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'Poverty Is Criminalized, Wealth Is Immunized': Report Shows Corporate Crime Enforcement Has Plummeted Under Trump


'Poverty Is Criminalized, Wealth Is Immunized': Report Shows Corporate Crime Enforcement Has Plummeted Under Trump

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In addition to padding the bottom lines of America's largest corporations by cutting their taxes and eliminating scores of longstanding regulations, President Donald Trump is also protecting major companies' profits by refusing to punish them for ripping off consumers and trampling federal rules that safeguard the planet.


From the article:

“Public Citizen’s Rick Claypool wrote, ‘While poverty is criminalized, wealth is immunized.’”

I’m beginning to see a pattern.

“The majestic equality of the laws prohibits the rich and the poor alike from sleeping under bridges, begging in the streets and stealing bread.”
–Anatole France


Great piece Jake, thanks!

A vivid example of the priorities of the trump regime…who they profit and who they destroy!

All those lost revenues will be replaced by increased fees, hidden taxes, or ending public aid programs for the least among us…the most vulnerable…just like a malignant POS to order and preside over such despicable policy agenda!


Nothing new here, as America has always been a nation that lived by the Golden Rule. That is to say, whoever has the gold, makes the rules.


The Dums and Thugs have criminalized poverty in various ways.
But the most powerful take-down of the poor is the traditional, rarely questioned assumption, that poverty is the fault of the poor. “They deserve what they get”, so the Dums and Thugs don’t get their faux Christian consciences (benefit of the doubt) rattled. This pervasive assumption allows these bigots to dominate with impunity.
But history documents that poverty is largely a systemic social creation, founded upon an hostile economic/political ideology that guarantees poverty will continually be produced while a few bask in luxury with the government’s blessings.
The oligarchs’ refusal to acknowledge shared responsibility for the sufferings and deaths of millions marks these extremist, ideological zealots as sociopaths, shysters and liars draped in ‘patriotism’, aggression and ignorance.
Let’s decriminalize poverty and criminalize anti democratic, militarized, corporate governments that do not produce full employment, living wages and healthcare for all. How did the few attain the power to label millions as criminals for being unable to find work?


Public citizen is a great charity to belong to.


What a disgrace this new administration is to everything every human being should consider sacred on this planet . --Clean air, food and water. By the way Ralph Nader was the founder of public citizen in 1971.


Full article off of public citizen website


Well. Looks like we’re ripe for a people’s revolution - let’s go total socialist.
Tax the fuckers at 90% like in the 60’s when we could afford nice things.

History says it’s time to teach another lesson and have a social reset.
And hang them if they squeal.


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Can we hope that corporations and their oligarch owners suddenly grow a heart? Could the Mafia, Drug Cartels and other gangs? What’s the difference?

We are many, they are few. But they control us with religion and demonization of weapons for self defense.

Well armed people rule direct democratic Switzerland.


Make them irrelevant and redefine wealth. ‘How’… you might ask.
Keep in mind that the engine in this system is systematic negation at all levels, all spheres and at all times. This is what the financial system teaches - especially not to teach it.

Every obstacle is a potential lesson and shift away from the parasitic (non)model. Also keep in mind that ‘compliance’ with the system is an identifiable ‘null set’. The magic of course being that life cannot exist without the actual lessons being lived regardless - just pay very close attention to the horizon that unfolds.

Heres some “entertainment” from down under to shake out the cobwebs and fire the imagination


The old saying that crime doesn’t pay needs to be changed to: YES, CORPORATE CRIME DOES PAY!


The trumpster is just carrying own what obomber was doing for wall street.


Gates is a total blood sucker. He wants to depopulate the world w vaccinations and bad on so many other levels too.


I loved the 60’s so, yeah, let’s return to taxing the rich in a fashion that makes us more equal.

If they squeal like a pig, stick an apple in their mouth before they’re led to the guillotines.


You have to figure the military police state have the weapons in place to put down any level of a people’s revolution, like small tactical nukes for large unruly crowds. Even a nonviolent mass of millions or more will be attacked so I can’t see any chance of changing much that would be beneficial to the people. Depressing but I won’t underestimate the pure evil greedy all or nothing devils running this collapsing ripoff scheme.


It doesn’t seem any worse that it has been since Reagan, Bush Sr, Clinton, Bush Jr. or Obama! Unfortunately, it is no better either!


Reagan indeed demonized poverty while he and his base chanted “greed is good” as they danced at the Predators’ Ball…a book worth rereading.


Thank you The Old Goat. : )

That was like Walt Whitman’a
“I Sing the Body Electric”

“The armies of those engirth me and I engirth them
They will not let me off until I go with them, respond to them,
And discorrupt them and charge them full with the charge of the soul.” : )


Criminalization of the poor: sitting on the sidewalk, and now parked shopping carts on sidewalk no matter with wheels it is still a structure, crimes. All punishable with a citation $100 plus tickets. Do both at same time two tickets. Don’t appear in court: bench warrant, and an arrest is coming once next encounter with police occurs plus ticket fee just went up. Hey I live in a pure university town, too. Criminalization of the poor.