980's, deserve all of our support against the fascist Erdogan.

The fact that they uses US-made weapons means nothing. ISIL uses Kalasinakovs - are they Russia-supported?


Glad the public is outraged by Trump joking about rape.

Wish they were outraged by Hillary joking about Col. Qaddaffi being impaled to death after she left left Libya in ruins and threw him to the mob: 'We came, we saw, he died.'


(The link is from a pro-Trump website, but that doesn't change the fact that it is true. And I am not a Trump troll.)


I have to disagree with you here, Don. Trump would be even more likely than Hillary Clinton to get this country into another wrongheaded, illegal war abroad without thinking twice about it. Donald Trump is an extremely arrogant, bloviating, and unstable person who's absolutely and totally unfit to be in the Oval Office.


Americans are fascinated by sex - pro and con - and the revelation of this stuff at this time is designed to tap into this - Clinton was impeached for a sexual peccadillo, for Pete(r)'s sake

Our faux outrage is so hypocritical as we wallow in this stuff - our politicians on both sides, our "entertainment", our advertising ... they are adding more rings to this circus every day - to distract us from real life and death issues that are cast aside in this discussion ... we elect sex "perverts" and "predators" to office all the time, they are appointed as CEOs - now we are getting outraged by this two bit schmuck because of a tape? Well it may help get Clinton elected, but isn't it interesting, and what does it say about us, that this is what it took ... We are not serious in this country about dealing with this, any more than about dealing with racism - and neither of the two "major candidates" are either - Clinton puts up with her schmuck for political ends -

It is not just "white privilege" that permeates our culture, it is male privilege as well - to be highlighted when politically expedient and stuffed back in the drawer when not ....

And i know, i will be excoriated for suggesting that such treatment of women is not at all execrable - it is indeed - it is the hypocrisy, IMO, with how and when it is "revealed" that disgusts me ...


Good perspective ...


The current situational mash up brings up some interesting questions of Constitutional Law. If I think of the possible ramifications it is all scary. But seeing from my vantage point as a long time student-fan of absurdity it is it wondrous. These things are fun for me to think about.

I still think that probably the best thing that could happen for the country would be for nobody to vote for either candidate throwing the decision to the currently one judge short deadlocked Supreme Court which would stay deadlocked until it could be determined that nobody knew what to do or how to decide who if anybody should be president. I don't see any of the hated electors and Republican congresspersons being willing to ask Obama to stay on, to quote Trump, "until we figure out what the hell is going on." There would be calls for martial law but nobody would be able to decide, with both candidates clamoring to be declared victor by default, who even had a place in the chain of command and the authority to declare martial law, Far fetched, probably. But the whole campaign season has been preposterous, Trump is not just blowing smoke about the potential criminal charges HRC could face.

Hillary stands a chance of not just being be first woman president but our first incarcerated president. If the prosecution were to wait till after the swearing in the divided Supreme Court would be asked to rule if a sitting president was Constitutionally allowed to self pardon, Ot would it have to be a Nixon-Fordlike settlement where Tim Kaine assumes the presidency and issues the promised first female presidential pardon early on day one Could she serve as president wearing an electronically monitored ankle bracelet!? Would you like to be the president's parole officer with the ability to affect policy by violating her out of office for not reporting to you promptly on schedule ("veto that proposed law or put your hands behind your back! You have the right to remain silent" -- the moist extreme torture that could be done on a babbling spechaholic politician, History is being made by this election campaign but a shameful kind, not stuff to be proud of. "Keep your hands where I can see them on top of your head and step away from the nuclear war football."


Well guess what - we don't have a "none of the above" on the ballot - there will be no forced "do-over"
So what's your second choice?


No, the violence against blacks or NAs will not die down after the election - it has been a fact of "life" for both groups for centuries now and will be after Nov - the press will just get bored and move on to the latest "Hey did you see this?"


So OK - even if you posit that Trump would be "more likely", why the hell would we vote for anyone who is "likely" at all ?

You want no war? Stein/Baraka '16