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'Powerful Advocate for a Progressive Agenda': Sanders Endorses Jamaal Bowman's Bid to Unseat Hawkish Democrat Eliot Engel

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/09/powerful-advocate-progressive-agenda-sanders-endorses-jamaal-bowmans-bid-unseat


Excatly what needs to be done but I bet dem elites are endorsing and sending money to the long dem do nothing for all the people


Love the ‘Hawkish’ bs … Engel is a warmonger to the bone.
The chief Zionist lobbyist in the US Congress from his high seat.


Perfect Clintonista, get rid of all of them. Go Bo!


Biden’s going to have to bring Bernie to Heel. Did Bernie get permission ,I think Not. We’re suppose to be united as a party. Bernie you took your knee, time to shut up and do as your told.



Every single thing in the article as far as I can see runs into the same agreement, so we have to exit from it first in order to fix them, otherwise we could be walking into a trap. This is especially true with healthcare. So there is no way around them having to come clean, I am sorry, otherwise its a trap. We will lose Medicare and Social Security if we step on this land mine.

Read the fine print in the four letter named ‘agreement’ below.

Bernie Sanders really screwed up by not naming the thing by name and telling the country we have to fight for the right to regulate again, like we did in 1776.

Its a four letter word that begins with a G and ends with an S, and it has a A and a T in the middle.

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Now all Bernie needs to do is endorse himself instead of Biden. Now that would be interesting.


Yeah, I could see Sanders’ indorsement possibly hurting this man if he’s truly progressive, “someone we could trust”, coming from him could backfire for sure.


Lots and lots of democrat bashing again today. Someone needs to give up the secret. The secret of how trump doesn’t remain president.

His reply: “Nah.”

There are so many candidates for the worst democrat in congress, but Eliot Engle is right up there with Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, Jim Clyburn, Adam Schiff, and the notorious DWS. Those who are opposing all the despicable Dems by a primary challenge need to be supported.

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We need more teachers to bring their experience to Congress. Experience as an educator is a plus. Education in the US is under sttack.

Bowman actually has multiple policies that are better than Engel, but I just can’t support politicians that advocate for nonsensical energy plans based on fairy tales instead of actual science…

I mean his page doesn’t even advocate for hydropower, even though New York is investing nearly $5 billion new In HVDC connects with Canadian hydro…

How you can run for Congress and advocate for energy policy and be completely ignorant of your state energy policy at a RPS level it’s just astounding. How New York politicians can support energy policy that NYSERDA and NYISO dont agree with is so mind boggling… (maybe it shouldn’t be, I wonder how many of these people actually know what these institutions are and what they manage).

Haven’t voted D since 2008.
But if I lived in NY-16, I’d vote for Jaamal Bowman.

Who’s tired of musical chairs?

It’s the system stupid.

Sanders has a long list of small doners to his own campaign. He raised more from small doners than all other candidates together raised from corporate big checks. Would that Sanders will create an effective device to direct small doners to candidates he endorses.

Bernie’s endorsement means nothing now. In the seven June 2 primaries, Biden got 75-79% of the popular vote, and Bernie got out of the teens only in South Dakota. The delegate split was 13-to-1 in favor of Biden - who didn’t campaign.

Bernie may not have enough delegates to get any of them onto the platform committee.

Was Bernie’s support shallow? Did people see through the platform nonsense? Why did anyone bother to vote for Biden?

Doubtful that a Sanders endorsement will hurt Bowman. I just got an email from another campaign that had raised $120,000 after recent AOC and Sanders endorsements.

While some who post here are pretty bitter about Bernie, that evidently doesn’t hold for the population as a whole.

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