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Potentially Hazardous Nanoparticles Found in Powdered Baby Formula



Just when you think the news can't get any more depressing along comes a news item like this. What need is there for a mega corporation to use potentially unsafe but technically approved for use due to inadequate testing nano particles. Was there a lobbying campaign where someone's job was to see that these substances received FDA approval? Does our 'broken testing system' make any provision even for our species babies any more?

This story is so disgusting almost as if a nazi like lack of empathy for decency and humanity (where even children were experimented on) is now permissible in the corporate controlled governing system. This is a unobtrusive evil that affects the lives of babies in the years to come. Like the babies in Flint, it wasn't that some murderous maniac attacked them ... It was a unobserved attack and unexpected attack an attack that should never have been allowed to happen an attack that The testing mechanisms in place to protect babies from dangerous substances or even potentially dangerous new substances didn't work.

A quiet and unnoticed evil...attacked the children! You may say that is an excessive comment to make but someone decided that these potentially harmful very new substances which were already suspect should be included in formulas. Someone made a decision that would place these babies at risk. That was an evil unrecognized as such perhaps but then again it may have been known as a risk and taken anyway!

A quiet evil ... In its own right.


Titanium dioxide is a whitener that has no nutritional value, regardless what size the particles are in.