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Power for Puerto Ricans, not Private Investors


Power for Puerto Ricans, not Private Investors

Johanna Bazuwa

Powerred by renewables, a resilient and sustainable system can be built that genuinely puts the Puerto Rican people in charge of their energy.


Musk’s renewable off the grid solution and fossil fuel or nuclear energy dependent “solutions” are two different things.

Renewables make the home or business energy independent, and non-renewables make them totally energy dependent. If nuclear, it will saddle Puertoricans with astronomically expensive nuclear waste disposal problems, decommissioning and permanent loss of real estate in the inescapable event of accidental radioactive release a la Fukushima.

In the case of Musk’s renewables, when connected to grid the home or business can sell the excess power it produces making the electric meter run backward. In the case of non-renewables, the home or business must forever pay up the nose for the energy produced and bear the constant hassle of power outages that Puertoricans have endured.

Ms Bazuwa puts Musk with Big Fossil and Big Nuke in the same Wall Street vulture capitalist category when the opposite is true.

Though informative, this article makes Musk look bad, when he is the best thing that could happen to Puerto Rico.


ferrocement.com has sections explaining dual tank hurricane rainwater harvest, flycatcher compost toilets and affordable storm and earthquake safe housing.

I hesitate to include links because that got me banned over at truthout. The water, sanitation and shelter manuals can be read online free and are posted as a public service. The site map is a plain ad-free page one index.


Excellent piece on a topic that gets next to no attention in the “alternative media”

Just who gets the green from greening?

“Green” corps may provide a “clean” product, in an environmental sense, but their labor and profit practices have a distinctly darker hue.

Power - electrical and political - belongs in the hands of the people.