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Postal Service 'Will Not Survive the Summer' Without Immediate Support From Congress, Say House Dems

This is the Republicans wet dream. They have been trying to push the USPS to failure for years so they can sell off what’s left to UPS and FedEx. Don’t expect any cooperation from them on saving the only federal agency authorized in the U. S. Constitution.


Thanks for the correction. I should have said tens of billions. In 2017 the method of calculating amount pre-funded since 2006 was changed to reflect the fact postal employees are not paid at the high dollar rate of most federal employees. That fact showed over four and a half billion was over paid. The postal service got no relief (credit for over payment) and continues at a lower rate.


and our masters clearly care not one whit.

everyone needs help now. I’m smack in the target demographic for this beast, and I’m expecting zero quarter.

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In Mexico, when I lived and worked there, there was no postal delivery and that seemed to work…

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Closing the postal service would be a terrible blow to America’s rural communities. Of course, those folks voted for Trump, so the injury is deserved.

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Stop using Postal Service funds to subsidize the New York Yankees baseball team with advertisements for next to nothing useful to the USPS. Stop forcing letter carriers to carry 90% heavily subsidized business junk mail. Stop selling space at a tiny discount of what it is worth, in all the post offices, for private industry product placement.

Open a postal bank and let the government compete.


Sorry. Bernie called for that so it MUST be bad! (snark)

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FRONTIER COMMUNICATIONS has been a disaster for the Northwest States in both provision of low-cost broad-band internet access and a public health disaster through the Private Equity decimation of land-line services that SEARCHLIGHT CAPITAL PARTNERS deemed more costly than profitable when it financed the vulture funded take-over and acquisition of the Northwest’s TeleComm services and once-public resources, from a region whose TeleComm was once provided by local or regional Public Utilities.

Who is Frontier Communications at this date? Check Wikipedia or online business digests to try and piece it all together. Here is what we in the Northwest have learned from our vital internet access and land-line service provider of emergency and low-income universal phone service, from way at the bottom of the Wiki page on the long corporate expansion of Norwalk, Connecticut based Frontier Communications:

" Purchase of Verizon lines

"In May 2009, Frontier announced that it would acquire [Verizon Communications] ( ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Verizon_Communications)’ landline assets in Arizona, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin for $8.6 billion. Verizon had been in the process of divesting its landlines in an effort to focus more on its broadband and wireless businesses.[[25]] ( ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frontier_Communications#cite_note-25)

"In all states other than West Virginia, this takeover primarily involved rural exchanges that were formerly a part of the [GTE] ( ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GTE) system when Verizon Communications was formed by the merger of [Bell Atlantic] ( ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Verizon_Communications) and GTE. However, in West Virginia, Frontier acquired Verizon West Virginia, formerly The Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company of West Virginia, a former [Bell System]
( ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bell_System) unit. When combined with its existing subsidiary Citizens Telecommunications Company of West Virginia, Frontier became the local incumbent telephone company for all but five exchanges in the entire state.

"The transition was finalized on July 1, 2010; in some states, Frontier was required not to raise rates, and in others, [broadband]
( ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broadband) access was to be expanded. Ninety-two percent of people in Frontier’s existing service area had access to broadband, while just 65 percent did in the newly acquired areas, with a goal to reach 85 percent in three years.[[26]] ( ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frontier_Communications#cite_note-26)

"On February 5, 2015, Frontier announced that it would acquire Verizon’s wireline assets in California, Florida and Texas for $10.5 billion.[[27]]
( ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frontier_Communications#cite_note-27)

Purchase of AT&T lines

"On October 24, 2014, Frontier closed its acquisition of AT&T’s wireline, DSL, U-verse video and satellite TV businesses in Connecticut. The deal included the wireline subsidiaries [Southern New England Telephone]
( ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_New_England_Telephone) and SNET America and consumer, business and wholesale customer relationships.[[28]]
( ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frontier_Communications#cite_note-28)

Sale of northwest assets

"On May 29, 2019, Frontier announced that it had agreed to sell its operations in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington to WaveDivision Capital (led by former [Wave Broadband] (h\ ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wave_Broadband) CEO Steve Weed) and Searchlight Capital Partners for $1.352 billion.[[29]] ( ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frontier_Communications#cite_note-29)

Possible bankruptcy

“In January 2020, Bloomberg News reported that Frontier was “asking creditors to help craft a turnaround deal that includes filing for bankruptcy by the middle of March”, amidst declining revenue.[[30]] ( ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frontier_Communications#cite_note-30)”

Try filing a billing dispute over the incomprehensible mailed statements of FRONTIER COMMUNICATIONS bills. Only after wasting days of cumulative hours trying to sustain a Dispute Claim through the various jobbed-out call centers whose phone reps and even supervisors are not provided the authority to call a complainant back from their call-centers even while assuring complaining customers who ask for a direct call-back line due to numerous past experience with ‘dropped calls’ that if while attempting a transfer to a supervisor the call is disconnected they will be called back!

Same outright lie when a phone rep at FRONTIER or contract call-center from Texas to the Caribbean to Virginia assures a customer the time they’ve taken to describe service outtages never credited or even acknowledged in writing will remain in the billed customer’s service center notes! While I’ve taken scrupulous notes of who at each call center I’ve spoken to, including rep’s and their promises of billing credits and written confirmation, when a rep will give me their call center ID number, none of the detailed and granular explanations these call reps type into their call center notes remains for the next rep or supe you get after multiple dropped calls and attempted transfers up the chain of NO ACCOUNTABILITY.

So I filed an extensive written complaint with the Oregon Public Utilities Commission (PUC) and state Attorney General where I did get written acknowledgment of my complaints but my follow-up emails and telephone calls to the PUC case-worker was met with her replying there is not really anything we can do about any of Frontier Communications’ practices. No enforcement capabilities. And no political will in BLUE STATE of DEM DOMINATED OREGON and WASHINGTON states to call for any corporate responsibility or enforceable fair business practice regulations.
Not that the Republican parties in any of our mostly RED STATE constituencies of the FRONTIER COMMUNICATIONS ACQUISITION of PHONE\INTERNET SERVICE AREAS, TELECOMM RESOURCES and BUSINESS LINES have sought to remedy the PUBLIC INTEREST abuse by PRIVATE EQUITY Feudal Lords of High Finance\Tech who’ve acquired our vast region’s tele communications systems. The only humans being made whole are the PRIVATE EQUITY PARTNERS whose liabilities are all legally limited.

Ever had rep after rep and Supervisor after Customer Service Supervisor tell you that you can get a written confirmation of any service outtage credit duly noted, payment agreement or service correction agreement or explanation of a billed item on monthly statements with no written confirmation, explanation or even basic polite acknowledgment of the call-center shenanigans forthcoming? I have…

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
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Yes, good for Ben. The Postal Act of 1792. You could also think of it as a great use of pork-barrel politics because any congress critter could authorize a post office in any place, no matter how far flung and without specific profit requirements beforehand. Massively important was the idea of “net neutrality” (not called that) for its time, of 1) un-surveilled mail and 2) free delivery of newspapers and news letters between printers. By 1830 or so that was an average of 3500 delivered to any printer from other printers in a year. They learned from and re-printed from each other, in much the manner we see in blogs and online news outlets today. That in turn led Alexis de Tocqueville to note, after his experiences in Michigan backwoods that the average American in the back country knew more about European affairs than the average peasant in his own country (France). It also meant that the Post Office was the only federal institution most people came into direct contact with which helped to transform the country from THESE United States into THE United States - literally, as spoken and written about.


Good point. Isn’t it kosher for the Postal Service to get some tax dollars if all these other businesses are getting a bailout? Or we could have the tax payers support half, or some other portion of the PO expenses.


Not to mention, the corporation (itself). As long as it doesn’t break any laws, it can behave as immorally as it so chooses. And boy, does it.


Kind of, the pilots are ALPA.

Thanks for added info, wow that is ridiculous! I would like the postal service to become a bank again.

Thanks for all the info which most flew over my head as no techie. I support all those public ideas which we had once except for internet and maybe energy production.

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Thinking about small claims court, live in the city and my phone is a landline. Been to every senator and congressman office (not over my phone theft) in my district, you have to corner them if you can, in which case, they obfuscate.

So it seems in my area landline service is monopolized by ATT.

It’s mostly UPS that does that; for small packages.
What is really obnoxious is that Amazon delivers there own stuff year round. Then during Christmas rush they have a contract with USPS to deliver their huge over capacity. The deal is they have priority mail status so they deliver numerous pallets stacked six feet high with packages to the PO, which are sorted and given to the carriers first. Then there is Amazon Sunday where special runs are made with Amazon stuff. Hopefully the PO charges them enough???

I hate all unsolicited mail and would be happy to see it go away (along with unsolicited email and phone calls). However it was my understanding that the Post Office makes more money from junk mail than regular mail because of the difference in the way it is processed (or some such argument made to me in response to my plea to get rid of all unsolicited mail). If that’s not true we should be pushing to get rid of it. I want to keep the USPS but really I only need delivery of a few things per week and sending out from a drop box somewhere a few items per month. When we move to an electric fleet of delivery vehicles they don’t have to be as big if we get rid of the unnecessary crap.

I guess I do not understand. Forgive me if I sound stupid but…You contact your utility and ask if they allow you to pay their bill by phone. If they say yes and n/c. great. Phuck ATT or whatever! Paying bills should not be made harder for hard working people.

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Dear Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa:

Believe me I appreciate all of your work and info on this. I do not have to be convinced on this one. I am a progressive and anyone with a brain can be a progressive. But ya all can’t be stupid.

However…… EVERYONE! See how hard Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa has worked to provide this information for you, now use it.

As I said I am a progressive and I have been doing what I do for 25-years. I find that READING and listening to progressive news puts one 10 – 20 years ahead of the curve. I knew about Frontier long before it was foisted on me. It’s just that my dumbass town didn’t and I got what I got.

Anyway, after all of Trump followers pass-away listening to and following “his” plans……the Republicans are going to need to look for “new” dumbass support. I wonder what they are going to be offering.

I have heard that the Republicans are scared of Trump because he is physically a big man who gets scary when he gets red in the face. I am sure they could use a tranquillizer capture gun.

As with most creatures, it will temporarily impair the target’s physical function to a level that allows it to be approached and handled in an unresisting and thus safe manner. At least he will be unable to speak (temporarily) and thus it will be a blessing to the nation and to society.