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Post-Orlando Senate Rejects Gun Control, Calls for More Spying Instead


Post-Orlando Senate Rejects Gun Control, Calls for More Spying Instead

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The U.S. Senate is poised to vote on a bill that would expand the FBI's secret surveillance powers, including warrantless collection of browsing history, Reuters reports.

Lawmakers will vote on the amendment, sponsored by Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and John Cornyn (R-Texas), no later than Wednesday.


Brilliant.... Monitor what porn I'm watching on the internet but ignore whether or not I buy a gun. That'll catch the bad guys who go on a shooting spree. Why am I not convinced?


Just another in the long line of examples of DC politicians applying the shock doctrine.

Never let a crisis or tragic event go unexploited...make sure it is used to advance fascism as much as possible.


The Power of the NRA once again speaks volumes.
And another example of the Power of Big Business, Corporations, Gun Manufacturers and the NRA.
So much for the Days of the Government of the People, for the People, by the People.
Now we have..... Government of the Corporations, for the Corporations, and by the Corporations.
And our politicians are puppets for them.....

Yes so we can expect more large mass killings, and more of the same by our "Elected" "Leaders".


So in order to ensure the 2nd Amendment as a right is protected, the 4th and the 5th are to be sacrificed, this all to ensure that the second amendment can protect those other Amendments.

I don't get it. This like a tale by Kafka.


Maybe the NRA needs a dose of their own medicine.


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Talk about getting it all backassward. I guess we shouldn't be that surprised, right. Had the shooter been a right wing milita type of terrorist though we'd have had silence from this same bunch.


See. The Democratic Party Neo-Cons will go along with the Neo-Fascist Republicans on gutting civil liberties like this measure and police stops with no probable cause. But, any real progressive laws to protect the Bill of Rights, excepting gun rights, they buckle and kabuki. Who could of seen this coming; well, anyone who gets on the bad side of 1%er corporate allegiances and trade deals, et al. " You don't keep your head down, ya' spend a night in the box. You don't obey police commands, ya' spend a night in the box. You don't disperse the protest, ya' spend a night in the box. You don't pay your...., ya' spend a night in the box. What we have here is a failure to obey Big Brother & Big Mother. Everyone of the 99s has to think about spending a night in the box. " Only The Establishment and Elites get " the get out of jail " free card. Yea, who could of seen this coming?


You can live in my house officer just don't take me guns.


If not for their fatal error of ignoring the damage unfettered money-power and its corrupting monopolies and oligopolies cause, I might vote Libertarian. They seem to be the only ones on the right side of the gun control and spying issues.


Boston Strong- same thing happened.
Now you will see Orlando Strong.
Anyway...People back to work, back to shopping...go about your day....nothing to see here.


Not only that, but you may well get to spend eternity in the box that is about six feet by three feet by two feet.
* Of course if that happens, the cop gets a raise.


Wouldn't it be nice if we could have a moment of silence for the end of the Democratic and Republican parties?


3-4 days in the box may be all it takes. The box could have Hillary and Bill's speeches piped in 24/7. I'd confess just reading the playlist.


Another body blow to what remains of democracy.


I may have believed that the first time I heard it - when I was about 11. It's been clear ever since that it is just BS, regardless whether the person so saying believes it or not.


I give you Pinochet and Kissinger, Franco and Hitler. There are others like Feinstein, McCain and The Clintons, on the A-Team of well-meaning fools, who paved the road to hell with moderation and their political common sense. Even the Dalai Llama ain't buying it. Arm your heart and head but don't lean in to Neo-Con and Neo-Fascist baloney.


There was no shooting spree.

Please read these articles. The first is by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. He worked in the Reagan Administration. He asked his millions of worldwide readers to please give him any real evidence that the Orlando shooting was a real event, as described by media, and he is forced to conclude is was a HOAX. Many of us already knew it was. It's so bad, it should be embarrassing. In any case please read the following two articles.




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Published on June 13, 2016
André Schwartz
André Schwartz
Bond, Vaga-bond at All over the world
Please, let me understand this; after this latest mass shooting in Orlando, how is it that the majority of politicians that have the power, and are supported by over 90% of the American population to change the law, knowing that guns are a problem, but doing nothing about it and people still purchase them.

The NRA is still promoting membership and sales of them and after a brief period of ten years sales of automatic weapons used in wars are again up for sale, Obama again and again and again expresses his condolences, millions of people offering prayers for the victims but nothing is happening to stop it.
Is there something I'm missing or is it the people that are missing something, perhaps a brain? Well yes, after it has been spattered on the walls it would be difficult to use it. But then again, it wasn't used before so no big loss except the revenue from potential customers.

What the hell is wrong with you people? How many more mass shootings do you need to try something different other than making more laws that didn't work a hundred years ago, and more laws were made, then fifty years ago even more regulations came up, then twenty years ago more discussions and ten years ago more blah-blah-blah while the gun sales skyrocketed and killers went into mass production of dead and crippled bodies.

What are you people doing? Change your thinking about gun ownership rights if you want to see a safer environment or are your rights to bear arms more important to you than the life of your children, friends an coworkers? Are you insane?

Perhaps you are and in that case your efforts to prohibit guns to the insane would be perfect; none of you would have them. Hire psychiatrists from another country because I wouldn't trust any living in the US, and let them sort out the sane from the rest. I think it wouldn't take long; there aren't many sane to be found.

Prayer won't bring back the dead; more regulations will not stop the killing. Only a strict prohibition of weapons designated for military use from private hands will do. The anger I have seen on display during your relays for political candidates is that of undisciplined mobsters and all you need to do is hand them a gun and a few stiff drinks and the war party is going to be the next thing. You like to think of yourself as free and intelligent people, but I see no evidence of it and if you would only listen, really listen to the rest of the world what they think about your gun laws, you may get the picture.


A person wielding a gun only tries to cover up his or her weakness and admits it in the same process or they wouldn't have a gun. Once taken away all that power will disappear like darkness at sunrise and exposes your naked self.
This mass shootings will dramatically disappear if you just had the guts to implement a ban of all military grade weaponry from non-military personal. Let Hillary take your guns and Sanders be your leader until you got this gun violence under control by having no more assault weapons in the hand of civilians.

The argument that you need protection from your own government is very funny. Why did you vote for them if you don't trust them? Schizophrenics act that way. I would recommend to think a bit about your choices. If you wage a war against your own people and the people you voting for, what makes you think other, more sane people, will respect you? Try to think again when you're back from your trip. The rest of the world is laughing at you if they are not crying. Either one is not a good sign because it's not funny.

If you don't know what to do, look at Australia. They got rid of their guns and gun violence dropped dramatically. It's okay to be stupid, but in that case remove the things that makes you dangerous to your family, friends, co-workers and other people. Get a grip on yourself.