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Potentially Unprecendented Cyclone Sets Sights on War-Ravaged Yemen


Potentially Unprecendented Cyclone Sets Sights on War-Ravaged Yemen

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

This post may be updated.

Meteorologists are warning Friday that a potentially record strong cyclone in the Arabian Sea heading towards Oman and Yemen threatens the area with severe winds and years' worth of rain in a matter of days.

Cyclone Chapala, whose rapid intensification was helped by warmer-than-average water, is now the equivalent of a Category 4 hurricane, packing winds of 155 mph. It could intensify further to the equivalent of a Category 5.


While many of those in power continue to deny global warming/climate change (take your pick) though at his time and later Malthusian theory was determined to have been wrong, perhaps it's just me, but more and more it appears to me, Malthus was right.

"Famine seems to be the last, the most dreadful resource of nature. The power of population is so superior to the power of the earth to produce subsistence for man, that premature death must in some shape or other visit the human race. The vices of mankind are active and able ministers of depopulation. They are the precursors in the great army of destruction, and often finish the dreadful work themselves. But should they fail in this war of extermination, sickly seasons, epidemics, pestilence, and plague advance in terrific array, and sweep off their thousands and tens of thousands. Should success be still incomplete, gigantic inevitable famine stalks in the rear, and with one mighty blow levels the population with the food of the world." Thomas Malthus: 1779


What kind of a nation builds war and conflict, not society and people, as a reality? What kind of a nation sees "reality" and moral compass in bombing and attacking people, often the poorest on the planet, rather than in uplifting and educating and feeding those societies and our own?

After this Global tipping/warming fed cyclone hits Yemen, will we the USA, send in aid to help the people, regardless of their politics, or just continue to allow our "ally" the Saudi Monarchy/dictatorship to bomb those same civilians and neighborhoods/villages with our blessings, armaments and funding? That scenario would seem a great hypocrisy. It will be a disaster for the poor people of Yemen regardless which calamity overtakes them, Mother Earth's blind natural catastrophe, or our "leaders" blind depraved indifference.......


Sometimes you almost have to think that nature is part of some harebrained conspiracy theory (It isn't!) Warmer ocean temperatures are going to keep bringing us unexpected surprises like this from now on nonetheless.

We look at the world and see that we need big changes everywhere. Meanwhile thanks to Bush/Cheney (neocon) and Israeli (Sharon) influence, we have destabilized the Middle East and that Humpty Dumpty isn't going to be put back together again easily.

Where we do need change (if not destabilization) is with the autocratic Saudis who somehow can get away with democracy being a word used only as a punch line. Or with the Israelis where they keep talking about being the only democracy in the Middle East but do everything they can to prevent democracy in Palestine while taking more and more of their land.

And then along came Nature who doesn't play favorites, who doesn't play politics and who doesn't play games either.

The world is destabilizing in case you haven't noticed. Yeah yeah it is localized you may say but local is a relative term. Once destabilization was only Iraq then Afghanistan then ... and it has kept going. How did the Ukraine and Syria get mixed in and now Yemen and the Saudis and what was that about China and missile cruisers being shadowed by Chinese fighter jets?

Cyclone Chapala ... could someone tap that republican climate change denier on the shoulder and ask them when was the last time they saw a hurricane in the desert like we see them these days?

Meanwhile with climate catastrophe drawing ever closer and ever faster too, we dance to the politics of war music, a song heard many times before in history.

We are dancing to war while we delay protecting ourselves from severe climate change and it makes cooperation between various countries impossible just when cooperation is needed most.

Bombing hospitals, shooting at doctors and journalists? We've lost our path and wander aimlessly in the wind...

... winds that are 155mph...

Are we feeling dumb enough yet?

One has to wonder.


I have to wonder if all our warships patrolling the Arabian
Sea may have helped raise the temp of those waters.
That is probably not monitored; please search, (if you haven't already) "Climate Elephant" by Sara Flounders.

The Pentagon — the climate elephant. By Sara Flounders. September 4, 2014. There is an elephant in the climate debate that by U.S. demand cannot be discussed or ...
[Search domain www.iacenter.org] iacenter.org/environment/pentagon-climate090414/
The Pentagon — the climate elephant | No To NATO!

Yemen is already one of the worst humanitarian disasters
on the planet. Those poor people might think God hates
them, but it is just the sociopathy of imperial capitalism
pursuing infinite profits.
Will Americans wake up, and get past the corporate media, and the corporate parties? It is happening slowly.
This atheist PRAYS that the process accelerates- soon!
May we be approaching "The Hundredth Monkey".


Maybe you could explain what you are talking about?How can warships in the Arabian Sea raise the temperature of those waters (aside from the fact it is ocean temperatures (not the gulf) that produced the hurricane).


My oh my Wereflea. I must have erred in quoting Malthus with the language of at that period, the expansion of the British Empire. Unquestionably as deadly as the current U.S. one, but sans the weaponry now available and the much greater expansion around our barely blue planet. While on a personal level I'm not expecting to have to deal with bombs or personal violence unless I should somehow run afoul of the Sacramento Sheriff's Dept. With the Pacific rim becoming more active, living half a mile from the levee holding back the Sacramento levee, no question in my mind, even though the drought continues, the warmer water
of the predicted El Nino and even a minor "shaker" would leave me hoping to be able to swim to my roof to hopefully be rescued. It's past my imagination to be facing a cyclone or a hurricane and trying to avoid the violence on the ground and bombs falling from the air and just try to survive. But once again I strongly
suspect Malthus was right.


It is my belief that Malthus was known to be chronically in need of a nice nap. He was also a lousy conversationalist and rarely invited to festive occasions. Let's just say Malthus was not the life of the party!

The end is nigh and whose counting? Well Malthus actually. What a guy!

We surpassed Malthus a long time ago and are now working on our eighth billion! Malthus would be surprised to say the least.

I am constantly amazed at having been called a doom and gloomer for several decades that I find myself telling people that we can fix this. Well we can! Does that make me an optimist?

Will we? I can't say because it is unlikely that I'll be here to find out. Still we could fix this. At least we could mess with Malthus a bit. His predilections for extinction/population declines notwithstanding... we can fix this.

We can feed a few extra billion maybe not caviar or pate spread on a cracker but peanut butter (and imitation processed cheese spread product) for sure.

Malthus came from a time when children were sent to workhouses, to work in mills and mines, to live on the street and God knows what else. He lived in a time where food aid remained local (sometimes not even that as the Irish Famines showed, as slavery showed as conquest of colonies by the musket showed, human life was cheap.

The worst can always happen of course but then that is why we progressives struggle to have better outcomes result. The best can happen too... it just takes a bit more common sense and compassion than does the worst.

Yeah we messed up but the kids all know and someday it'll be their choice as to the way things are done and how things will go. Right now they still have to deal with us and well even Malthus was right about us! :innocent:


With just a bit of luck my grandchildren are going to change this old world. I'm still one of those whose kids did better than I did and theirs seem to be doing even better. However, at this point Wereflea, it's happy hour in CA and my doc says a couple a day are heart heathy and so far since if you remember I'm 80 maybe he was right. :wink:


At least our British Empire spread the game of Cricket........and railways..........and even the Chinese leaders wear civilised clothes of British design......The one mistake we made was losing in 1783. Sorry, world.


His theory is still a theory, the evidence to support or disprove it isn't there.

We've used science to increase the production of food, and to stop the deaths from disease. Essentially we've made the original Malthusian problem worse, there are so many more of us now than there was then. There may be a chance that we can put off the proof for another few years, maybe. :frowning:


VERY well said.


Perhaps one of the issues might be those like me who are outliving their planned obsolescence? Or the political faction demanding that every fertilized cell be born? Wonder if Malthus even foresaw the industrial revolution or the technology that eventually created the atomic bomb which could, if used internationally,
destroy most human life prior to the destruction of an environment allowing the existence of humans. Maybe it is only the old "cold warriors" who even consider that very realistic possibility.


No one knows how to play cricket. Everybody thinks the players are just making up the rules. Who makes a flat bat? It isn't a cricket bat so much as it is a cricket flap!

Does it really deserve comment or even explanation as to why the Englisherites will throw a ball into the dirt and act like they meant to do it? This apparently happened so often, that they have made a rule allowing this with the proviso that the pitcher pretend that it was thrown that way on purpose in case other people are watching!

1783? Ever wonder what the Britnik soldiers were thinking when they formed a firing line while wearing a bright red coat and were told to march forwards into the withering fire of Americans sharpshooters who were fighting like modern soldiers do and whose weapons outranged theirs?

They were thinking that next year they were going to emigrate to the colonies... lol.

The only thing that Britbrats need apologize to the world for (well actually there is a list but for the sake brevity...) is their cooking!


That reminds me... I invented a drink so I might as well drink it...

One Drunken Floozy (that's a Shirley Temple (don't forget the cherry) with a shot of small batch Kentucky Bourbon) coming up!

You get a cool doctor and I get one who tells me to stop eating doughnuts!!! Sheesh!


I think the ancients used to have ideas about ourselves wiping each other out. I know that by the 19th century there were those who thought that we'd end up building a Frankenstein.

Malthus lived from 13 February 1766 – 29 December 1834, so he was alive during the first of the industrial revolutions.

As for killing the elderly when their 'useful' lives had ended, I liked Logan's Run but don't think that would be a workable civilization. My mum lived to be 93, she died while suffering from dementia... When you're alive, you'll want to keep on living. The best solution to overpopulation is to stop having so many children, then let nature take its course.

Of course, that's just not going to happen. I fear what's coming.


That is the point

What is coming? We need to do something right? I'm guessing, based on our usual solution, that we will make everything more expensive. Seriously... I'm bot kidding. When there isn't enough to go around... our eternal solution is to charge more money for whatever is left.

The cheapest >>>Soylent Algae crackers? Then Soylent Soya crisps? Then Soylent Wheat bisquits and of course finally the most expensive Soylent Hi-Protein wafers... Maybe it won't be Soylent Green (hopefully) but God knows what else might be in there?

Who knows what will be but we actually do have the technology to feed the world ( maybe not all that deliciously but fed just the same) ...

However ...do capitalists want to? Sharing is a dirty word in capitalism.

As overpopulation continues the increased destruction of our natural environment is reducing our ability to feed our planet. You don't get fish from a dead ocean.

"Dear eat your jellyfish! Remember there are people in America who are starving!"


What is coming? More storms, which will wash away all of the profits and things made since the industrial revolution. Eventually, we'll stop being able to replace what gets flooded away. Or burnt, depending on the part of the world, and the season.

If we really want to deal with overpopulation, the best way would be to release the samples of the Smallpox virus that are still in storage in the USA and Russia. Oh, and stop vaccinating people against disease. That would wipe out a few billion of us rather easily at this point. Of course, that would be a rather nasty thing to do.

Are 'we' going to kill the surplus population, or do 'we' let them die?

Or, perhaps, is there another option? One which has yet to be discovered? Call me Pandora, but I hope still. In spite of everything I'm pretty sure is true.


I think people who say such things about other people (much less millions of lives for that matter) are dancing at the edge of psychopathy. A total lack of empathy for the millions that would die from Smallpox or some other virulently lethal disease. A lack of empathy for the POOR no less because the wealthy first world would be able to afford mass inoculation (stop vaccinating you say? Um? Who decides that and will they volunteer to not be vaccinated themselves? Doubtful that huh?

So releasing a deadly bug wipes out the poor and the third world and what every thing is just ducky then? Um? Yeah okay sure.

How about we get off our collective asses and make the oligarchy and corporate elites act like responsible people while yet we still have democracy than can make them be responsible.

These trade agreements are dismantling the power of democracy to limit the power of corporations. They are creating laws that allow them to break the law. Gangsters who get a corrupt city's government to make stealing and extortion legal.

Lets try making them give up some of the power that they are busily stealing instead of talking about exterminating tens of millions of third world people?

Heck... some of my best friends... are people.


No, it wipes out most of us as well. We're not immune anymore. I know you see that as a threat to you, and yours. It is. So is the survival of you or me more important than the species?

What of the rest of the creatures on this planet.

You accuse me of being psychopathic? It's our civilization that is such a thing. Profit of imaginary persons is more important than anything. Isn't it? I'm the psycho? Yah, sure.

We have a minor say in the state, what the rich want they get. What 'we' want is usually ignored. Did you miss the point that former President Carter made? We don't live in a democracy, neither of us. Not anymore.

Get off of our collective asses? Yah, that'll happen.

I do like people, but there are 7 billion of us. The Earth has been overpeopled.

Me, I'll ignore the chest pains that I have. I don't have the power to release anything, but the PTM do. Eventually, they probably will use diseases as weapons. We used to do it all the time.

Have a blanket.