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Potential Political 'Earthquake' Brewing as Booker Takes Lead Over McGrath in Kentucky

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/25/potential-political-earthquake-brewing-booker-takes-lead-over-mcgrath-kentucky

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I will be shocked if the DCCC and 3rd Way let this happen.
I’ll be very happy about it though if it does



I agree, but I sense a dramatic comeback by McGrath to win in a squeaker. Yeah, a real squeaker. : ) :wink: :wink: :wink:

That 's the art of the Con Job.
Make the ‘mark’ think that they only lost by a tiny sliver.
So put down another quarter kid. Next time for sure!

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It’s not over till all the votes are counted – but I did send an extra small contribution to the Booker campaign in case they need to fight for votes to be counted! Centrists have been known to cheat.


This probably guarantees McConnell’s re-election. Kentucky has gerrymandered and voter suppressed Democrats out of existence and the remaining voters will likely not vote for a black man over their favorite fascist.

Mitch must have maxed out all of his bank ventures and savings accounts.

Why does anyone call McGrath a centrist? She is a Trumper who’s annoyed with Moscow Mitch that he is, in her opinion, the obstruction to Trump’s agenda.

We have seen in previous races that if someone is leaning republican, as it looks like McGrath is, voters usually vote for the republican. We need Booker to win!!