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Post-Orlando Demagoguery Described as Trump's Most Horrifying to Date



This is why the super delegates must elect Bernie Sanders. He is the candidate that will beat this man without question. Hillary Clinton has always polled much lower against him.


I am not defending Trump but this morning all news outlets stated that he was born in New York from Afghani parents, Trump didn't make that one up. Not that it matters where the killer was from I am just pointing out that all news outlets made that comment this morning which I found odd.


Look at the facial expression.

Trump is a carnival barker born to $ and able to capitalize on it... vastly.

Here's a hilarious TAKE on all of his lawsuits:

and this one:


Trump is just doing his job as there probably is no one else who could possibly make Hillary look almost acceptable. It is not an accident.


"When I'm elected, I will suspend immigration from areas of the world where there is a proven history of terrorism against the United States, Europe or our allies, until we fully understand how to end these threats."

It is not at all clear that the shooter was acting for ISIS, or even that he was sympathetic. The only hint I've seen was that he said so in his 911 call. Even if it turns out that he was radicalize, it is not relevant. We know very well why there is a theat from foreign terrorism and why individuals are radicalized on their behalf. It is the behavior of the United States towards the rest of the world, especially towards Israel and the Arab countries. This is known even to the militantly and willfully deniers. We would do better to ask why none in the government or the press ever mentions it it, much less raises it as an issue. US imperial demagoguery is the elephant in the room about which no one is allowed to speak.


If the shooter's parents had come to NY (where he was born) from Germany would the media have made a point of saying so ? Media mentioning that the shooter's parents were from Afghanistan is pushing voters' same fear and greed buttons that the Clinton and Trump campaigns push. As long as voters' decisions are fear and greed baaed we will keep ending up with evil electeds. Expect Trump's statements to keep getting more over the top as time goes on and the 2020 election to include candidates with even more over the top statements than we hear from Trump.


Trump: Yeah, that's. the ticket!:-[


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The most shocking thing for me is not the outrageous stuff he spouts but how the reaction he gets is the same every time. Like Pavlov's dogs. He speaks and everyone reacts. That's the only reason he's made it this far. Why should he quit? He's only saying in a crude way what most Republicans believe.
The MSM and Huff Post can't get enough of him, his face is all over. They have created a sufficient enemy/evil to push Dems into voting for Hillary. He gets free air time everywhere, it's laughable. He's probably laughing too, at the fools he manipulates every day with his provocative statements.
If you say you won't vote for Hillary everyone jumps on you with "you want Trump?" It's a joke. I'm not playing this game again. I'll vote how I damn well please and it won't be for him or Hillary the "progressive". Ha
He's talking about what he would do to ISIS, Hillary helped create them. No choice there. She's really worse than him in that way.


If his parents were from Afghanistan no wonder he wants to kill someone. They've had enough killing there to make anyone militant. We know what creates them, it's us bombing them into oblivion. Weddings, hospitals, schools, no matter. We are creating our own enemy and people like Hillary know that but won't stop.


You are suggesting that all of those people reacting to Donald Fucking Trump's horrifying speech have to comment on the KKK, Jim Crow, US foreign policy in SE Asia, the John Birch Society, et al before they can make a completely rational response to Donald Fucking Trump?

This is not a defense of Hillary Fucking Clinton, the war criminal.

Can't we focus on both?


Your post reminds me of this song by Bruce Cockburn


Trump & Clinton: Yeah! That's the ticket.:-[


Apparently Trump thinks the Founders like Jefferson, Madison, Paine, etc got it all wrong. That it is was a complete mistake to found a country based on religious tolerance, It seems that Trump wants to show us a better way.


With the Clinton and Trump campaigns both incorporating Goebbels' divine leader chapter both candidates would have pushed against Jefferson, Madison, Paine, etc. and in favor of monarchy over republic.


Ain't that the truth! :-[


Clinton and Trump are indeed schooled in and will exploit the shock doctrine whenever the opportunity arises.


Did he high five his entourage when this popped on CNN?


Trump is in on Trumping himself to get Hillary elected?