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Postal Workers Union Organizes Nationwide Rallies Pressuring Congress to #SaveThePostOffice

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/25/postal-workers-union-organizes-nationwide-rallies-pressuring-congress


I can already hear it now:
“If they were working instead of protesting then the mail wouldn’t be slowed down”

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It’s about time. Why did they wait THIS long?

dejoy is nothing but a criminal based on his destruction of federal property! he must be removed immediately. another Trumpite who supports a murderer in the white house.

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Postal employees are not allowed to do political stuff at work. Some of that caution must carry over to after work objecting.
Once they get on board they will make a difference.

But the rallies this is about are not “at work”. THe Union dropped the ball on this.

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Should the PM change his last name to the more appropriate DeSorrow?

Should the relatives of anyone who dies due to medicines sent by mail arriving late or not al all charge the PM with killing those who died this way?

Should all of the poultry farmers in the US save all of the newly hatched chicks that died while being mailed to them, and pile them on the PM’s doorstep or doorsteps?

The “slow down” is intended to destroy the reputation of the Post Office
and confidence in it –

Repeating right wing scams to destroy other programs by re-engineering their
original designs – Post Office Pension Plan funding, for one – and Social Security
“pay as you go” design to create a slush fund of workers’ money for Elites, wars.

BOTH USPS funds and Social Security SURPLUS have been channeled into our
Treasury in order to HIDE the huge amount of debt based in our ridiculous MIC/
Intelligence Complex – which is spying on all Americans 24/7.

Trump has passed not only $1.4 BILLION of the Stimulus/Payday Protection Plan on
to the Catholic Church here – he’s actually more likely turned over $3.5 BILLION of
taxpayer money to them according to Forbes and wide investigation by Associated Press.

The Catholic Church received as much as 3.5 billion in …

~the-immoral-minority.com/the- catholic - church

Jul 12, 2020 · The Roman Catholic Church in the US received as as much as $3.5 billion in federal coronavirus loans, according to an analysis of government data by The Associated Press (AP). On Monday, the US Small Business Administration made public the companies and bodies it had awarded loans under the $659 billion Paycheck Protection Program.

PS: And besides that, the Catholic Church does not pay any goddamn taxes!

They’re making the Forbes/AP article too difficult to find – but I’ve posted it here and there.

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Thanks for your comments always Greenwich!
The mentioned Forbes/AP investigative reports link(s) need to be posted to spread understanding and expose the (large) tip of the iceberg of governmental crony corruption and de facto theft from the public - to who received big-money, stolen from the society and people, and who did not - a complicity between both political party’s that largely often serve the same corrupt interests, not society, the public.or Common Good.
I looked for those reports but found only this. Thanks for posting them.

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I’ve posted the FORBES/Associated Press link at another site –
I’ll try to find it – I may have even saved it in my own files.
But the report is based in the AP investigation.

And, the article may come back again on Yahoo –

RELATED TO THAT STORY-- Repetition warning –

As I’ve said before, the reasons behind the War in Spain which played such
a central role in WWII, heroic men and stories of going off to fight fascism in Spain
were never clear to me. Yes, fascism … but the rest a mystery.

WHY wasn’t the cause behind it all made clear to every student – every searcher
for true history?

And then one day I found George Seldes –

George Seldes

The Vatican Propaganda Machine: The Spanish “Civil War” Lesson

From George Seldes, the “dean and granddaddy of investigative reporters,” when it comes to issues important to the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, “… there is no free press in America.” Seldes’s extensive study of the Spanish Civil War and the related control of the American press by the Catholic hierarchy is exceedingly instructive for all who are concerned about this freedom.

In 1931, Spain became the Republic of Spain, a liberal democracy that separated church and state, ended State monetary support for the church and adopted the principles of Freedom of Conscience, Freedom of Religion, and Freedom of the Press. The Vatican feared for the Church’s very survival in Spain. There had been four insurrections since 1835, and it was the Spanish people, the poor workers and poor peasants, who burned the churches because they blamed the hierarchy for having persistently backed the upper class. The latest uprising against the Catholic Church took place throughout the country in July, 1936. One historian described it as “the work of masses of common people, a spontaneous uprising.” The Vatican feared that the liberal democracy with its freedoms would spell the end of the Church in Spain.


Hitler sent in bombers –
and Mussolini sent in 200,000 troops.

Any nation which celebrates the right to free thought, free conscience, free will with
Separation of Church & State confirms your inalienable right to those gifts –
and therefore also confirms that these gifts – from any “Creator” the human mind may
devise – is NOT a fascist.

Is there a website for these demonstrations? If I had known, I would have gone to my local po.