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Postal Union Leader Warns Trump Assault on USPS and Mail-In Voting Puts Nation on 'Dangerous Path Toward Dictatorship'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/04/postal-union-leader-warns-trump-assault-usps-and-mail-voting-puts-nation-dangerous


we are worried about new management at the Postal Service that is carrying out Trump’s avowed opposition to voting by mail.

DUH of course management is carrying it out, that is why they were selected. ALL GOP Elected and Selected scum should be banished.


Like PonyBoy said “this is all by design”.


The gop’s new mantra for government; “if it aint broke, lets ruin it!” And, that can be said for many govt. cabinet type departments.


My guy is Andrew Cuomo, because he tells the truth, his state, New York, is now actually safe to go vote as normal.


Protecting the right to vote is intentionally and treasonously sabotaged by the corrupt trump regime and its rotting head; the right to vote is compromised and undermined by the two-party fraud that gives us the choice between bad and worse, dictated by a manipulated system to assure the continuation of rule by wealth and power, and that is no damn choice at all!


The USA has been on a path towards a fascist dictatorship since its inception. A nation founded on genocide and slavery and white supremacy was always headed in this direction. Those of us alive now are “lucky” enough to see the end game being played out right before our very eyes.


Dots are everywhere in connecting Trump’s plan to steal the election.

From throttling the USPS to stealing TikTok, the favorite of young
(UnTrump) voters and potential first time voters.


LOL. Good one.


The wheels of government turn mighty slow, why wait 6 weeks before a scheduled hearing with DeJoy, with elections just 2 months after that? Seems risky waiting until the eleventh hour, with the stakes so high IMO.

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He’s already declared himself dictator when he said he can do whatever he wants and that if anyone tries to so much as subpoena him it is treason because it distracts him from his all-important work and because Mitch and Lindsey have said the Senate will vote not to remove him from office no matter what he is impeached for, no matter how strong the evidence.

And @Smerl we’re seeing more than dots to demonstrate his plan. His plan, at least this part of it, is very much in effect, as was his his plan to do jack squat about COVID expecting all the deaths to be in densely-populated urban areas so he could blame Dem governors.

The plan we need to connect the dots on is his plan that isn’t yet in effect but which we are seeing warnings of, such as hiring goons and agents provocateurs as snipers to murder black voters so people are scared sh**less of going out of their home on election day.


You bet Roberto !

I’ve watched in awe Cuomo’s innumerable Press Interviews.


Stalling seems to be the House’s M.O.
I wonder why his followers don’t see through him. Don’t they even ASK, what has he done that’s good for the country? Sadly they don’t seem to care about what harm he has done.
Do we really need another civil war to settle things out?


If “We The People,” the 2/3 of the country that know the terrorist GOP is supporting the Dictator Wannabe in overthrowing an election, and then the government, it has fallen to us to take action before this happens.

If the Democratic Party wishes not to be the driving force behind the eviction of the Fascists weilding their power totally for abuses, “We The People” must rise up and make Portland Oregon look like a “Girl Scout” cookie sale in every major city.

Get yourself prepared.


If you knew Andy Cuomo - the best politician money can buy - like I have witnessed you might not think so. along with @manysummits

He has betrayed the public innumerable times and conspired with Republicans in the Legislature for a very long time. His extremely vindictive nature is well-known. He will never take a position on issues until forced-to or the public demand is so great he has no choice.

Betrayals include: property tax reform, Non-partisan redistricting to end gerrymandering, disbanded his own Moreland Commission on corruption when it got too close to crony’s and himself, campaign finance reform, refuses to restore fair taxation on the wealthiest gutted in 1972, real cannabis reform, tax-cuts for million dollar yachts, mass transit over the new Tappan Zee Bridge., 421a legislation gift to richest “developers”, convicted Sheldon Silver co-conspirator, and $7.6 Billion bailouts for upstate nuke plants raising electric rates, the Buffalo Billion project corruption, and Cuomo friend/enforcer Joe Percoco federal criminal corruption complaint - and lastly NO justice for Eric Garner’s murder!! All that and much more!
Look them up!

No, Andy Cuomo is not who you may think he is; he used the pandemic and “fireside chats” to position himself as possible replacement candidate for Joe Biden.


I have heard that many people are not fond of Andrew Cuomo.

Nevertheless, faced with a spectacular crisis, he came thru and followed the science and explained the thinking to all (me included), in a way that I have seen no one else match.

Given three choices - Trump/Biden/Cuomo - it’s hands down Cuomo.

Maybe you need a really tough guy to compete in these ruthless times Emphyrio ?

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I agree with everything you wrote in your first post. People need to read and research. He’s a politician first and foremost and behaves exactly like most of the corporate congress people; he’ll promise you things you want to hear and then never do them once he has a hold on you.

OMG–what a mess this nation is in. WeII Iet’s see, if this were a dystopian novel ----Trump would be moved to Camp David, for his safety—except it’s reaIIy the isIand of Dr, Muro ( or maybe it was Munro ) oh weII, I saw that movie ages ago, anyway, on this island peopIe are created out of different animaI parts and so Trump—deciding that he’s always wanted to be a real station… he is given a horse mask–where under drugs , he believes that he actually is a stallion… and tries to have sex with a real horse. Of course, the horse would not be having it—and so Trump faiIs and tries a new combination----he is under drugs thinking that now he could have reaIIy sIooooooow sex as King of the Sloths----and so wearing a sIoth mask---- he cIimbs a tree where its Iots of aduIt Iadies with sooth masks are waiting—but sadIy, his weight is too much and he faIIs to earth —intact —except for his broken neck. Meanwhile, the WH describes Trump as being on a scientific expedition and Iooking for cure for covid—but alas, having dedicated his Life to science---- ( aII whiIe a background of laughing hyenas chortIes) meanwhile the family of his 1st 3 children are honored with a giant trump above the ground masoIeum and before they enter the private underground space---- and the elevator takes them down, down, down-----PRIOR to this they aII exclaim, “You won’t have any Trumps to kick around anymore.” and are soooo insulting to the press—that the press aII Ieave----and weirdIy, Iike the Edgar AIan Poe story, they aII seem to disappear, never to be seen again but hmmm there is that cIue, something about Edgar AIan Poe and the “Cask of. AmondiIIo… or something Iike that but the press is now focused on what Pence wiII do–that they and everyone eIse totaIIy forget about “What’s his name,” and somehow, America seems to right itself a bit or maybe they just did a Ieft turn to itself-----and the entire last almost 4 years was looked at as an aberration----perhaps covid creates psychosis? Who knows, but at the same time, due to covid, people became more circumspect and decided that covid amnesia had affected the entire country and the worId and no one knew what the term ,“to trump,” someone was—maybe it had to do something Iike that card game—but it reaIIy didn’t matter as SCIENCE had returned-----and with it the quality which every nation needs,SANITY,” which can sometimes be achieved with FANTASY—and IRONY. SO Planet— do not despair—everything wiII turn out just fine. : )


I’m all for TikTok being shut down! Some of the users are into exposing “hidden jewels” and “sacred places” because they’re bored, with no malls or bars to go to. It’s a selfie/flashmob mentality. They have no respect for the land and end up ruining it for everybody. A couple of my favorite places have recently been invaded by those morons, and I’m not happy about it. Death to TikTok!

Oh Gloriana. I read all that just now before breakfast. I tell you, i need that breakfast right away. (I loved the bit about the broken neck.) LOL