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Potential for 'Guantánamo North' Could Keep Indefinite Detention Alive


Potential for 'Guantánamo North' Could Keep Indefinite Detention Alive

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

As the administration of President Barack Obama publicly floats the possibility of opening a "Guantánamo North" on U.S. soil, rights campaigners warn that a mere transfer of the men and boys to another prison across national borders will not rectify the grave human rights violations committed against them.

"The Obama administration has its priorities in the wrong place," Omar Shakir, a Center for Constitutional Rights fellow and attorney who represents detainees, told Common Dreams.


Apparently, there's no longer any pretense of the need for such indefinite detention being on 'foreign' soil. The constitutional objections still exist; unfortunately not the constitution. Who can doubt that the rest of us are on the 'to do' list?


Watched the movie, "Camp X-Ray" yesterday. While it seemed like some scenes of torture were cut from the final theatre version, it was a fascinating study in psychology. It was about a young female Army private's experience at Guantanamo and her relationship with a prisoner.

Near the end of the movie is a great scene, where she tells the prisoner about her experience visiting a roadside zoo with her dad as a child, and the profound effect it had on her view of cages and prisons...


Guantánamo is a state of mind, well described by Kafka.


Increasingly the entire US is becoming "GITMO" as our militarized police and prison industry bring home what we've been exporting for decades.


The thought of an official "Kill List" is totally chilling.


Jonny, oh, that's right -- that one had slipped my mind. That is really astonishing.