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Postal Service 'Will Not Survive the Summer' Without Immediate Support From Congress, Say House Dems

I was on automatic payments through a credit card account. It was on a landline service for $40 per month using paperless billing. They were charging my card 4-5 times this agreed amount. Its as if the live agents cannot resolve these problems. My phone works less than 50% of the time due to rain with not a single person at ATT helping especially now since other emergencies have left the company with no service.

This is true - they do make money off of junk mail because it comes to them pre-sorted with machine readable addressing.

My idea: Recently the post office started offering its “informed delivery” option where you can receive an early morning e-mail with an image of the pieces of mail to be delivered to you that day ( I really like the service). All they have to add is a checkbox by each individual piece of mail allowing you to reject its delivery.