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'Potential War Crimes': US Lawmakers Demand Answers About US Role in Saudi Slaughter of Yemeni Civilians


'Potential War Crimes': US Lawmakers Demand Answers About US Role in Saudi Slaughter of Yemeni Civilians

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In the wake of the U.S.-backed Saudi-led coalition's horrific bombing of a school bus last week that killed 40 Yemeni children and amid reports on Tuesday of dozens more civilian deaths after a new wave of Saudi bombings, Rep.


To paraphrase Captain Louis Renault, I’m shocked – shocked! – to find that war crimes are going on in Yemen!


I am reading Daniel Ellsberg’s Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner (2017). In it is described how the bombing of civilian populations became common place in the late '30s and early '40s for both the axis and the allied powers. Somehow it makes raping and pillaging seem civilized by comparison. No wonder the planet wants to boil our species off of itself…


The weapon used is one that the Media and US Military refer to as a “Precision Guided Munition” . In other words if we are to take them at their word given they have referred to the use of such munitions in the past as evidence that they are not being used in a non-discriminate manner , then it follows that the School Bus was targeted and the Bomb hit the peoples it aimed at.

The US Military has acknowledged it provides targeting information to the Saudi’s.

These bombs were happening under Obama as well and included attacks on wedding parties and children.

I do not recall Ted Lieu voicing his discomfort in the past when there a Democrat as President.

My conclusion. These attacks on Civilians are deliberate and are done and have been done with the tacit blessing of the US Government. The Congressman raising his concerns as to whether war crimes were committed is a hypocrite as the same attacks have been happening for years now starting in the Presidency of GW Bush and carrying through the Obama Presidency. Given PGM’s are being used and the claims always made that these weapons ONLY hit designated targets, then this is not only a potential war crime. It is a war crime.


Potential war crimes!!!


I think we should support people who “raise concerns” regardless of their past failings. Hypocrite or the devil himself.


‘Potential War Crimes’: US Lawmakers Demand blah blah blah, blah blah. Then nothing at all happened as usual…


Hypocrites Them All.

The Duopoly produces them, nurtures them, and then punishes the country for being them.


To this day, I do not know how the Iranian, Russian and Syrian regimes have not been indicted for war crimes. A half million are dead in Syria, no one seems to care.


The concerns for the Bombing In Yemen should have been happening YEARS ago and those concerns were being raised here. The “Only raise these concerns when it a different Parties administration in office” meme is exactly why the USA remains the greatest threat to peace on this globe and why it has been at war for 222 out of the 239 years in its history.

I can support the claim that War crimes are being committed in Yemen .

I can not SUPPORT this Congressman because he seemed to have no issues with the war crimes committed by the Obama Presidency.


It’s Dresden everyday for Saudi Arabia, Israel and America. Once again, the perpetrators investigate themselves-----and find that if any people were killed, it must have been a tragic mistake, and they are so sorry---- that anyone found out------BUT---- all’s right with the world----well, except for all the dead grandparents, parents and children and depleted uranium ruining the air, soil, water, and culminating in the soon to be born freakish children with internal organs on the outsides of their bodies…

You know that play NO EXIT, where the characters find out they are all dead really in hell------------ I wonder if we’re in that play-


I thought that making war more lethal was what Trump and his generals wanted.


The US military are murderers following orders in service to Israel creating greater Israeli control of the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is a tool heavily armed by the Dump chew. The 2000 attack on the USS Cole was a US false flag off Yemen. When our government is Israeli controlled the picture becomes vividly clear and all of the pieces fit together. That’s why there are still US troops in Syria and the ongoing drug production occupation in Afghanistan which the Bush cabal control much of in concert with the CIA.


The US has committed war crimes in Viet Nam, Laos, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Algeria, Somalia … Yemen is only the most recent.


We’re searching for morality from trained, professional murderers. Prince kills for sport. It is like reasoning with a Republican who is so mentally bent truth is false reality; a delusional march into madness. War reduces men to well armed tribes, gangs trying to survive another second and no one knows who is the enemy or where it is so people kill everything that moves. If it moves it is dead so we will never find morality or a sense of conscience from men thrown into lethal insanity. The World Bankers sip their drinks and place bets on who wins.
I KNOW THIS. Pelosi and Schumer won’t be leading the DNC much longer and Progressives don’t need them. We’ve never needed them, indeed we left them in the Sixties. Let it be. DNC has no plan. DNC has no philosophy, they don’t have a slogan, a proposal, a banner, a little flag, nothing much less a dream. They always leave this to us so we lead. Pelosi and Schumer are war criminals. Really! Progressives win and we all win. When America is ready to stop our corporate war machine we will pull the plug and live in peace. Until we collectively reach this social consciousness; we blow up little girls with planes they can’t see for a Prince of Peace and record war profits all censored for our bloody allegiance.


To this day, I don’t know why the U.S.A. regime has not been indicted for war crimes.


Today’s technology eliminates any possibility of “collateral damage”. It’s either human intention or human negligence. While I am encouraged by the senators’ efforts and hope they will publish the responses, if any, they receive, it is too little too late for the children and all innocent victims of the Raytheon abomination and it’s handlers.


Fascist, racist, imperialist amerika has been committing war crimes since 1776!
It is time to bring the empire to an end; Rise up and join the World Family People’s Revolucion!


Hi deckhughes2,
why would they be indicted for war crimes if Israel , America, the UK and France never are? In fact Syria was attacked and Iran and Russia were invited by Syria to withstand the US, the UK and Israel’s attacks. Don’t you really think that the “preemptive strike”, excuse is a war crime too? Because , really thinking that someone is maybe going to , or possibly will attack—why isn’t that a war crime?


I think that this is a wise course on an essential issue.

The issue is not to grade his moral character, it’s to have him stop what is now happening.

Cheer him on now — Debate how to grade his life later.