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Power Grows Closer to Home as Big Government Fails Us


Power Grows Closer to Home as Big Government Fails Us

Chris Winters

Amid all of the news coming out of the Trump administration in the past couple of weeks, one vision stands out: a disintegrating federal government.

If that happens, what’s next?


Is a unified state what we would build?


This is nonsense! Big government has not failed. Ask the Wall Street financiers who ave been enriched and subsidized by “big government”. Or the hapless masses from Libya to Afghanistan whose lives have gone from bad to worse thanks to the US military funded and given its marching orders by “big government”. To say that “big government has failed us” is to say that the people who are running the country are supposed care about us in the first place. They only care for those who will pay their fees for representation. Prostitution does not just involve sex for hire.


The US indeed has the best Congress money can buy.


That’s true, but the solution is for the roof to fall in on the Congress. We don’t have the money, but we have the votes. If we are not part of the solution, we’re part of the problem. If the people sleep through the mid term election this November, we will deserve what we get


Its sad indeed that turnout in POTUS elections is higher than midterms when you consider that fewer than 20% of the vote (limited to voters in swing states) in POTUS elections determine the election outcome whereas voters’ votes actually count in a midterm election.


Indeed on the local level we can pass our own laws to protect ourselves from corporate rule. We can take personhood away from the corporation and stop them from moving into our towns to damage our way of life.



Wait for it…

“new and improved” Statism!

For problems arising within mental supremacy, try…”new and improved” mental supremacy!

For problems arising within the lie of materialism, try…”kinder, gentler” materialism!

For problems arising within egocentrism, try…still more egocentrism.

You know someone’s speaking from—and for—that lie when they tell us that we need governments to provide us with clean water.

Hold on just a minute!

Governments do not provide us with clean Water!

The Water graces us, within and without, with Her Life-giving presence. She comes to us Clean; what the Water Truly Is cannot be poisoned by our misconceptions.

We can, however, poison ourselves through living a poisonous lie: a lie that whispers that all this Life is the possession of the ego, that all this Life exists only in order to supply the ego’s supposed needs.

We can annihilate ourselves by living the lie that we can destroy anything and everything in our attempts to hide from our egoic fear, pain, loss and death—without destroying ourselves and our children.

No, governments don’t provide us with clean Water.

Nor does anyone who claims that they do have any rightful claim on the honor or respect of any free human being.


If only this were true. It wouldn’t take long for the State or the Fed Governments to overrule local progressive laws, in some states this is already happening. In blue states, it won’t take long before the US Congress or SCOTUS reversed any positive action.
The only time States Rights are enforced, is when it’s a regressive law (limiting abortion rights comes to mind), a positive action (reducing the drug war), is not allowed.
A summary is , if it benefits a corporation, it’s good, if not, it’s bad.


Republicans talk of reducing the federal government. However, do they ever talk about shutting down the DEA and repealing the Controlled Substances Act? Of course not, because they love a big overbearing nanny gov’t!

When republicans actually shut down the DEA and repeal the Controlled Substances Act, then I’ll start believing them when they say they want a small federal gov’t. Otherwise, they can STFU!


Governments large and small are in the business of creating solutions. Some issues could be adequately addressed at the local level. Food comes to mind right away.

However, issues like global warming are not local and don’t have local solutions, although they can certainly be part of it, and should be. Global warming won’t be solved until ALL of the CO2 of the Industrial Age is out of the atmosphere, according to Dr. James Hansen. The carbon left after that was put there by plowing, an action that is not ecologically sound as it keeps the soil life at an immature and vulnerable stage and subjects it to erosion.

Global warming won’t be solved by a single village, town, or city becoming carbon negative. But if nearly all villages, towns, and cities became carbon negative, that might come close to a solution.

The problem of the Sixth Mass Extinction is global, and it requires a global solution. Nearly every bare spot on the planet needs a functional ecosystem built in it.

Permaculture, at this scale, guides people in designing, building, and tending an ecosystem until interventions by humans are no longer helpful. Then we give up designer mode and learn to live in a niche of an ecosystem in symbiotic relations with the living things in our ecosystem. Some people would restrict permaculture to gardening, when it could become a large part of the solution of lost biodiversity. This means people building ecosystems in every bare spot on the planet. Observing ecological behavior in functioning ecosystem is how we learn to design, build, and live in healthy relations with ecosystems.

A functioning ecosystem re-sequesters a lot of carbon as it grows in, and it restores a lot of biodiversity, if the design works in the landscape. On an individual level, this may be the best a person can do, but a lot of people could build a larger ecosystem and if people all over the planet are building ecosystems, we most likely have a solution.

So, building functioning ecosystems is a solution to both global problems, but I can’t build enough of an ecosystem myself, nor can my town, my state, or my country, but if each level builds ecosystems, we have a solution. We’ve returned to the garden that this planet once was.

It’s the scale of the problem that determines the scale of the solution, local, state, country, planetary.

Small government is not part of any solution set that I know of. It’s a 17th century human invention, like capitalism and the self regulating economy, that never worked. There would be no large governments if oligarchs pulled their weight in taking care of the planet’s living things on their own. Converting the planetary life system into money is a failure on many levels, but exchanging something real for an illusion is Trumpian.

Big governments don’t fail. They are chopped up and drowned in the bathtub.


A few things that I believe could be done at the federal level that would be good for the entire country would be, 1) take away the power of the President to deploy troops beyond the borders of the United States. 2) the Congress would no longer be able to vote for the Authorization for the Use of Military Force. If the President wanted to send Amerikan troops somewhere in the world to fight, he/she would first have to get the Congress to declare a State of War, exceptions would be in the case of a natural disaster (humanitarian reasons). 3) the only US Military forces who would be stationed out side of the US would be the US Marines who would go back to fulfilling their roles as providers of security at US Embassy’s around the world, and on US war ships. 4) the US Army will be restricted to the 50 States. It would be illegal for the President, the Pentagon or the Secretary of State to try to get around these laws by hiring mercenaries to perform the tasks of the US Military! The US Navy and Air Force will be restricted to 500 nautical miles of the 48 continuous states and our overseas possessions. 5) all US bases outside of the 50 states and our overseas possessions will be shut down and all US troops will be returned to the US or our overseas possessions. 6) the US Military budget will not exceed more than the total of Russia and China combined. Nor will the US Government be able to supply State or Local Police Forces with Military equipment of any kind! 7) Do away with the Federal Reserve System and put the power of creating money back where it belongs, in the US Treasury. 8) Make lobbying illegal except by the Amerikan people, which also means absolutely no money transfers between business people/corporations/wealthy persons to local, state or federal politicians! 9) Make it illegal for US Corporations to keep money offshore to avoid paying US taxes! 10) The creation of a corporate death penalty. Any corporation that willingly or negligently violates State or Federal laws on a continuous basis or in a way that causes the death of a customer, employee or contractor shall be reason for the federal government to seize the assets of a corporation and charge the board of directors including the CEO, the CFO and the COO with applicable charges, with penalties ranging from no longer serving on any corporate and or compensation board for the rest of the persons life, to life in prison for murder! The assets of the corporation will be used to compensate any corporation, contractor or employee who was harmed by the corporations recklessness. After that assets of the corporation will be held or sold off by the US Government 11) In the matter of corporate bankruptcy, employees will be considered the #1 creditor of any bankruptcy. With employees of the corporation able to petition the court to allow the company’s employees to take over the day to day running of the company under the present name or under a named decided on by the employees! I’m sure you folks will be able to come up with more items to add to this list!