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Post-Sanders: Dealing with Biden, the DNC, and the Rest of It

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/09/post-sanders-dealing-biden-dnc-and-rest-it

Hmmm, really? Odd coming from AOC, the former darling of the new left who then screwed Bernie over and decided to play nice with the neolibs? THAT AOC?


Aaaaannnnnnddddd…we’re off! Herd them votes!

I suppose us lefties had better prepare for the traditional general election purge now that the swing to Biden is fixing to commence.


It was AOC’s endorsement that completely revived Bernie’s campaign in the Fall after his heart attack and helped him to do so well with Hispanic voters during the primaries. Saying she “screwed Bernie over” is contrary to the facts.


Price of my vote - and I think the price of a Bernie endorsement of Biden has to be, at the very least, a binding agreement to establish Medicare for All in this country.


I’m a retired union worker, and it took me until they screwed Bernie over again this time to understand that the Democratic Party is like a union that is controlled by the corporation’s Board of Directors.

Okay, I finally get it, and I’m out. I don’t know if I’ll ever bother to vote again, but if I do, it won’t be for Biden.


Some folks political calculator resembles a prehistoric caricature of a stone chisel and hand maul. Used by a Neanderthal.
The inevitable collapse of a well-intentioned, most likely underfunded and MSM drygulched 3rd Party Coalition ( Green+DSA+Sandernistas ), in a 2022 or 2024 Federal Election, would send the survivors back into the Democratic Party ranks. Their position then could be described as; lowest group on a totem pole, which is surrounded by a raging grass wildfire. They certainly would be the first to get burnt. 3rd degree burnt, most likely, since they were disloyal to The Party Establishment.
Better to remain a movement with " one foot in, one foot out " in areas like foreign policy ( trade, finance & the environmental regulations ) and " two feet out " in terms of military funding and the wars of choice mentality and the budgeting considerations in all that swampy muck.
Just guessin’.

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Nothing says we have to agree, dear. MY comment and sentiment stands.


This guy has it one hundred percent wrong. Parliamentary systems are not inherently “additive”. Germany has a PR system rather then a first past the post system and that is why people can vote Green and know they will be represented.

Canada and the UK both use first past the post. This means when you vote third party you risk seeing a party you do not want gain power because of the vote split on your side of the Political system. The reason there third and fourth parties in the UK and Canada is that the people did not buy into the nonsense that this guy trying to spout , that being there no choice but to stick with one of the established parties for that reason.

The reason there remains a left in Canada is because parties like the NDP exist and it much more difficult for a party like the Liberal party to move ever further right as the DNC does in the US because they know they will lose those votes.

This guy is suggesting the voter on the left owes his or her vote to the DNC. The American electorate has bought into that phony message for 40 plus years. It time to recognize it does not work.




If only there was a track record to review so we could see what the results of LOTE voting would be.

Oh, wait, now I remember: There’s the last 40 years, in which both parties moved rightward and both parties blamed the left for everything that went wrong, even though the left has no actual power.

Yeah, and now, recalling that, I can tell the author that he’s full of shit.


This isn’t a marriage of convenience. It is an abusive relationship. One side does all the taking, the other does all the giving. If the abused side so much as questions anything, the abuser delivers a massive slam of shame to get the abused back in line, and even more submissive.

The only way to end an abusive relationship is to walk out, and never look back. The abuser will suddenly find a heart, and try to woo you back with promised of better behavior. But if you go back, you will find yourself even more trapped in an even more abusive relationship.


Where are you going to go? The election rules and laws were written by 2 guys over 30+ years ago. Can you name them? Hint: one was from Las Vegas, Nevada and the other from Boston, Massachusetts.
I’ll wager $100.00 bucks you can’t.
Just sayin, " the past isn’t really the past ".

I will find/make a place. I know that the path we are on will kill us.

I am going to step off the cliff. If it kills me, I will die free. There is a slight chance that I will find a soft landing. Slight chance is better than no chance.

Don’t ask stupid questions of someone who left a 30 year marriage, while very disabled, and with no income. Best decision I ever made.


Don’t add insult to your obvious inability to answer the question. 95% of the smartypants on the left ( supposed ) can’t answer that ? But, it’s vital to know the back history to understand where we are now. How we raise revenue, tax codes and the rest of it.
Cliff diving is very dangerous. So is cliff jumping.
I know and still get the shivers thinking about it.
Take some deep breaths, please. Seriously, chill dude.

Try the reality of living in Elmhurst with 10 people in a 2 bedroom apt. During a pandemic, no less.
If you have pets the reality is some people call that dinner for the whole family. Or, soon will. There’s a coming food shortage, ya’ know.
The large shortcomings of the Duopoly? Oh, poor baby…can we get you a pacifier of some sort. A false beard and beret, perhaps?

I’m quite calm. It is quite possible to begin a journey without knowing what your destination will be. I refuse continue doing what doesn’t work.

Now say “the best is yet to come” three times, and go bury your head back in the sand.


done, and dang it all, I feel better.

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Just one more never-ending, never-understanding ode to the misbegotten myth of “taking over” the party — another claim that — somehow — with just a little more effort, we can add to the efforts of Bernie’s movement, and magically take on the donor class, … and with that, the Party, too.

Unbelievably, Gallagher states how "we will have a lot of time to appreciate just how far we have come in such a relatively short period … "

  1. Bernie CHEATED from his nomination. 2020 — now with his advancing years, it happens again. In spite of his admittedly amazing successes, when the core corporatists finally put on the full power and play their foul games, it happens again.

SURE — at this moment we can state that certain big gains were made, especially in terms of generational political awareness. But … one again it is an INTERNAL party battle, that gets overwhelmed, (and this time with an embarrassing inarticulate, right-wing positioned, sex-offender figurehead) when the money flows.

HOW MANY years — DECADES — have been lost to this “game” of fighting Dem “leadership” instead of truly BUILDING A MOVEMENT … NOT wasting TONS of human energy and capital on the never-ending INTERNAL battles of that elite “party” which is in actuality Side TWO of the Duopoly Coin.

Time and energy WASTED — once again — fighting their “partners” in a so-called internal political battle, that always results in a SINGLE WINNER (the Elite), instead of creating something NEW that moves forward on a permanent basis on its own steam !!!

This is repeated every four years to NO AVAIL for DECADES, and yet we always have Tom Gallagher and friends talking of how we are closer, and the NEXT time …

“NEXT TIME” is running out. The people can’t handle “hanging on”, … nor can the Planet!!

Tom, we must put energy and structure into CREATING SOLUTIONS and organizations — not begging for crumbs from those who hate change — if we are to EVER make real change in this nation and society. Yeah, it IS “us vs. them”, class warfare, whatever you wish to call it.

Let’s GIVE the People a REAL OPTION TO SUPPORT and build !! Not just for a few months every four years.

But it is time to STOP PLAYING GAMES with dedicated enemies. it is time to prepare lines and lives for educating, building, and yes, for battle, when needed. It will Not nor CANNOT happen otherwise.

So, this tiresome screed of calling on us to “get ready for the NEXT time” in four more years ,… is what is KILLING US. We may as well put on Wall Street suits, if we are going to do their work for them. TOM … you and your thinking … ARE HARMFUL!!! Wake up and help, or get the hell out.


Why let chaos and confusion win. Opportunities exist in these situations. One of my mentors, Joe Ascroft, taught that we, and governments, institutions, etc. are always moving to either more entropy or more chaos. Action and reaction, sort of…
Right now, because of catastrophically bad personal decisions and politically motivated suicide missions, we find ourselves on the path of more chaos. However, the solutions are found in creating more and stronger centers of integrity, open systems of honest evaluation and all-inclusive solutions… there’s really no other way out, as well.