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Power: The Miissing Piece of the Inequality Puzzle


Power: The Miissing Piece of the Inequality Puzzle

Jordan Brennan

The emergence of economic inequality as a public policy issue grew out of the wreckage of the Great Recession. And while it was protest movements like Occupy Wall Street that brought visibility to America’s glaring income gap, academic economists have had a near monopoly on diagnosing why it is that inequality has worsened in the decades since 1980.


The rich to the 99%. We only want your obedience. I've seen this happen in most corporations to their employees. Now I am seeing it happen in education.


"With more market power-generated income at their disposal, large firms have paid comparatively more to shareholders in the form of dividends (the enclosed figure contrasts the income share of the richest 1 percent of Americans with the dividend share of national income)."

The extra dividends also work to purchase compliance just as high salaries incline lots of employees within the overtly corrupt "financial sector" to look away from inequities, illegalities, and general malfeasance.

When a rigged game pays out so many bonuses (at so many levels of its operations), it makes it very hard for those who are making gains to turn on this now normalized system of corruption.

However, with casino capitalism now moved into the money changers' temples, and every indication that a MAJOR correction is looming... what will all those purchased options mean to companies left defunct?