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Poverty Won’t ‘Make America Great’


Poverty Won’t ‘Make America Great’

Ebony Slaughter-Johnson

This summer, UN special rapporteur on extreme poverty Philip Alston presented his observations on the state of international poverty to the UN Human Rights Council.


More “poverty” WILL “make America great”…for the 1%.

More poverty equals more desperate people who work cheap…defacto slaves.

For the 1% who exploit them, defacto slaves are better than real slaves that need to be purchased, housed and fed. Defacto slaves are as disposable as your last roll of toilet paper.


Exacerbating poverty won’t “Make America Great” for anyone.

Sure it will … for the capitalist and ruling elites. They have no qualms about terminating or defunding safety net benefits if it reduces the taxes they have to pay. Their worldview is totally blind and callous to the concepts of mutual aid and compassion.

You see, the elites see safety net benefits to the poor as theft of their financial resources. They refuse to see the truth that terminating or defunding social safety net benefits is – in reality – stealing from the poor to give to the rich.

This is why capitalism has been such a failure – it’s had nearly 400 years to abolish global poverty. Yet, we are surrounded by global poverty everywhere – one cannot escape its negative global influence. The elites have always chosen to wildly increase their income and assets (well beyond their efforts and/or sacrifice) over paying for their social responsibilities and obligations.The elites will spend thousands of dollars in tax reductions schemes rather than have $25 paid out in a social safety net benefit to a person who is poor or in drastic need.

As a result, in one way or another, the poor end up having to pay for any social safety net benefits they hope to receive.


its hard to see the us as anything but a failed state … and it will get worse

needless pain and suffering for the 99% and gated / privately defended opulence for the 1%


Poverty totals 143 million individual Americans if ya figure in low wealth, too! Last night, in Berkeley, CA, Rev. Barber ROCKED on the FSTV special with Mother Jones’ Ari Berman! At introduction, Ari mentioned that he couldn’t remember such a [thunderous] welcome since the Beatles visited! lol



Wrong link, sorry!


My bad! lol “Lastnight” means July 12, 2018.


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