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Powerful Aftershock Hits Nepal as Nation Reels


Powerful Aftershock Hits Nepal as Nation Reels

Common Dreams staff

As relief and rescue efforts continue in Nepal following an earthquake which killed more than 2,200 people on Saturday, people in the region were forced to seek safety on Sunday after a substantial 6.7 magnitude aftershock hit the Himalayan nation.

According to the Associated Press:


The US is sending aid workers and rescue personnel. I don’t know why you react to this tragedy with snark.


Just by your name we shall know who you are.


I heard on the radio this morning the death toll is upto 3500.


You have the name of a fictional sociopath.


I heard nothing about these quibbles over pennies. I saw fast action.


You have the name of non-fictional sociopaths.


Meh, you just show your hatred. Self determination for Jews, zionism, is beautiful and just.


LOL that’s funny. You are representing by your choice of screen name not only hatred, but mass murder of a people, which is not self-determination but rather genocidal extermination, And I don’t hate Jewish people. I hate to see them being mis-led by zionist leaders who don’t actually give a damn about them. Thanks, bye.


The only mass slaughtering of Palestinians going on right now is in Syria. Israel is so bad at the genocide game, the Palestinian population has grown year after year. You use language like the Ministry of Truth.


Sorry to have to be the one that tells you the real truth. Thanks, bye,


The Arab population is growing faster than the Jewish population. The Arab population is larger than it ever has been in history. Clearly you do not know what the word “genocide” means.


Oh we all know what it means. We all know what zionism is and is about. It isn’t about jewishness, nor does it best represent the jews. Perhaps yours is just a mistaken choice of screen name. Thanks, bye.

P.S. Wikepedia?! Really?


Wikipedia is the democratization of knowledge. Something wrong with that? Really?

Zionism, defined simply, is the belief in self-determination for Jews in the historical Jewish homeland. It is a response to thousands of years of persecution, and rich in history. Those who are against Zionism are not liberal. They are leftist. They align against the west, and they see the Jews as being of the west. We are not. We are of the middle east. We are of Israel.

I am not white. I am not European. I am Jewish. My ancestors were expelled from their homeland many years ago. They lived as second class citizens in Europe for many years. They kept their history, religion, and identity the whole time. I am doing the same for my children. I will not be the end of the line in my family.

Jews are the indigenous people of Israel. Arabs are the imperialists. Arabs are the colonialists. Arabs are the ones who have made so much of Judea Judenfrei. They are the ones who persecute their own far more than any Jew has or ever will.

So you stand on the wrong side of history, morality, and reality. And that goes alone with the name of a fictional psychopath, as I said before.


Blah blah blah. What; you again, neo-nazi? You really need to just slink off under a rock. You need your definition of Zionism. Keep it.