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Poverty in America a Literal 'Death Sentence,' Says Sanders, Following Devastating GAO Report

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/09/poverty-america-literal-death-sentence-says-sanders-following-devastating-gao-report


Well, if these Cadillac welfare kings and queens would get jobs and stop using drugs, they would live longer! So there!

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Remember the flap about “death panels” … and where did they come from?
Never assume that blatant tag controversies like that actually address the substance. Sometimes they serve the nefarious purpose of distorting the public discourse and perspective… not to mention attempts to coerce entire sectors of the population through feeding variations of those stabs into the body politic. It is the equivalent of tens of thousands of people coerced into not recognizing that they, alone in their space, are a cog in a broken wheel doing something like this specious revving

time for a New Green Deal


Another thing not widely known about Sanders is the number of GAO studies/reports he has initiated since becoming a Senator. He’s ONE Senator that actually does his fucking job (while running a Presidential campaign AND sponsoring and initiating legislation).

Bernie Sanders is the “real deal”!!!


We are seeing the outfall of sending factory work to other countries. There are no jobs for people who want to work with their hands.
There are no longer unions to provide some semblance of reasonable working conditions. Over a thousand undocumented farm worker are now dying of heatstroke every year.
In the race to the bottom, too many jobs are now being done by undocumented and H-1b, etc workers.

And this has happened as food production is starting to drop from climate change. Food is becoming more expensive.

Our society has no grasp on reality neither the left nor the right.

The carrying capacity of the U.S. is at most 200 million in a non-fossil fuel using society.

We are in for a great culling, if not extinction as a species.


That’s exactly right. People I know that live very comfortably live until their 90’s here in California. They can afford good organic produce and aren’t forced to eat cheap processed food for lack of money. They have good grocery chains instead of Food for less markets or none at all as the major chains leave poor and working class neighborhoods.
The profits are bigger in the nice gated enclaves. They can see the best doctors and have access to health care.
I remember Obama shaming Americans for their lack of healthcare by blaming the people themselves for being in poor health. We also had too many people using up too much healthcare and needed to be charged high deductibles so that we had skin in the game.
A large reason behind Obama doing healthcare at all was to do an end run around universal healthcare. You know the mantra…All we gotta do is just fix Obama care and make it better…Blah Blah.
We cannot accept ANY candidate that doesn’t FULLY support Medicare for all. BERNIE 2020.


Murka is a 21st century version of a tale of two cities ?


Shelby, pretending that Obama could have magically given us Medicare for All or ANYTHING close to it is just pie in the sky wishful thinking.

Unfortunately, those good paying factory jobs are mostly gone and not coming back. Thus we desperately need a system to help low-wage workers. Whether that is with a UBI, better healthcare, help with housing, etc., we need to get to work on the problem. While climate change will certainly be devastating, food production and a non-fossil fuel society are not necessarily the huge problem that you allude to. If we had a society that ate increasingly plant-based foods and did not think or have to jump in a car or airplane everyday, then everything could seem possible.

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Whether one agrees with all of Bernie Sanders positions , be it on his stances on Israel and Venezuela , his underlying support of the rotten system called Capitalism or his reluctance to genuinely take on the war machine , there little doubt in my mind he has both humility and compassion and is genuine when he works to make things better for his fellow citizens.

He unlike the Hilary Clintons , the Rahm Emmanuels, the Tom Perez and Kamala Harris types all of whom suffer from Hubris and Corruption. This later group are disdainful of the poor. The poor are merely an opportunity to them. Hilary Clinton referred to them as the deplorables. Where a Bernie Sanders LISTENS these others dictate claiming or suggesting they know better and because they know better the masses should follow their lead.

The Rahm Emmanuel interview on medicare shows where this group comes from. He is Rahm Emmanuel after all and how dare any suggest they know more then him as to what good for everyone else.


Yeah, it’s hard to pass a bill when your party controls both chambers and the WH.
Pie in the sky, hahahaha.
Did the dnc give you those talking points?


Amazing to watch someone work this hard , for this long, without money being the prize. Hope he doesn’t berne-out along the trail.

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Ain’t it fun to pretend that every democrat is a progressive liberal democrat?

What’s not fun is being Bu!!sh!ted by a candidate running for office claiming he supports universal healthcare, help elect him knowing his party has control of both chambers to pass any legislation he wants, then watch him stab his supporters in the back by taking UH off the table to give us a corporate plan to enrich the healthcare insurance industry.
Ain’t it fun to pretend the dem party leaders are anything less than 1970’s republicans.


Vote our INTERESTS? Then try to find SOME way to verify our specious fantasies. Bernie’s a politician! But at the debates, he was faced by a score of jackals, slavering lies to stomp him down; to kill those vital policies he’s fought for his adult life. It’s not about individual personalities, it’s about how we’re going to survive, how kids are going to have a life. And we’re in the fight of our lives, against OUR side? The Resistance™ is leveled straight at US, and they’re lots scarier than cranked-up armed bigots, waddling about in RealTree Snuggies?



I was not promoting Fucking Obama. What I meant was that he was taking universal health care off of the table. I am well aware that the Koch brothers, Goldman Sachs and the rest of these corporate dicks don’t want us to have health care or anything else.


It’s like people who had some psych block, acknowledging that those lemmings in “White Wilderness” weren’t REALLY committing mass suicide. Disney was hiring poor locals to shovel the flailing, terrified, squealing little critters to the sharks circling far below. Guess, it’s like Comcast going from Tea Party to Resistance? Only now… it’s virtual pitchforks?

I know what you mean, Shelby.

What the Hell is wrong with America. This Every Man For Himself mentality is disgusting.

Is BERNIE the ONLY damn Politician Running for the Presidency that has the courage to talk about the Downtrodden???

The Republican Motto: God Bless America, But To Hell With The American People.



I am one of those folk’s Alan Grayson spoke of when he said die quickly, wish I could. The tip-off for you all is when someone says the “middle class”. There is no such thing. There are the haves and have-nots. There are no other divisions that matter. Race, creed, political party, whatever, they do not matter, they take second place over haves and have-not’s. The world is a ghetto.