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Postal Union Leaders Warn Removal of Mail Sorting Machines and Other DeJoy Damage May Be Difficult to Reverse

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/19/postal-union-leaders-warn-removal-mail-sorting-machines-and-other-dejoy-damage-may

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Human hands needed to move our mail now.
Sorting machinery scrapped already and little time to design, build, replace.
Postal workers union revolt would work.
County election boards having two person teams distributing the request for absentee voting packet and then delivering and picking up the paper ballots.
The team is one republican and one democrat on the county payroll or volunteers.

Only way to make every vote counted.

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The Trump Adm. has been " telegraphing their knock out punch " in regards to the physical dismantling of the U.S.P.O., for months. So have some Congressional Republicans and Democrats, as well. They’ve turned out to be traitors to their country; once again, but hell who’s still keeping score on that front, anymore?
Why is this just now a national crisis, as well, since we’ve been told the Trump Adm. and The CDC, NIH, State Governments, et al’ responses to COVID has been an ongoing ( 7+ mos. ) abject failure.
We all knew the 2020 federal general elections were scheduled. And, that was 180 days ago in COVID TIME, too. No contingencies? Of course not, if your plan was not to have any federal elections, to begin with. Military coups, martial law, the Nat’l Guard shooting citizens- so much easier for The No.1 Trigger Squeezer in- Chief and great T.V. ratings for sure. A Fascist’s Win- Win!
Like so much of the COVID 19 results and economic fallout, the " poisonous windfall profits " have fallen into the pockets of the Corporotocracy and their stockholders. Same with Big Pharma, too. The Big Box Stores are being rescued from collapse ( coincidence? ) and their job creating rivals ( family businesses ) are being crushed by the gov’t imposed rules of the COVID road. With no parachute, gold or otherwise, being forthcoming any time soon.
If COVID hadn’t been unleashed by the irresponsible failure of The Federal Government; well, it couldn’t of been a better written business plan ( Harvard, Standford, Yale or Trump U. ) for the Right Wing 1%ers and Trumpster’s Political Donors.
Who’s getting rich? Remind the talking heads again, they seem to becoming forgetful.


I don’t suppose the American people are being played, yet again?

Au Contraire! You jest, of course. ( As the MSM shows video of yet more U.S.P.O. equipment being hauled off to (________)? Go ahead, put your favorite landfill address or scrap yard in this fill-in-the-blank.

I was thinking other third world countries, guess it is time to see who is investing in landfills. In CA we call that Los Angeles. (yeah kidding)

I’ve been on landfills in S. California ( San Diego & L.A. ) dropping off some nasty building materials, etc.-- to their final resting places, as it were.
The venting pipes, the gaseous fouled air and the gigantic earthmoving equipment was a neo-sci fi set, for sure. Mad Max was done, Fury Road was 25 years in the future. Mad LA " Fury Trash " Rd.?

I am at least 8 hours away and that is closer than I care to be. There are three toxic waste sites here so who am I to speak. One will have to be monitored forever. I guess they can’t call them all Toxic Waste.

At least we will get a long work break from " the forever monitors " duty.
I’m sorry to leave such a mess. Some of it certainly could of been avoided. Some of it was just following directions.

Are the sorting machines really destroyed? Are the parts still around? If so, take a cue from that fairy tale where the woman was locked in a room until she could spin straw into gold.That should be Mr, deJoy’s penance. Lock him into a room with a bathroom and a window for MCDonal’s awful burgers----------and he can’t come out until all the machines are made into the same condition as before Mr. deJoy and his "Governors, ruined the machinery and the Post Office! That seems fair. Since he has dismantled, he must now put back into working order!


Thanks, I needed a good laugh. There is just a lot of basic stuff we forgot along the way. We are such babies in the evolution of things. And, very messy people.

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Ah-yup.   As usual, just follow the money . . .

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Congress should hold DeJoy PERSONALLY responsible for the damage he’s done to the USPS.   Lock him up, and then grant enough money immediately to allow overtime for all USPS personnel at the local level to repair the damage A.S.A.P., and to work overtime the last ten days of October & first ten days of November.  Recover these funds later, plus punitive damages, from DeJoy’s & Tweetle-Dumb’s personal fortunes.

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You’re correct. He’s on the hook for destroying federal property without reasonable cause, imo. Now is the time to fix it or lock him up on Friday.

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If the post office can put up posters warning ordinary citizens that destruction of post office property is a federal crime, then YES – send Dejoy directly to prison. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $100…


Hi commonvoice1-----oh wow, yes arrest DeJoy for destruction of PubIic property------since it is post office machinery in the first place., and not Mr. DeJoys! : )