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Potential Sea Change in Gasland: PA Primary Becomes Fracking Referendum



I'm guessing Hilldawg's going to "evolve" pretty quickly on this one, too. "I've never supported fracking! Blah blah Bernie bros blah blah blah vast right wing conspiracy blah blah but I'm a woman, vote for me blah blah blah it's my turrrrrnnnn!!!"


The difference between Pennsylvania and New York on fracking is striking. I think one reason is that Pennsylvania has a long history of fossil fuel exploitation whereas in New York only conventional gas wells have been drilled. Oil drilling began in Pennsylvania and coal mining has gone on for years in that state. The environmental destruction from coal mining is still causing problems, even in areas where it has ceased. You would think that Pennsylvanians would have learned their lesson from coal miming but they probably ignored the concerns raised about fracking in hope of boosting local economies and the state economy as a whole. Finally it looks like the tide may be turning on fracking in Pennsylvania. If they want a model, Pennsylvanians simply have to look across their northern border at New York which decided that the health risks weren't worth taking a chance.


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The Australian scene looks like Ohio's 1970 Cuyahoga River all over again.

Although it was no surprise Hillary won in New York where so many voters are employed directly or indirectly by the financial services industry, Pennsylvania is just the opposite, with most Pennsylvanians being exploited by the financial services industry.


Fetterman is not a mayor of a "small town". He is mayor the Borough of Braddock.

Braddock is a blighted and depopulated greater Pittsburgh borough in the lower Mon valley in the shadow of the last working steel mill and blast furnace in Pittsburgh - The Edgar Thompson Works. It was formerly populated by prosperous white-eastern-European union steelworkers, who mostly moved out Braddock when all the other mills shut down, and the remaining steelworkers fled to the suburbs once a few percent of black people moved into the vacated and cheap homes - the typical USAn racist model. Many homes were never occupied again and are grown-over or demolished. Probably not a single current-day Braddock resident has one of the good-paying union jobs in the adjacent steel mill.

John Fetterman came to Braddock from the eastern part of the state after a short career in the NFL. He is leading, in fits and starts, the white-yuppie-gentrification of Braddock - starting with a (de-rigueur) nano-brepub - The Brew Gentlemen specializing in all those (de-rigueur for yuppies) Belgian-style and hyper-hopped beers. To his credit, Fetterman has tried to lead a "kinder and gentler" form of gentrification - including the building of a Medical Urgent Care Clinic to replace the torn-down UPMC Braddock in this poor medically underserved area.

He has no chance of getting the nomination - he is an unknown outside of greater Pittsburgh, but I plan on voting for him.


....Oh, and Fetterman's policy on fracking - a moratorium until strict regulations - and a good high severance tax are the sort of thing I support. Pennsylvania is the only states whose oil and gas currently leaves the state totally tax free aside from a few flat fees.


Sorry - we don't want the New-York type economy based on rentier-capitlaism, big banks, stockbrokers and The Rich. Pennsylvanians still actually make things and grow things.


in the past Pennsylvanians have largely supported the controversial industry.'

That was one poll. Pennsylvanians by and large were opposed to fracking because the dork who was the previous governor had removed all taxes from the fracking companies and because people's water was being contaminated. Check out the famous video of lighting a fire to the water coming out the kitchen faucet.

And the EPA "study" that showed little or no effect of fracking on water supplies has since been thrown out because actual studies done in PA showed that yes, indeed, people's wells were being affected. It turns out the state EPA had been hiding the results of their measurements instead of publicizing them


The taxes were not removed. Pennsylvania has never had a tax on oil and gas extraction.


Clinton fudges on an outright, even if eventual, ban on fracking. Seems a short sighted, opportunistic angle. Nothing but a firm YES to a ban is the only acceptable response. As Bernie Sanders has done.

"The absence of YES x time = NO!"