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Postmaster General Urged to 'Immediately Step Aside' as North Carolina AG Backs Probe Into Campaign Finance Fraud Allegations

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/07/postmaster-general-urged-immediately-step-aside-north-carolina-ag-backs-probe

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Who has the power to fire/suspend him? (Serious question.)


Mr. DeJoy, you don’t want to hear the following term, “little remorse,” uttered by a judge at your sentencing hearing. It means that you’re going to spend a larger fraction of the rest of your life in jail. Avoiding a longer jail term is why immediately stepping down is in your own self-interest. P.S. nobody particularly cares about keeping you safe from the covid in jail. Some places won’t even let you have soap. Other places will let you have soap, but then, well you’ll find out.

Mr. Trump can’t bail you out of a North Carolina jail. Now, do you feel like being a big shot for two more months while Mr. Trump is still in office, or do you want to take care of yourself?


My guess is - no one that will


Let’s have a few truth told:

  2. At least one third of “WE THE PEOPLE” don’t care - because they are tribal and feel, rightly so that they have been left behind - they just haven’t realized that the very people they continue to support are the very people undermining their economic interests.
  3. Much like the rest of the corrupt actors in this mis-administration and the GOP - they don’t care about laws because they know that there is a 3-tiered system of law in place and they will not be held accountable!
  4. The oligarchs are cementing their power and attempting to destroy our democracy!
  5. The allegations are credible if investigations are being called - saying “IF” undermines the fact of their credibility in people’s minds and allows them to pretend that the allegations are not credible!

Let’s face it, WE have to vote en mass and demand a true return to the rule of law for everyone - especially the oligarchs - they must be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law - they must be prosecuted and public restitution and jail time must be enforced! Stop pretending that these crooks can or are willing to be redeemed - they must never be allowed to hold an office of the public trust again!! ALL OF THESE VULTURES MUST GO!!


Good post . It clearly illustrates that equality ,fairness , the rule of law and respect for one another cannot be achieved via legislation.
If it is the LAW to act and behave in the above manner , then it will be only a facsimile of the real thing.
These qualities do exist internally for people but lie mostly dormant .
However when accessed subjectively then these qualities become expressions of what and who one is ,not mental copies of that which exists naturally in life .
True, it’s better to have these laws than to not have them but , people that are narcissistic, sociopathic and constant liars , will find a way to subvert those laws .


We the People! Read the Declaration of Independence then break out a copy of the Constitution of the United States and read it carefully including the first ten amendments AKA the Bill of Rights. Most people born in this century or the last decade of the last have only heard of the above documents in passing. They do not seem to be studied any more, yet they are the documents that created a democratic government that lasted over two centuries. Not perfect, of course. Nothing created by humans is perfect, but it worked well, as compared with the current Nazi government which follows the illegal, immoral, unconstitutional and misnamed Patriot Act and its descendants.
** The Greedopoly that has destroyed this nation must go, now! The Oligarchy and its two sock puppets, the “D” and the “R”, must be replaced by actual representatives of We the People.
** The alternative is to continue our slide into a replay of WW-II, but with much larger weapons, the end of humanity and quite possibly the death of Earth, our Mother.
;-}), a Nuclear Veteran.


The postal board of governors, which was flushed out and filled with bilge, governs postal leadership, supposedly. They’re all in the same crime family.


That’s why my answer was We the People.


the most egregious of his crimes is that he owns stock in the corporations in direct competition with the USPS and it has long been the dream of the right to destroy the post office so they could increase their profits in the absence of an accessible and moderately price public institution–one by the way —chartered -as it were- in the body of the Constitution–something I realize both political parties would be happier without(see the NDAA-the suction of data on American citizens by the government(just declared illegal by a Federal court)-the elimination of Habious Corpus(under Obama)-just to mention a few instances of our government ignoring the Constitution for political gain


Hi minitrue,

Your name came up a bit ago, after I reflected on the relative scarcity of nuclear veterans these days (such as a mentor of mine, here in Richmond).

Expressions from the founding documents such as “We the People” might seem like vain pretense, sometimes, in the context of the mafia takeover we’ve witnessed. Occam’s Razor would like to cut to whodunit: Whom to blame? (Or, in only barely sufferable current parlance: Whom to “hold accountable” – as if that ever happens!)

It doesn’t seem like much of a stretch to suspect Putin in the recent poisoning of another political foe, imho, regardless of the specific chain of command involved in administering the poison. Similarly, it should be bloody freaking obvious (imho, of course) to all conscious US Americans that the mafia chief Orangman is the one calling the shots on how to blow up the Post Office.


So let’s see… who’s not demanding that this radical privatization pig resign/be fired?

Uncle Joe. VP Pepperball.

Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, Waters…


I especially like the reference to the soap and what he’ll find out about it. And why not? He and Trump have been doing it to us. Damn, how I loathe that fat, despicable son of a bitch and his toadies.


In that case i think we are pretty much “scuppered.”

You know, not many people really realize this wholesale conditioning that all of us have been exposed to for centuries. Back in the 50’s they even tried to make us good christians. We were forced every morning to say not only the Pledge of Allegiance but we had to say the Lord’s Prayer too. This was public school I’m talking about. And you’re right, both parties are full of shit.


Believing in US campaign finance laws is a kin to the tooth fairy, the great pumpkin and the Democrat Party to save us from the Trump Cabal.


Oh, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Just think of what Dear Leader will be able to accomplish with a second term, having already molded the federal agencies to his liking, having held the Senate and with no meaningful opposition in the House, having placed even more of his cronies on the Court. Why, we’ll be longing for the good old days when Trump’s appointees were as principled and as relatively harmless as Honorable Lois De Joy. Think it can’t happen?


It’s all about profits and power my dear. I for one never as a younger adult trusted school books pretend fabricated history neither ever held my hand to my chest or stood up while others adults sang the fascist national anthem. It seems weird and creepie to me


Dinesh D’Souza, who was convicted on a single felony count of a “straw man” campaign donation reimbursement (he pleaded guilty), only served a few months in a halfway house and paid a $30,000 fine. Trump pardoned him after he’d served that sentence.

So you can exaggerate the consequences facing DeJoy, or you can try be more realistic. If DeJoy spends any time in confinement, his book advance when he’s released will be seven figures.

Well let’s apply the simple but extra effective rule of who benefits. If what you are suggesting is remotely the case it would have been foolish to let the man be taken by plane to Germany. If Putin wanted to eliminate this man he could’ve had his plane shot down a much easier crime to hide. Remember that there have been multitude of unproven allegations by the west against Putin. There is the nordstream-2 pipeline almost completed construction and the US high pressure on Germany to abandon it.