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'Pouring Salt Into the Wound' Amid Shutdown, Trump Signs Executive Order Freezing Pay of Over 2 Million Federal Workers


'Pouring Salt Into the Wound' Amid Shutdown, Trump Signs Executive Order Freezing Pay of Over 2 Million Federal Workers

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With hundreds of thousands of federal employees currently furloughed or working without pay due to the ongoing government shutdown, President Donald Trump delivered yet another blow to struggling workers on Friday by signing an executive order that will freeze the pay of around two million public employees in 2019.


Until the ‘required’ workers refuse to do their duties and strike, including secrete service, as a protest against this political tactic things will not change. The same is with the Perpetual War. Until the soldiers of the Vietnam war started to protest in the battlefields, by not showing up for patrol etc. the anti-war movement of Vietnam was nothing more than political theater. Instead of worrying about what the political class is doing, put them in there place by exposing their wimp like nature… To the Federal Workers, Stop being victims and stand in solidarity with the private sector civilians who are treated this way by all corporations…


Cry baby Donny, hold your breath, stomp your feet, bang your empty orange head on the floor, for absolute bald faced lies about the reasons and necessity for your 17th century self serving vanity wall, you are not going to get your wall, but a 21st century technology border security solution for a fraction of the cost, deal with it liar.


Dear federal employees;

Now is the time to look at what government policies have done to the family farmer and the average urban citizen. Ask yourselves if your job satisfaction improved dramatically when Ds were in charge instead of Rs.

Take-home pay has been stagnant for most US residents since 1970. There has been no dramatic change in wages attributable to partisan swings of political power since then.

There are hundreds of thousands of federal workers squeezed like peasants under the upper class boot of austerity. Now is the time to join with the wage oppressed military and change your registration to nonpartisan independent.

What have you got to lose? The days are gone when a government job meant security. The days are gone when a corporation job meant security. The days are gone when a military job meant security. Register as nonpartisan independent; Write in None of the Above if there is nobody on your side to vote for.


The Antiwar Movement of the Vietnam War was not political theatre.

Did it ever occur to you, that when the troops in Vietnam saw the American People protesting the slaughter of the Vietnamese people, as well as the useless death’s of our troops, that this might have motivated the soldiers in the battlefield to join with their fellow Americans at home to end the madness?

Oh, and in response to Trump’s latest action, can we shoot him now?


For decades many proposed that the US government should be run like a business by a business man…

The many have now got their wish…


One facet which is different with the perpetual war situation — those now in the military are paid mercenaries, not draftees…


Did rump put his name first on that list of folks to not be paid for serving the people?


Unless the polls suggest otherwise, it would be a huge mistake for the Democrats to yield to Trump. Doing that would go far beyond strengthening Trump’s image among his Trash, it would project the Dems as weaklings, which would cause Trump to widen his circle of lackeys, both with Congress and the public. We know this would happen because this is what happens when a fascist leader stands firm under assault. If the Dems cave, it would guarantee Trump’s victory in 2020 with support beyond his Trash base.
Resisting Trump at any cost (as long as the public supports it), even if federal workers are hurt, will likely topple Trump in 2020.
I am not optimistic about the Dems ability to ride Trump. They should be advertising on TV Trump’s boastfully taking ownership of the shutdown. They are nowhere to be seen.


Darkage, you hit the nail precisely on the head. :slight_smile:


Strike? No…People and Military need to Walk Out! The Nam Protests to end the War was during my time. Millions of people were gathered in Massive Force. There was nothing Passive about it either. They knew they could not stop us. We fought back and stopped the war. There were casualties like in any Battle, but that’s the only language they understand.


Did he give a reason?


Now is the time for a Revolution!


I saw it all happen and was a part of those protests. We had weapons and were ready to stop the War and take on anyone at all costs. Those at the top knew it. We the People ended the ‘Nam War. Seems people forgot how to fight back. This has been the problem all along. Complacency will do nothing against rabid animals who put their wealth over the lives of the rest of us.


Well, of course!..this low-life POS must pay for his and the R’Con “tax-cut” gifts of trillions to the very wealthiest, corporate pirates and war-machine, using modest-means taxpayers as their piggie bank …what better way to fund the “tax-cuts” (AKA bald-faced robbery) than rob from the poor and middle classes to gift the rich?


I think that many believed they would get a businessman like the fictional George Bailey, not mean old Mr. Potter—a businessman who stiffs his creditors, bullies his workers and bluffs his way out of accountability, all while adding a whole new dimension to the word “tacky.”


TRUMP HAS ALWAYS SCREWED WORKERS He regularly declared bankruptcy to get out of paying millions to his own workers. He could likewise care less about Federal Workers


An argument usually heard from businessmen.
Business man is just a euphemism for racketeer, and America has been run as a racket for decades, if not centuries.
So, when professional racketeers say “America should be run like a business” what they are really saying is that they want greater freedom to exploit, destroy and steal without worrying about silly old regulations and rights.


We had an army of conscripts (I was one), those who were protesting were also drafted. The military today consists of gun ho brainwashed mercenaries. Bring back the draft if you want a “thinking” army, or better yet, make war a crime and the perpetuaters criminals.


The prime Republican fraud is that [their tax cuts are good, and not the cause of our massive deficits.