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Power in a Time of Coronavirus

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/23/power-time-coronavirus


“The quest by corporate profiteers to mercilessly exploit dire situations has never flagged.”

Lets get real, we have become a nation of grifters, some worse than others, but grifters none the less. I honestly expect no help for the most vulnerable among us, and the co-party dems will be part of this. There are projections of up to 30% unemployment in the near future, while congress debates how much money to feed to the corporations. The Great Depression saw approx. 24% unemployment, lets get the soup lines up and running, this isn’t going to end well for most of us.

There’s other issues with this emergency not being addressed. For more than a week where I live, there has been severe shortages of bread of all kinds, no flour, no cooking oil, etc. The bread issue floors me, when you run a bakery, and your deliveries sell out in less than 15 min., even a child would say “we need to make more bread”, but apparently this concept is too difficult for the managers of these bakeries to figure out.


Is this the same Norman Solomon who has been at the forefront of the SAFE STATES/LOTE surrender “strategy” that has been undermining progressive organizing and sapping resources since for nearly half a decade? Just askin’.

As Jesse Jackson used to point out, with slavery the unemployment rate was 0%.We’re moving that way again, but we get underemployment – scrambling for crumbs and credit debt.


hope you’re doing okay upstate, friend. it’s sheer idiocy down here.

casinos will be asking for handouts, too, soon. they already are for their hotels.

but hey, at least the town store got some toilet paper in finally and had the sense to immediately ration it. yay?

be well.

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Yeah I’m fine as well as my family. Glad you are too. You know I’m not that far upstate, Northeast Jackson County. I’m not surprised about the casinos, everyone forgets why they’re here, as a recession-proof industry. They proved that wasn’t the case when they laid off the majority of their personnel and construction crews in 2008.

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hahaha. we just moved to jackson from harrison 3 days ago to get to a more quiet spot outside the city.
just outside of Moss Point now, in a delightfully new FEMA mobile. heh heh.

most sleep I’ve had in months.

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Well I live about 20 mi. north of you, between Hurley and the George Co. line. If your ever in need of anything, let me know.

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The pattern here is apt to fit what Naomi Klein laid out in Shock Doctrine.

A thousand and one things we hoped would happen will not, at least for the time being. But because of the efforts and sacrifices of progressives - especially the younger ones - a solid foundation has been built that will assure their bright future. Three lessons that constitute part of that foundation stand out:

One. The concept of two opposing parties is contrived. Neoliberals in the Democratic Party would rather support Trump if Bernie is the nominee. As Bernie climbed in the polls, their tactics became more conspicuously anti-democratic. If we had not forced them to bare their claws, we would still be wasting our votes on neoliberal Democrats vs neoliberal Republicans.

Two. Millions of us ordinary folks donated more to progressive candidates than neoliberals were willing to part with, not even a drop’s worth of their billions, to theirs. 99% vs 1% couldn’t be better illustrated, or more accurately documented. The bottom line is we have the numbers and the aggregate money to win. That money can be re-directed to new down-ballot progressive candidates.

Three. We need the Democratic Party as the vehicle to take the country back. Down-ballot ‘primary’ of neoliberal Democrats is clearly Job-One. We have to build from the ground up, dog catcher et al. The Pelosi-Perez-Clintons will never voluntarily give up their money and prerogatives; we have to take them away.

Bernie based his campaign on an idea from our glorious past: That the collective wisdom of ordinary citizens can be entrusted with the affairs of the nation. T. S. Eliot wrote, ‘If we cease to believe in the future, the past would cease to be fully our past: it would become the past of a dead civilization.’ If we lose heart at this moment, we lose our past, along with a future for the Earth and her young.

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