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Postal Service 'Will Not Survive the Summer' Without Immediate Support From Congress, Say House Dems

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/24/postal-service-will-not-survive-summer-without-immediate-support-congress-say-house

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Can anyone imagine what would happen if we suddenly relied on the internet to take care of all our business then it failed. I went along and set up automatic payments, only to get screwed big time by ATT. My friend by spectrum. My flatrate service which only works when its not raining was $40 a month. Last year while I was too busy to notice the bills went from $40 to $200. I spent countless hours on the phone with agents to no avail. My friends spectrum bill also increased past the 200 mark. Ripping of seniors is the business of telecom companies. DO NOT let this happen>paper statements>proof in business records>no automatic thievery!


Nothing like a bunch of ‘woke’ democrats that have been aiding and abetting the destruction of the postal service for decades.

The postal service is forced to pre-fund pensions by the hundred of billions. This gives the appearance of massive losses … as planned. When the postal service is handed over to Wall Street Bankers, it will have no actual debt because the pensions are already paid in advance.

Don’t you just love ‘free enterprise’?


just remove the stupid and destructive pension fund mandate that sunk the operation in the first place.

do that, and the Post Office is more than solvent.

Of course, the GOP and neolibs want it gone, but that pesky Constitution thing prevents an outright abolition.

They’re loving this, those Princes of Chaos.


Killing the USPS has long been a GOP goal.
They’re bribed off by UPS, FedEx and other private delivery services.
I wish the headline said “GOP will Not Survive the Summer…And Every Good Person Cheers.”


Thank Richard Milhous (Tricky Dick) Nixon for this. The USPS used to be a government service backed by taxes and its sales of services, postage, it was a nice place to work.
Nixon couldn’t privatize it but he decided to restructure it to make it into a hybrid business; that could fund itself and behave like a private business, but still part of the Federal government.The initial result was speed up including the addition of machine sorting that postal workers couldn’t keep up with. As it became more like a factory pressure was put on supervisors for production. This is when the term “going postal” was coined as postal workers started shooting each other. That fortunately has stopped, though I observed lots of verbal fireworks in a Virginia PO several Christmases ago. One Postmaster I know retired with PTSD.
The Republicans, trying to set it up for privatization forced USPS to prefund retirement even for people who haven’t started working yet. This makes it look unprofitable even though it isn’t.
This present dilemma should make these privatization fanatics very happy; I am sure they will try to fulfill their dirty intentions; which would result in the diminishing of service.
Some of these people try to compare it to UPS and Fed Ex.; those are only required to deliver packages whereas USPS has to maintain regular routes. So their required services are much more extensive .The PO is also required by law(thanks Congress) to deliver junk mail whether the customer wants it or not adding to carrier burden but priced at a drastically reduced rate. Price second class mail at first class rates and I think a lot of it would disappear.


They have been after me to go direct deposit. Apparently they will do anything to get me to agree. With my Feb check not yet arrived, maybe it’s time. Sorry they had to go to such extremes to make their point.

But to let the Postal Service go down, when so many do depend on it, would be one more criminal act.


Corona virus is the second worst virus plaguing us. The first virus is capitalism with its concomitant greed, selfishness, and lack of morals.


First you privatize the postal service. Privatizing our postal service? Benjamin Franklin has just turned over in his grave and called us all ungrateful idiots who fixed something that wasn’t broken (and running a profit) by forcing it to prefund pensions decades in advance (what was that about anyway?) and now is broke (literally? Soon) because it was working and so had to be fixed which broke it … now the fix which isn’t working will be ‘fixed’ yet again? I think it annoyed them that the post office worked so well and it was making capitalism’s versions look bad?

Privatization is the capitalist reverse of nationalization. They take something profitable from public ownership and make it privately owned. Cute trick that. While nationalization does the opposite it takes something valuable and gives it to the public.

Our post office has worked since Ben Franklin was smart enough to create a public postal service in place of the privately owned ones that didn’t work well at all. It has been the model most used by the world ever since. It was making billions in profits which apparently needed to taken to fund other things those in government ran incompetently and so now… we can save a mostly nonexistent private space industry (Yes try to make this stuff up) or the cruise industry but… who needs a United States Post Office? I wish I was making this up.


Why not convert our post office into nationalized banks that offer mailing as a side benefit? Once upon a time post offices did offer banking services. Let’s do this as a start.


I don’t understand a service of internet that only works when it is not raining? ATT raised the rate to $200 from 40? What? Where do you live? I would be talking to my Senators and representative in house and state reps.

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I believe it was 5.2 billion it was forced to save for 75 years into the future for retirees which was outrageous but they’ve been doing it since 2005 or 2006. Are they still required to do this?

Just wait, it will get privatized and all those billions will be kept by ???


Also UPS and FedEx can charge whatever they want and make the charges depend on their costs (compare that to the mandate that the USPS must charge the same for first class for any letter going anywhere - same for a letter going across the street in manhattan as for a letter going from remote island off of Maine to remote village in northern Alaska).

But the most telling thing regarding the comparison to the private companies is the FedEx business model where they pick up packages at their offices and hand them over to the Post Office to deliver.


FedEx has also always been non-union.

Note also that until Congress ended Postal banking a half century ago, enabling the emergence of the payday lending industry that preys on mostly low income former customers of Postal banking.

The payday lending industry is another player lobbying for USPS demise.


Regulated capitalism can be a good thing but greedy people hire attorney, lobbyist to scratch away at these regulations and they buy politicians to write the laws deregulating.

We now have socialism for the rich, and peasants for the poor. Geeze isn’t that what are forefathers fought for to rid us of the King and be free human beings.


Please forgive me for intruding. Have you tried making payments by phone. Some companies do that for free. Some, like Frontier Communications charge three dollars to pay a bill over the phone. They are a PHONE COMPANY!!! So I mail them the bill.

And oh…yes…I do mail about four of my bills just do to such screw ups.


Yes, despite corporations saving money when customers do online transactions many charge customers to do so.

It’s too late for that now…we are in a crisis and these people need assistance now.

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That would seem to indicate there is a radio portion of the link at a frequency that is vulnerable to rain fade (i.e., water absorbtion). When the most vulnerable frequencies are used because that’s all that’s left and these frequencies are very high and thus have a lot of bandwidth or capacity, there is no avoiding a loss of service during the heaviest rains. Normally a medium rain is assumed and link power budgets chosen to keep the link working.

I’m more familiar with this for Satellite TV. Do you have satellite internet? (Most people don’t as the economics of it has never worked out as well as some hoped). An entirely wired link should be unaffected by rain unless some connector exposed to water is failing but I’ve not heard of that problem before.

@grn1 - that is outrageous. I’m not too happy with ATT which is why I took a contrary view here on the Sprint T-Mobile merger. ATT needs more competitive pressure and in the cell phone business that means a big player (I don’t like Verizon either).

I support the idea of more public utilities: banking in post offices, public internet, energy production, etc. I really want single payer health care and we are having a hard time there so I’m not sure how long things will take to change. Good luck.

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In addition to gaining control of the USPS employees’ massive pension fund, Wall Street also covets all that prime real estate in downtown locations across the country, as well as all that rolling stock. Fire sale, anybody?