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"Pow, Pow, Yous Are Dead!"


"Pow, Pow, Yous Are Dead!"

Frida Berrigan

It was a beautiful evening and the kids -- Madeline, two; Seamus, almost four; and Rosena, nine -- were running across a well-tended town green. Seamus pointed his rainbow flag with the feather handle at his sisters and “pow-powed” them, calling out, “Yous are dead now, guys. I shot yous.”


Add to this video imagery. When Bugs or Daffy "died" it was exaggerated and shown to be ridiculous. (These were largely adult-based cartoons, but that's another matter.) So much of today's video media is based upon inappropriate sex and violence, and I'm writing about that directed at youth, that there may be no way for young people to develop morally absent real parental oversight. Let's face it, video entertainment is largely modernity's baby-sitting "par excellence". Pile on top DOD's interest in inculcating a kill culture to feed its needs, especially via video games, and the problem worsens. Empire is doing no favors for its "homeland" through such depravity. Sick, sick, sick. I am at once ashamed and at a loss as how to move the lever toward a more peaceful path.


Both violence and militarism are unfortunately deeply entrenched in our society, and this reaches all the way down into childhood. The government itself even plays a part in it. Currently the military deliberately targets underage kids, even down into elementary age, with marketing. It obviously shouldn't. War and violence are not things that should marketed to kids, and children should not grow up with the expectation that they will someday participate in it. #StopRecruitingKids #SRKcampaign


Guns are bad, until you need one.


sigh another well intentioned by misandrous sentiment. Play IS in fact developmentally appropriate and boys turn every stick into a gun: it's normal. It ACTUALLY does NOT mean we don't grow up to be peaceable males, some of us don't even own guns. Stop fearing men and wanting to change every last thing about us. Until you decide to get rid of our testosterone, another NATURAL thing. Frida, I love ya, but on this, you're incorrect.


Playing with free fire


I raised my kids from a non-violent perspective. Imagine my surprise when I joined the breakfast table one morning to find my 8yr old son pointing a gun at my six year old daughter; he had carved it out of his toast. That's when this mother experientially figured out boys will be boys.

He grew up to become a mechanical engineer and has no interest in guns or gun ownership. But that doesn't mean the conditioning of our young people to violence in childhood doesn't have negatives effects on some children/people. While most boys will not grow up to exhibit gun violence, schoolyard bullying and teenage gun massacres also run rampant in our society. It's hard to believe this is merely coincidental.


I'm sorry, but Frida, I can't stop thinking about your stepdaughter and the "beloved" bunny. What in her world (previous to your influence, I would fervently hope) would lead this child to do such a thing? I imagine it to be an outworking of some deep anger... past abuse maybe?
Your description of your actions in that moment seem so matter-of-fact (in keeping with Rosena's?). I would have been quite horrified! Did any discussion of "why?" ever come into play? I'm being intrusive probably. But it haunts me. A child doesn't do that for no reason. Might you have missed a "truth about the past" moment?
BTW, I agree with others that players of violent video games don't necessarily become violent outside the confines of gaming. My son kills or "defeats" things in his Xbox and PlayStation games, but irl he's a meek and mild young man who has never been involved in any violence, wants nothing to do with guns or the military, and has to work up the nerve to dispatch a spider in the corner of his bedroom.


"Using the Gun Violence Archive, I counted another 306 deaths by guns throughout the United States in the first eight days of July alone

And the USA worries about self-detonating Muslims? The ghosts of the Viet Cong must be laughing their heads off. That is an abominable statistic and an indictment of the USA's culture, or lack of culture.


And then that 'need' keeps growing, like any other addiction.


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Right... call this lovely woman and mother a "misandrous" (which isn't even a term) for calling out the obvious fact that this society conditions males to become warriors.

That's the bottom line, subliminal or otherwise, in every video game funded by the U.S. MIC.

Rape is a regular occurrence and it sure isn't women or girls doing the rapes (apart from a few immature teachers who seduce their teenage male students).

Serial killers are almost always male.

Aggression enacted physically is almost always male.

War up until recently only involved male soldiers--i.e. trained killers.

And just about every shootout that erupts in the nation is executed by males, typically young ones.

How many instances of police violence include female cops?

Females are not taught the "male bonding" rituals of group violence as are males.

Fools strike out at the messenger, typically when they are too weak or too dishonest to face the message.


And maybe you don't know a card-carrying rapist, either. Does that mean rape doesn't occur?

Disgusting that you'd play tag team to reinforce the misogynistic post set up by the "new" guy, ogg-the-bear.

You paid clowns who repeat your assigned Talking Points will one day have to own up and face your consciences.


Please don't put words in my mouth. I never said anything about gun control at all. But since you bring it up, I do believe in sensible gun laws that increase safety. Why an individual needs an assault weapon is beyond me. And as much as I despise the Democratic Party, I don't see any mandate to 'take away our guns', a very clever meme created and pushed by the NRA to prevent any sensible legislation in an increasingly violent society. The fact is if Democrats wanted to get rid of our guns, so would Republicans, as both parties are owned and operated by the same corporate cartel.

You are correct that humans are capable of and have displayed gross violence against each other and other living things on our long march towards civilization. A gun is merely a tool, but one with a huge capacity to harm. And until society becomes less prone to violent solutions, ensuring guns don't end up in the hands of wackos is OK by me. But the more important question is why is this society so violent to begin with? Might doesn't make right, but that message is being broadcast 24/7, and it affects more than young minds. If this society was inundated with a different meme from childhood throughout adulthood, say 'building community builds peace', would we have a less violent society?

For the reasons you mentioned, it is important that the second amendment stand. It is also important to acknowledge that limits/regulation on gun ownership are also part of the mix. There are limits to the first amendment, our most important right, although the use of speech in and of itself is not deadly. What's good for the first amendment is good for the second amendment. Safety regulations for gun ownership are sensible.


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Sorry I got carried away there, but you did reply to my comment so I assumed your comment was based on something I said.