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Poverty Rampant, Puerto Rico Destroyed, Single Payer "Too Expensive," and Flint Still Doesn't Have Clean Water. But You Can Have Space Force!


Poverty Rampant, Puerto Rico Destroyed, Single Payer "Too Expensive," and Flint Still Doesn't Have Clean Water. But You Can Have Space Force!

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

President Donald Trump made the demand for more weapons sound not only ridiculous but also implicitly racist on Monday when he announced a new branch of the military—Space Force.


Oh yes, Space Farce! Trump’s diversion du jour.! And oh, by the way, there was NO COLLUSION! So says the Tangerine Twit, so shall it be written!


Oh wow, now I can sleep better at night!


Of course! Nowhere and nothing is immune from this walking botulism, this lunatic president, this walking monstrosity with orange hair. Not even outer space! Let’s turn the heavens into a war zone for this goddamned Madman!! This sonofabitch is going to end the world if nothing changes.


A big step in the effort to militarize space.

My sense is that there is little chance of being reversed after Trump is out of office.


Yes, Trump is the supreme Space Force Master. The space between his ears is so vast as to be incomprehensible, impenetrable and insurmountable.


Puerto Rico is a victim of an inefficient, unaccountable and corrupt state government. Now we hear the FBI is investigating the Mayor of San Juan for possible financial crimes. That government is just one step above Venezuela.


Hopefully there are enough sane people in Congress to prevent this boneheaded idea from ever getting funding.


The Outer Space Treaty

The treaty was opened for signature in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union on 27 January 1967, and entered into force on 10 October 1967.

Yet Another Brief, Mr Presi-dent-in-the-Head, that you should READ.


We need to shoot this Motherfugger up into space, with a one way ticket and two or three days worth of oxygen.


Yes, I gave you a “like” for this post because you are correct, but I’d also point out that we (and the USSR/Russia) having been in open violation of the treaty for years, launching numerous “secret” satellites that are capable of who know what up there.


Why, exactly, would you waste good oxygen?


If he wants to call it Starfleet… I can’t be held responsible for my actions :open_mouth:


Keeping Space for Peace


Global Network Annual Space Organising Conference & Protest
Oxford & Croughton, England
June 22-24 2018
This is a great website


Check out above link


Maybe he thinks this will make him look cool somehow and he can have Star Wars characters roaming the White House?


Hi Ponyboy check out my above link. Everything looks and sounds like it is going to sh—t faster than normal. I have been no fan of either party for many decades not just now.


Says the troll for Zionist Israel.


Here’s a stupid fable for a stupid government!

And lo, it came to pass, that darn---- Russia had the first space , man and woman —how can we beat that said the generals----whoa, the first monkey----way to go USA! But whats next? To the Moon—and then?
OH—SPACE FORCE yeah: REBUILD the F-35 as a super drone and if it crashes in space----no one will know!
And lo, the F-35 drones were-------- and they crashed----but someone was hacking into them to crash ----the evil EARTH FORCE came into play! Eventually-the whole world was droning each other------------and nothing was left on earth--------except, -----except one lone video playing continuously on a loop----------WALL-E WALL-E---------and when the aliens landed , they saw all was good.


I wanted him to suffer for those 2 to 3 days.