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Posting $24.6 Million Third-Quarter Haul, Warren Far Surpasses Biden 'Without One Single Fancy Fundraiser'

I thought there had to be something fishy about this headline. I don’t trust Warren any more than I trust a telemarketer telling me I’ve won a foreign lottery. I don’t doubt for a second that, if elected, she will be Obama 2.0. She will run a progressive sounding campaign but once in office, she will settle in to being just another establishment Democrat “pragmatist.” It sickens me that so many people are fooled by her. I would love to see a woman president, but she is not that woman.


Well said. My thoughts exactly.

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What this country should be leaning towards is not Socialism, but a Social Democracy: Which is a sensible liberal democratic policy, but supported by a capitalistic economy, which is extremely better than what we have now:

A plutocracy: A society that is ruled or controlled by people of great wealth or income.

Under the leadership of an Oligarchy; the GOP, Trump and his administration.
And Biden is more the latter than the former.

Bernie raised more, with more small donors by far. Why is this article about Warren?


The Baffle and Rob’em I Scream chain (otherwise know as the MSM) have dubbed her “Flavor of the Month” for October.
Harris was last month’s flavor, Biden was August’s, and Buttigieg was July’s.


It is unfounded. But that isn’t why it was censored. Unfounded popular opinions get praised around here. It’s unpopular ones that get flagged.

Funny in an odd way but I don’t think I have flagged anyone in a very long time, so long I can’t really recall. It is a rare thing thinking about it, someone being flagged. Anyway, thanks.

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Elizabeth Warren and Donna Brazile both now agree the 2016 Democratic primary was rigged

I refuse to vote for Warren
She was a hardcore Conservative who supposedly did a 180 on all her views overnight. Bull


Ppl who actually believe this Republican

Elizabeth Warren and Donna Brazile both now agree the 2016 Democratic primary was rigged


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I voted for Jill Stein in 2016. She was denied a chance to run an effective 3rd Party alternative to The Uniparty. But the Gary & Willie show, thanks to the Libertarian Party elites, were funded by unknowable forces and given lots of free airtime, too.
Who else were you or our Donna and Elizabeth; talking about in terms of an unfair rigged primary, Hillary or Donald?
Just inquirin’.

Warren, my own US Senator, is being disingenuous as is the author of this article. Senator Warren does not believe in financing a campaign including only single small donation from supporters. She started her campaign with $10 million in corrupting special-interest cash transferred from her 2018 senatorial campaign, FFS.

So her campaign was poisoned and corrupted from the very beginning. In addition, she has made it quite clear that she has no intention of dodging big money fundraisers should she be selected as the Democratic nominee. So, Warren is using the method, proven by Sanders, of campaign financing by constituent-provided donations, but only as a ploy during the nomination process.

Senator Warren has already proven, IMO, that she has no real principles as was shown by her support for the coronation of Secretary Clinton in 2016 despite Clinton’s disdain for the policies Warren purports to put forward. My senator is at it again, piggybacking on the Progressive agenda (Clinton laughably called herself Progressive) and doing the party’s bidding.

She has already begun hooking up with the same neoliberal Clinton operatives that dominated Obama’s administration. Running on the sorry Obama legacy (more war, not holding the banks responsible for their crimes, not holding Bush officeholders responsible for their crimes, prosecuting journalists for revealing war crimes and administration misdeeds, etc.) is a losing strategy that they want to repeat.

The DNC and Democratic elites who feed off the anti-Trump gravy train will be happy to be defeated at the polls in 2020 as long as Sanders is again cheated out of the nomination. Warren is intimately involved in that plot and should be shunned for it.

I totally agree. The tone of the title of this article is pukey. Why should anyone want to compare dollars with Biden? Why does news on candidates cost them money?

CD takes donations, too…
I’d love to check out their big dollar donations.

If you reread my post, you’ll find I did no such thing.

Why is Common Dreams pushing the narrative that Warren is a progressive? She is as progressive as Obama who knew what to say but was owned by Clinton. Also,like him Warren is a war loving neo-liberal.

I like that! I wonder who’s next month’s flavor?

could not agree with your comment more. really pissed me off that Common Dreams did that. I am beginning to trust them less and wrote them exactly that. of course they never bothered to respond. I will do the same when they next ask me for money. ugh