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#PowerToThePolls: After One Year of Trump, Weekend Women's March Events to Mobilize Voters

#PowerToThePolls: After One Year of Trump, Weekend Women's March Events to Mobilize Voters

Julia Conley, staff writer
Rallies and events are planned for January 20th and 21st as the U.S. marks one year since Donald Trump's inauguration—and the worldwide protests that followed
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Let’s just hope that this piece of scum is kicked out of office before he destroys the planet. He is a highly dangerous, out of control loony who is every bit as evil as Adof Hitler. He needs to be made persona non grata in EVERY other country in the world. Let’s just hope that his gerrymandering doesn’t prevent him losing millions of votes in the mid term elections. The sooner he is gone and sidelined, the better for world peace.

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There is another Womens March Alliance event in NYC today, the march down Central Park West, ending at 59th st and CentraL Park.

Thank God for the women of the country. Courage seems to be with them and they may save this country from itself.


we need to remember “and the worldwide” part of this. it is not just us who do not trust him or want him in power.

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I haven’t looked at anything but the one or two articles up here on the MARCHES …

but where is the Democratic Party presence … ?
Where are they in regard to reproductive freedom – ?
And National Health Care - ?

Shouldn’t many Democratic Party officials have been in the front lines of this battle against fascism?
Shouldn’t the entire Democratic Party have been there?

The Women’s Movement is doing the right thing by supporting ALL interests and ALL issues …
Environment, Reproductive Freedom, National Health Care, Education, Anti-Poverty issues…
Protection of Children …

We need more of our liberal organizations to come together now …
WHY shouldn’t the NAACP be supporting the Women’s March and WHY shouldn’t Feminists
be supporting the NAACP’s fight for human rights.
This isn’t either just a US struggle – it involves the entire world.

The LEFT is limiting its power when ALL OF THE LEFT fails to come together to support each
others specific interests.

Environmental groups - and those fighting for CLEAN WATER – those against FACTORY FARMING
and other practices that do harm to the environment – of course understand the higher interests females have in all of these issues. They need to all come together to support women, human rights …
and ALL issues along with women.

Anyone fighting for issues of JUSTICE – Black Lives Matter – NAACP - ACLU –
EVERYONE should be out supporting the women’s marches.

The idea that all of these groups fight for the same $1 donation really upsets me.
UNITE and fight together … !!

LABOR – WOMEN ARE LABOR – and should UNITE as labor – and be supported by what’s
left of our unions.

I LOVE that the Marches are being moved away from Washington, DC.
It’s always annoyed me that marchers demand rights from absent members of Congress.
And … always are ignored by them.


Which stands against the MIC/Intelligence Complex and Wars –

And yet we are have fascists in control of our government.


Here’s a voice from the past which made clear that even then our Elections were "rigged."
And that we are probably the most propagandized citizens in the world as it was essential
to keep Americans citizens unaware of what the CIA was actually created to do –
ensure the rise of the Fourth Reich.

Here’s Oswald on our elections –

“I am a patsy” – https://www.amazon.com/I-am-Patsy-George-Mohrenschildt/dp/B00MPNAVEK

In the memoir Oswald comes across as "a budding 1960’s radical - and as a man sensitive enough
to recognize the plight of black Americans and native Americans in our white-dominated society and
hardheaded enough to recognize the fundamental flaws of American democracy.“
de Morhenschildt supplies a direct quote from Oswald:
“Under dictatorships, people are enslaved but they know it” he told de Mohrenschildt based on his
days in the Soviet Union. “Here the politicians constantly lie to people and they become immune to
these lies because they have the privilege of voting. But voting is rigged and democracy here is a
gigantic profusion of lies and clever brainwashing” Oswald also worried about the FBI’s police state
tactics. And he believed that America was turning more “militaristic” as it increasingly interfered in
the internal affairs of other countries.”

There are many ways to review the “I am a patsy” memoir which was never published which a search will provide.

Here’s another complication to consider …

What if John Stockwell/ex-CIA and long time whistleblower on the CIA is telling us the
truth when he says that the CIA is “Catholics In Action” … ?

That would mean that “Christianity” has great influence over our MIC/Intelligence and wars.

Correct – we need the world and world leaders to join with us …

But we also have to understand that rigged elections have sapped any power from the vote …

And that the Democratic Party is on the side of its owners … same owners who own GOP.

SADLY … I have to encourage women to question WHY women’s groups aren’t acknowledging
that reality.

It seems pretty clear to the rest of us… doesn’t it?

Planned Parenthood is leaning on past relationships with the Dem Party where they supported
founding for them, but that support has collapsed now, quite obviously.

We have to remember that Hillary also has a strange relationship with reproductive freedom these
days - bordering on betrayal.

Women all over the world - including women in America – are in desperate need of help and it is
NOT going to come from either of these two parties which now underpin Elite-patriarchy.

The power is in the hands of the people if we unite to act together in the interests of the planet,
in the interests of labor (all people have the right to organize in the interests of labor), of human
health and well-being under attack by both parties. Reproductive freedom is under attack.

Organized patriarchal religions underpin Elite-patriarchy –
The CIA is referred to as “Catholics In Action” by John Stockwell, former CIA and CIA whistleblower.
CIA has had great influence/control over our MIC/Intelligence complex.

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